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Stace Nelson: No Jeff Barth, But Knows YouTube Exists

Rep. Stace Nelson turned a radio spot into 30-second YouTube slideshow. With 197 views this month, it's no Barthian breakout video. But it's a quick listen:

Best line: "Stace Nelson is scary, but only to crooked politicians and criminals."

Nelson's GOP primary opponents Roger Hofer and Senator Jim Putnam probably don't know what YouTube is. But new Republican Kyle Schoenfish is young and tech-savvy: he could probably use the $500 his biggest donor, Democrat Mike Heuther, gave him to buy a nice video camera and record a counter-ad.

Update 17:14 CDT: Democrat Mike Heuther only gave Schoenfish $250 when Schoenfish ran as a Democrat in 2010. I guess Stace Nelson is scarier than Frank Kloucek, Ed Van Gerpen, or Valerie Campbell, Schoenfish's 2010 opponents.


  1. grudznick 2012.05.28

    I like the part where the actual Stace Nelson says "Stace Nelson is a top conservative legislator because Stace Nelson says so" or soemthing to that end. I don't know how to make youtubes either, but Mr. Barths was an actual video instead of a slide show of 30 year old pictures.

    My granddaughter said that there was one shot in there that reminded her of the rhino in search of love but thwarted by the cute and fuzzy bunnies in some movie she said was aired "one crazy summer". I assumed that means back when she was in high school.

    But rhinos being thwarted by cute and fuzzy bunnies is right up the area of what the young Mr. Howie says Stace Nelson says Stace Nelson is going to say.

  2. Bill Fleming 2012.05.28

    Somehow Stace's ad reminds me of the Christine O'Donnell ad where she told us she wasn't a witch.

    Why would I guy take up 6 seconds in a 30 second ad explaining why he's 'scary?'

  3. caheidelberger Post author | 2012.05.28

    Indeed, we bloggerazi get the reference immediately, but the casual voter may well ask, "What's that about?"

  4. Barry Smith 2012.05.28

    Anytime anyone tells me they are a "top" anything my BS meter spikes.

  5. larry kurtz 2012.05.29

    Is that a mastodon on Nelson's video?

  6. Stace Nelson 2012.05.29

    Folks love the radio spot. Wish they could all see the video. 30 year old pictures? Thought you were a self professed expert on such matters? Nothing in there 30 years old.

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