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Huether Claims Credit for Sioux Falls Walmart Double Play

Mike Huether's history in Premier Bankcard usury is enough to induce me to vote for any Democrat who challenges him in a primary for whatever higher office Huether may seek.

But Joel Rosenthal catches another quote from the mayor of Sioux Falls that won't help him win votes from any party. Yesterday, Mayor Huether seemed to claim credit for getting Walmart to propose two new stores for Sioux Falls:

Huether said residents told him they needed more retail when he campaigned for office three years ago.

“I was committed to seeing what I could do. Thank goodness I was elected mayor,” he said. “North side, we’re getting a grocery store. North side, we’re getting retail” [Jodi Schwan and Beth Wischmeyer, "Two Walmarts Planned for Edges of Sioux Falls," that Sioux Falls paper, 2013.03.12].

At least Mayor Huether had the decency to thank the secular goodness instead of any particular God.

Rosenthal recommends Mayor Huether ease back on the "chutzpah":

I have been active in politics at the local, state, and national levels for 36 years, interested in politics and reading about politics for now about 50 years and do not recall any politician talking about himself in such a way.

...Sometimes I agree with Mike Huether, sometimes I disagree, and I have worked with him on Library issues. He is a man of energy and he is possessed but I suggest he modulate his self assuredness [Joel Rosenthal, "Chutzpah," South Dakota Straight Talk, 2013.03.12].

Running for office requires a certain amount of self-confidence. But Mayor Huether, the trick is not to tell us about it.


  1. hmr59 2013.03.13

    As a Sioux Falls resident, I can tell you that Huether has never met a mirror he didn't like. I grew up around state politics and worked as a lobbyist, and it's hard for me to recall a politician (aside from "Wild Bill") who took greater pleasure in tooting is own horn more than our lord mayor - it's almost to the point of a real psychological problem. Think Janklow without true leadership capabilities. If he gets the dem's nod for senate or governor in 2014 (loooong shot), then I probably won't vote.

  2. Steve Sibson 2013.03.13

    Huether proves the Democrats are crony capitalists too.

  3. Rorschach 2013.03.13

    Huether has been a very good mayor for Sioux Falls. He really, really, gets things done. He has boundless energy. He has ideas - and he acts on them. Sioux Falls is the better for it. We could use more Mike Huether style politicians in South Dakota.

    That said, Wal Mart has looked at a north side store in Sioux Falls for years, including nearby the location they have now chosen - even before the Marion Road I-90 exit was completed. I think that interstate exit was a big factor in making that north SF store happen. That store appears to be going on property owned by the Sioux Falls Development Foundation.

    Wal Mart has also looked at a south SF store, and actually had tried to site the store previously but found stiff opposition from neighbors. One could say that two new Wal Mart stores for SF has been in planning for awhile, and was maybe inevitable. But certainly the mayor's office has been a part of that planning and siting process and will continue to be. So ask yourself this: Does the Daugaard administration, and the Rounds administration before it, claim credit for projects that come to SD? This is no different, except that Huether is far more hands-on in the process than Daugaard or Rounds.

  4. Vincent Gormley 2013.03.13

    Sibby sees cronies everywhere, but seriously who cares what a "former lobbyist" thinks. Once a lobbyist, always just look at John Thune.
    The problem in Sioux Falls is the opinions far outweigh the number of voters. Buyers remorse doesn't apply to those who never even look nevermind purchase.

  5. Steve Sibson 2013.03.13

    "Huether has been a very good mayor for Sioux Falls. He really, really, gets things done.'

    Thesis: Crony Capitalist banker
    Anti-thesis: Big government liberal Democrat
    Synthesis: Mike Huether

    Synthesis is what "getting things done" always ends up being. Welcome to the new world order.

  6. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.03.13

    Curious (and I don't mind dragging the thread away from Huether and Hegel): will Wal-Mart on Marion and Hwy 38 cream retail in Madison? That's the primary non-Interstate route between Madison and Sioux Falls. It puts Everyday Low Prices on the way home for almost every Lake County resident making a living by commuting to Sioux Falls.

  7. SDBlue 2013.03.13

    Personally, I would trade two additional Walmart stores in Sioux Falls for one Trader Joe's or one Whole Foods any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  8. Charlie Johnson 2013.03.13

    Probably will end any further discussion of a new grocery story in Madison. Also a brand new hwy 19 by 2017 will further provide access to the NW Walmart for Madison and for those in the south part of Lake County and western Minnehaha county. I never step foot in a Walmart. If I'm with someone who is going to Walmart, I sit in the car with my wallet and plastic.

  9. Tom W 2013.03.14

    Wonder once these 2 new Walmarts are up and running if the will remodel or close the 41st/Louise Location? It is such a bottleneck with traffic and the store is getting really run down. And its not their traditional SuperCenter store setup.

