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Obama to Romney: “Man, You’ve Definitely Got Romnesia”

Mitt Romney's schizophrenic deceptions have cost him the endorsement of the Salt Lake Tribune, the newspaper that more than any other cannot afford to alienate Mormon subscribers.

Now watch President Barack Obama make the sale as he brilliantly and powerfully ridicules Romney's sketchy Etch-a-Sketchery with a single word: Romnesia.

Listen all the way to the President's conclusion. Watch that smile. Watch that body language. Listen to him build to the zinger, "Here's the good news: ObamaCare covers pre-existing conditions! We can fix you up! We've got a cure!" You see a man enjoying his job. You see a man smartly summing up his opponent's say-anything-to-get-elected malarkey in a quick, memorable negative-branding line.

And as gravy, you see the President embrace ObamaCare, the policy his opponents think they can paint as his greatest liability, and use it as a proud rallying cry.

That's how you fight, Barack! And that's how you win.


  1. Dougal 2012.10.19

    Unemployment slipped under 8 percent. Housing market is marching back. American auto industry has roared back. Polling now showing more and more Americans think the nation is on the right track instead the wrong track.

    If the Republicans thought the economy was their number 1 suit, it's slipping away out of their hands.

  2. Jana 2012.10.19

    Here's a little Friday fun on the Presidential election...courtesy of the fine folks over at SDWC.

    First there's this headline from Bill Clay(?)

    "My conclusion -ANYONE but Romney"

    But Bill? shows he is on top of the master of etch-a-sketch, Mitt Romnesiac with these damning words:

    "The longer the presidential nominating process has gone, the clearer it has become that anyone but Romney is better than Mitt Romney."

    "It’s become apparent Romney is willing to do and say anything to become the nominee."

    "He doesn’t have a core. "

    "He is a fraud who is willing to say anything he must to get elected."

    "Mitt Romney is deliberately misleading voters..."

    "Our party is at one of those crossroads where we have to decide what kind of a party we will be. Either we will be a party of conviction and principle, or we will become a party that demonstrates exactly what is wrong with politics."

    Oh, and it seems PP has been mute on supporting Romney...

    Read it all here and give PP a little bump in traffic. It's especially worth it when you read through the comments.

  3. Jana 2012.10.19

    Here's a bonus quote from the good Republican mouthpiece blog...remember this is their word...not mine.

    "It's getting to the point where any position Romney currently holds, we can expect to find a video of him previously expressing a contradictory opinion."

    Thanks SDWC for explaining this to South Dakota Republicans!

    "There Romney goes again…"

  4. Stan Gibilisco 2012.10.19

    Well, Romney could always talk about "Obamanomics."

    Gotta hand it to the President. He has a great sense of humor.

    He didn't get my vote though. (I voted on the 19th.)

  5. Justin 2012.10.19

    So after all that noise about Romney's tax plan, I hope you didn't vote for him either Stan. Regardless, your Presidential vote in SD doesn't count and will never count until we abolish the electoral college.

    Out of curiousity, how would you define Obamanomics?

    Mitt is using the phrase "trickle down government" to obscure the fact that the only plan he has laid out is that he supports trickle down economics.

  6. Rorschach 2012.10.19

    That was fun! And brilliant! The President is enjoying himself, and he's at the top of his game for the home stretch.

  7. caheidelberger Post author | 2012.10.19

    Better screen cap and save those DWC entries, Jana! Lots of old DWC content has disappeared since Pat replaced "Bill Clay." And that anti-Romney text is quality stuff.

  8. Stan Gibilisco 2012.10.19

    Justin, I don't know how I'd define "Obamanomics." It sounds cool, though. I first heard that term on National Public Radio way back in 2008! Who cares what it means when it comes off the tongue so well?

  9. Justin 2012.10.19

    The Gallup poll is an anomaly. Statisticians typically throw such samples out. 17 of 18 national polls confirm they are off by a wide margin. Regardless, I think this is positive for Obama. Higher turnout will benefit Obama.

    But you are just an out of state alien anyway ;)

  10. Joe 2012.10.19

    Anyone who studies polling knows that its not the top number that is important its the data inside that is important. If you look at the Gallup poll, and look at if from 2-3 weeks ago when Obama was leading by 5+ points, in swing states, its darn near identical, in some areas Obama 1-2 points better in others Romney 1-2 points better. The big change was the South where Romney is polling 20 points better then he was 2-3 weeks ago. The other thing about it is, it is a tracking poll, and though I like tracking polls and they have their advantage they are polled daily, and then weighted the same for 7 days. 7 days ago is weighted the same as today. Which those who understand polling understand that can cause variations.

    If you are a Republican and I'm being completely honest/non-partisan right now, you have to be worried about organization, now yes you hear how the GOP is more likely to vote, they are closer in likely voters compared to registered voters. Same was said in 2010 when democrats were polling way higher in registered voters compared to likely. Well look at Iowa, and Ohio and Obama is leading 2-1 in early voting. They have 2-3 times the amount of campaign offices in many swing states. Look at Colorado, Nevada, 2 states that the Democrat won the Senate race 2 years ago when everyone thought they would lose largely because of ground game. Ask many political advisers and they will say the easiest way to make up 2-3-4 points in polling is a solid ground game. I just believe Obama's and the Democrats is better in most if not all swing states.

  11. Rorschach 2012.10.20

    Jana, remind me. Wasn't PP on the Santorum delegate slate? That link you posted has "Bill Clay" saying anybody but Romney, and touting Santorum's response to Romney.

    PP is a slimy devil. He brought destruction to the SOS office, and was lucky to escape without criminal charges for failing to comply with the SOS office's own laws on registering fictitious business names. Gant expects people to develop Romnesia on all Bill Clay's shenanigans in his employ, but the elephant never forgets. Gant and Bill Clay are a couple of incompetent dufuses. This past 2 years in the SOS's office was like having 2 Don Knotts and no Andy Griffith.

  12. caheidelberger Post author | 2012.10.20

    Madville Times Stylebook—plural of doofus: doofi.

  13. Joan 2012.10.20

    When I heard that speech of Obama's I was laughing so hard, my daughter quit listening to Garth and came out to the living room to see what was so funny. There are times she thinks I've lost it, and when that happens she goes in her room and tells Garth about it. Thankfully he doesn't answer her. lol

  14. G-Man 2012.10.25

    Prediction: Obama wins, Dems keep Senate. So, I may or may not have to eat crow come election day, ha, ha! But in a positive spirit I believe the President will take Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nevada, and possibly Colorado. Virginia is a true toss-up. However, the President is going to lose North Carolina this time around and possibly Florida. But, those two states will not be enough for Mr. Romney to win. Mr. Obama's party will keep control of the Senate by a slightly larger majority. Attention will then turn to John Thune and many will question his leadership abilities after his party's loss to which the Democrats have run very solid Senate campaigns this year. I also predict that Senator Jon Tester will be reelected in my original home state of Montana. Other Democratic Senate wins: Donnely in Indiana, McCaskill in Missouri, Warren in Massachusetts, the Connecticut guy (what's his name, Cory?), and Wisconsin's Democratic candidate will win her seat in the Senate. Surprise: Republicans keep the House, but, by a slimmer margin as the Dems will pick up some House seats too.

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