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Uranium Developer to Buffalo House Ag/Nat Resources Commmittee Thursday

Edgemont uranium promoter and former legislator Mark Hollenbeck gets to make his sales pitch again to our Legislature. He already got a gift from the Legislature in 2011 when our leaders annulled state oversight of uranium mining. Hollenbeck will come before the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee tomorrow (Thursday) to angle for more corporate favors for his Canadian bosses at Powertech, who want to slurp up and contaminate billions of gallons of water in the Black Hills and the Cheyenne River watershed.

Folks, if you like clean water, or if you like putting South Dakota interests above Canadian interests, you might want to contact Rep. Charlie Hoffman (R-23/Eureka), the chairman of House Ag and Natural Resources, as well as the other members of that committee to offer them some questions and counterpoints they might offer to the purely profit-driven Mr. Hollenbeck.

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  1. Donald Pay 2013.01.09

    Gawd. Mann and Hollenbeck get set-aside time to b.s. the Legislature. To what level of ass-licking has the SD Legislature descended?

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