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Kloucek: Thank USDA, Obama Administration for CRP Haying and Grazing

State Senator Frank Kloucek (D-19/Scotland) circulates the following note asking folks to thank USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack for opening up wetland CRP acres for haying and grazing.

USDA-CRP-emergency haying and grazing 20120802
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Various politicos may try to take credit for their letters and pressure to make this relief happen and harass Secretary Vilsack for not doing enough. But Kloucek points out the simple fact that credit for this drought relief, allowing folks to conduct business activities on land on which they promised and are getting paid not to conduct business activities, goes to the Obama Administration.

Not that who gets the credit matters one whit right now to livestock producers hanging on for dear life.

Kloucek Encourages Concerned Citizens to Thank Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack for sopening up Wetland CRP for Haying and Grazing

Rep Frank Kloucek [Scotland] is asking citizens to thank Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack for opening up Wetland CRP Acres to Haying and Grazing. "This action by Vilsack should help many producers solidify their feed supplies and prevent wholesale liquidation of the nations cow herds," said Kloucek

The contact information for Vilsack is:

USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack
1400 Independence Ave. S. W.
Washington DC 20250
Phone 202 720 3631

...and leave a message "Thank you Sec. Vilsack for opening up CRP Wetlands for haying and grazing!"

Email agsec@usda.GOV with the same message.

We should also thank South Dakota Executive Director for USDA Farm Service Agency Craig Schaunaman for his hard work and efforts to help our livestock producers on this issue," said Rep Kloucek

State Executive Director Farm Service Agency Craig Schaunaman
200 4th st. S.W.
Huron, South Dakota 57350-2431
Telephone 605 352 1160

"It is time we thank Sec Vilsack and our own state director of Farm Service Agency Craig Schaunaman for a job well done," concluded Kloucek [press release, August 10, 2012].



  1. Rorschach 2012.08.10

    I certainly have no problem with the federal government letting people out of crp contracts in an extreme drought. But is the federal government really paying farmers to graze their cattle on their own land and to cut their own hay right now?

  2. larry kurtz 2012.08.12

    PUC news, likely related. Vilsack pads electric coops: RCJ.

  3. I. CARNES 2012.10.01

    Same old worn-out Frank Kloucek-- always incessently trying to glom onto some major political figure in a self-serving effort to boost his own flagging career. That, and plagerizing the written work of others-- including fellow legislators-- has become the pathetic stock-in-trade of this clown.

  4. caheidelberger Post author | 2012.10.02

    Worn out? Kloucek campaigns harder than any legislator in the state. He gets out and talks to his constituents more than Kristi Noem. He knows the folks he serves, they know him... and in a strongly Republican neighborhood, where "glomming on" to President Obama and Secretary Vilsack shouldn't play well, he keeps getting re-elected. He must be doing something right.

    Now, Mr. Carnes, would you care to substantiate your plagiarism charge?

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