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Sleep with the NRA at Best Western, Super 8, Days Inn…

Did you know that your membership in the National Rifle Association can get you a discount on your room at Best Western and at Wyndham hotels, which include Ramada, Super 8, Days Inn, Travelodge, and Howard Johnson? International activist organization would rather you didn't get in bed with NRA on your next roadtrip.

If the gun industry lobby makes you lose sleep, you'll want to check the NRA's list of companies that provide member discounts.

I do see the Best Western gives discounts to AAA, CAA, small businesses, Harley riders, and Michael Waltrip racing fans. However, I don't see any discount program for supporters of the Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, or anyone else on the NRA's list of "anti-gun lobbying organizations" advocating for sensible gun safety policy.

Related: Weston, Connecticut, 20 miles from Newtown, is considering a three-point gun safety plan: ban automatic and assault weapons, require "safe and secure storage" of weapons when they aren't in use, and register all firearms in town. City employee and gun owner Mark Harper has some concerns with the proposal, but he also doesn't want the gun lobby coming to town to tell Weston how to manage its affairs:

I'm not afraid to speak, and I told them to shut up, they don't live here, and this is our town and we're gonna do what we want to do, so hit the road.... This is Weston; it's a small town. I was born and raised here. I raised my family here. I want the town to be safe. And that's the way it is [Mark Harper, quoted by Jeff Cohen, "Without Broader Action, Conn. Town Writes Its Own Gun Laws," National Public Radio, 2013.01.06].

Anyone care to grumble about the anti-gun lobby coming to town and criticizing your local chain motel?


  1. WayneB 2013.01.07

    Best Western probably doesn't offer discounts to those organizations simply because nobody's asked. For organizations like AARP, NRA, and Harley riders, they've asked for a discount knowing the volume of people who belong to their organization can help drive business.

  2. larry kurtz 2013.01.07

    Excise taxes of 100% on sales retroactive to 1990 on any magazine or firearm capable of holding over ten rounds: any questions?

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