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Varilek Turns Infamous Noem “Jabber” Moment into TV Ad

Slam! Boom! Team Varilek goes for the jugular and turns Congresswoman Kristi Noem's embarrassing inattention during a July 24 Natural Resources Subcommittee hearing into a devastating television ad:

For a woman who says she didn't go to Washington to talk, Noem sure spends a lot of time on the phone... especially when she's supposed to be working for the people of South Dakota. Jabber jabber jabber....


  1. Jana 2012.10.18

    Mean while in elephant land, Kristi puts out an ad critical of Matt's education and global would be laughable but instead is tragic, as many will see that as a negative.

    And we wonder why the GOP just doesn't care about education and frowns on critical thinking.

  2. Ken Santema 2012.10.18

    This commercial reminds me of an executive meeting I was in attendance for at a company some year ago. The CEO took phones away from the CTO and the HR Manager because they were texting during the meeting. They both had to send apologize to the group in attendance when the meeting was done before the CEO would give them back.

  3. Justin 2012.10.18

    Noem's commercial is embarrassing. Of course an idiot with a fake college degree and no experience in anything is against education and experience. I certainly hope nobody on SD sees those things as negatives.

  4. grudznick 2012.10.18

    Heh. I chuckle each time I see that ad. "Get off that machine it'll drive ya nuts" says the wise fellow. "Jabba jabba dabbajabba dabba jabba jaaba" he says then.

  5. mike 2012.10.18

    The worst part is that there was a Native American in attendance at this hearing FROM SOUTH DAKOTA. And Kristi didn't thank him for attending or anything. Imagine if he went on TV or in an ad and said as much.

  6. mike 2012.10.18

    It's a good ad and a damaging one for Noem.

  7. mike 2012.10.18

    He could say:

    "She didn't ask me a question. She didn't act like she was concerned with my isses and she didn't seem to hear what I said because she was on her phone. If she doesn't care to listen to the chair of the committee why would she care to listen to me?" Person in attendance.

  8. mike 2012.10.18


    I have a GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The SDDP should start encouraging County Dems and Varilek supporters around the state to start holding "CORN DOG PARTIES" in response to the Noem ad. Imagine how fun 50 people getting together to eat corndogs would be in Watertown, Sioux Falls, Aberdeen, Brookings, Mitchell, Rapid City etc...

    This thing would go viral across the state and energize his base and it would ridicule the Noem campaign for being a bunch of prudes searching for DUMB Personal Attacks instead of talking the issues.

  9. grudznick 2012.10.18

    What are corn dog parties? This isn't some perversion is it?

  10. Kris Quaintance 2012.10.18

    This ad has to be destructive. How can anyone who lives here in SD condone her lack of attentiveness, her lack of involvement, and her lack of judgement? But most of all, her lack of working for the people who elected her. And here is this week's "kicker", she's using her grandmother in commercials just like Stephanie used her grandfather in commercials. What else is Kristi going to grab onto that used to belong to Stephanie? Well, it is Matt's turn and my money is on him!

  11. Winston 2012.10.18

    A vast majority of South Dakotans hate government, but they love their medicare, medicaid, social security, farm aid, and student loans as examples. The core of the Varilek message is that Noem does not talk in committees. Frankly, I do not think most South Dakotans are bothered by that as long as she can prove she has a voting record on the House floor of 99%. This campaign should be about Noem's support of the Ryan Budget, Medicare vouchers, and the Ryan Budget's potential cuts to current Medicaid recipients in South Dakota nursing homes, but unfortunately not enough emphasis has been placed on this. I am afraid the Varilek strategy is most likely one which was formulated with the assumption that the SCOTUS was going to rule that ObamaCare was unconstitutional and that the demise of ObamaCare would make the Ryan Budget Medicare voucher system argument only give rise to the phony Republican claim that ObamaCare at a price of 716 billion dollars would have reduced Medicare to its current recipients. But because the SCOTUS upheld ObamaCare, it was a guarantee that Republicans would use the phony 716 billion dollar claim against Democrats and it also gave the Republicans greater empowerment to use the phony 716 billion dollar Medicare argument according to their timing, leaving the Varilek camp to react with a Medicare voucher system argument which is merely a reaction rather than an argument which should have been a preemptive Democratic political point from day one. Medicare should be a Democratic issue and not a Republican "quarterback sneak."

    Regardless of whether you thought the SCOTUS was going to uphold ObamaCare or not, the Ryan Budget was fact and was and is the intended position of House Republicans like Noem. Had the Democrats in South Dakota used the Ryan Medicare voucher system argument from day one, the Republicans would have countered after the SCOTUS ruling with their phony 716 billion dollar argument, and then the Varilek camp could have came back saying Noem is for vouchers and opposed to protecting South Dakotans from "pre-existing condition clauses" (a protection afforded with ObamaCare). Or as I like to say, Noem's position on Medicare is a "Death Penalty" for seniors. Because who would fully insure seniors, most of whom have a chronic pre-existing condition, if they had to replace their Medicare card with a worthless voucher? Unfortunately, on the issue of Medicare the ball is now on the Noem side of the court, and all anyone is talking about is how much talk is adequate.

  12. Karen Dimick 2012.10.20

    Kristi Noem needs to sent back to her farm/ranch in eastern SD. Her lack of attendance at important committee meetings pertaining to SD issues should be enough to convince South Dakotans that she IS not doing the job she was elected to do.
    Why can't she speak for herself, in her ads, about the things that really matter to SD citizens? Instead of "jabber, jabber, jabber" on her phone, tell us what she will try to do to make things better for us, and the rest of the country!!!
    Enough said!

  13. caheidelberger Post author | 2012.10.20

    Karen: agreed! Get the word out to your friends!

    Mike, I admit: I attended a corn dog party. The corn dogs serve as a buffer to all the Pabst Blue Ribbon one drinks with them. (I passed on the PBR and doubled the ketchup and tots.)

  14. Kris Quaintance 2012.10.21

    @Winston: Your post was thought provoking but your first sentence was "hitting the nail on the head". I have a friend (well, that status is on hold for the time being) who says she is a Libertarian but will vote for Romney. She says the less government, the better. Well, of course, with her there are exceptions: she holds a government job, she receives farm subsidies, she yells when inspectors don't show up at horse shows (we have TWHs, a breed that has been so abused for the show ring in an effort to achieve that artificial high stepping gait that in 1970 the HPA was enacted to help protect the show horse from the trainers/owners), she drives her big rig on very good roads that she thinks just happen without the government, her sons did serve our country and she (rightfully so) yells for all the support they can possibly get. So, in essence, government is bad but the perks are amazing. I'm not the first to post on this but in an election year, it is frustrating. Again, it always gets down to whose ox is being gored.

  15. Kris Quaintance 2012.10.21

    Oh, I should be clear: HPA (Horse Protection Act overseen/enforced by USDA's APHIS) and TWH (Tennessee Walking Horse),

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