    Charlie: Time for you to wake up and face the facts of life, Things are getting bigger, and time for you to adapt to change. There are a few people like you in the world stuck in your old ways and nobody else cares.
    Walmart isnt going anywhere so its time to adapt to change. Oh and Jolie hicks can too.

  10. Barry Smith 2013.03.14

    You know Cory I can see where Rosenthal is coming from, if there is too much confidence it can look like arrogance. Personally I would rather see the honesty of high confidence coming from a Politician with a bloated ego, than the false humility that we see all the time.

  11. Vincent Gormley 2013.03.14

    Trader Joe's or Costco.

  12. Charlie Johnson 2013.03.14

    Tom W.----would you like to identify yourself? My spending are my own choice---i choose to buy groceries in Madison. Patronize Lewis Drug in Madison,etc.--nothing backwards about that. As for stating the obvious---having Walmart on the NW edge of SF, will probably close the discussion on having a second grocery store in Madison.

  13. larry kurtz 2013.03.14

    Mr. Gormley: those businesses are not interested and will never open in the chemical toilet.

  14. Charlie Johnson 2013.03.14

    "My spending is my own choice" As for Tom W.---pointing out the obvious benefits of moving a rural economy with a more positive, community based approach must threaten you.

  15. Tom W 2013.03.14

    Tom Wefield is the name.
    Vincent- Costco is coming but if you dont realize thats a monthly membership store, very similar to Sams, and it does not have everything in it, only certain kind of cereals, pops ,ships ect. Cant say that ive ever seen a bag of Doritos chips in the Costco ive been in.

    Charlie if you cant face the fact that CAFOS are here to stay and the future way of farming then get a grip, face the facts, big business and big farms are only going to grow it the facts, large cafo dairies can produce 20x the amount of milk at the same price small farmers can, so why wouldnt the local factories want that milk? Im pro Cafo, pro big ag, and pro big business. People shouldn't be against places like Walmart, Target, Davisco, Valley queen. those business were grown from the ground up and found a way to be successful.

  16. larry kurtz 2013.03.14

    Costco believes in workers' rights, Sioux Falls doesn't.

  17. Rorschach 2013.03.14

    Dropped my Sam's Club membership last year. Eagerly awaiting Costco, though I've only been there twice. Costco is better to employees. And Sam's Club pisses me off that they make everybody with 1 or 2 items wait in a checkout line behind people with 50 items. Since they have obviously heard of "X items or less" checkouts, their failure to offer them must mean they just don't care to please customers.

  18. gail strobl 2013.03.14

    I understand that big farming is what big ag and big pharma wants, but according to USDA, organic farms have grown at a double-digit rate for over 10 years. Big or small, they are here to stay and gaining in numbers. Big ag is pushing big corporations to try to compete with the organic farm, but they are losing out as the consumer wants to know where their food comes from. Just because food is labeled doesn't mean anything in the US. Sam's, Costco, and any of these big companies aren't the type to compete with organic, but so be it. People who are worried about their health, and the health of their families make their own choices. Making your own meals, using what you can of organic, staying away from know additives that are dangerous. All personal choices.

  19. gail strobl 2013.03.14

    No, Mr. Popcorn - I am who I say I am, and I don't run any pigs flying or a mill. I am someone who has lost several loved ones to horrible cancers that seem to be related to what goes into our bodies. I have studied this problem for years. That's it.

  20. joelie hicks 2013.03.14

    Tommy, I use my real name when I make a public statement. I do not run when pigs fly and I don't know who does. But your ignorance shows. Organic is not the farming of the past, it is not based on neglect and nostalgia, the science of organics is real and it is what people are starting to want. Don't be afraid, it's a great lifestyle.

  21. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.03.14

    Tom W: thank you for sharing your name with us. I hope real names will keep us all more civil.

    Now, why is constant growth (a) inevitable and (b) desirable? Is there not some point where a business becomes too big?

  22. Vincent Gormley 2013.03.14

    Costco treats their workers well and pays better than anyone in this state. It would put Walmart to shame. In January '09 Walmart would not allow volunteers to be inside the front doors for the city-wide food drive. Subsequently no volunteers meant no donations. The staff of the VA hospital put the giant to shame. Even Sunshine which still had 4 stores beat Walmart. They do not represent change.

  23. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.03.14

    Barry, I would like to imagine some Ed Koch-style über-confidence, the kin that, unleashed in a statewide race, could bring some hard straight talk to some smug Republican challenger. It might take a confidence beyond hubris to think a Dem can unseat Daugaard.

    But if we broke down Huether's claim, I'd need to hear a more specific analysis where he says, "Here's what Kermit Staggers said he'd do. Those policies would have stopped Walmart cold. Walmart will be great for the city, so it's a good thing I was here and not Staggers to make this two-banger happen."

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