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HB 1234 Local Control: Waiting for Pierre to Tell Schools What They Can Do?

Team Daugaard keeps insisting that the Governor's wild education plan, HB 1234, has lots of local control. Parkston superintendent and teacher evaluation work group member Shayne McIntosh doesn't seem to feel as if he's in control:

Within House Bill 1234 are some mandates mixed with flexibility. The groups should come up with different models so districts have a better idea of what they can and can't do within the law.

"I think there are a lot of school districts including ours that are waiting for that guidance to see exactly what will be allowed and what won't be so we can decide what direction we're going to go with that," Parkston Superintendent Shayne McIntosh said [Erich Schaffhauser, "Education Reform,", 2012.06.12].

...waiting to see what will be allowed and what won't... When you're in control, doesn't that usually mean you decide what's allowed?


  1. Michael Black 2012.06.13

    He who has the gold makes the rules. What is allowed changes every year depending on the governor and the legislature. Control is an illusion.

  2. caheidelberger Post author | 2012.06.13

    Michael, you are far too accepting of the status quo.

  3. Michael Black 2012.06.13

    When it comes to my kids' education, I make my own path.

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