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Jon Hansen Quitting Legislature for Law School

Last updated on 2013.04.14

In good news, Pat Powers reports the misogynist Rep. Jon Hansen (R-25/Dell Rapids) will quit the job District 25 elected him to do and enroll in law school this fall. (Governor Dennis Daugaard's logical choice for a replacement: District 25 third-place vote-getter Bill Laird, right?)

Powers wonders if Hansen was enticed away from Pierre to pursue a mostly useless degree by Senate Bill 218, the rural lawyer recruitment bill that failed to pass the Senate this year. The Legislature passed a Northern Exposure tuition reimbursement for four new lawyers a year in House Bill 1096. But I think we have laws that prevent legislators from benefiting financially from laws they've recently voted for... or at least we ought to!

It is more likely that Hansen was enticed by New Jersey lawyer Harold Cassidy, who brought his out-of-state lobbying to South Dakota in support of Rep. Hansen's insulting extension of South Dakota's authority to force women seeking abortions to submit to lies and propaganda before exercising their constitutional rights. You mean I could make money oppressing women all over the country instead of just my South Dakota neighbors? Rep. Hansen likely thought. Sign me up!

Ladies, you did a fine job of protesting Hansen's misogyny this session on his Facebook page. Now keep an eye out for him on a law school campus near you... and feel free to walk up to him and offer him your warmest welcome... and an encouragement to study his constitutional law really, really hard.


  1. Jim 2013.03.26

    Useless degree? You can still teach, right? Like any profession, there are good and bad. There are crappy teachers out there, but that doesn't mean an education degree is useless. You are starting to sound like powers - partisan crap for the sake of crap.

  2. Kal Lis 2013.03.26

    I'm assuming that Cory is referring to statements like this one.

    "The mismatch between the cost of law school and the value of a law degree has been growing for quite a long time. I think in the long term the market for attorneys appears likely to get more constricted. It'll be more and more difficult to make a living as an attorney."

  3. Rorschach 2013.03.26

    Useless degree? When he graduates, Rep. Hansen will go straight to the Attorney General's Office and be offered a generous salary. In 2024 he will run for AG himself. But between now and then he will be appointed US Attorney by the next Republican administration after Hillary is done with her Presidency. A law degree is certainly not useless when you're part of the Republican political dynasty in SD.

  4. Mark 2013.03.26

    Politicians of all stripes quit their elected jobs prior to completing their terms. Almost always, it's more for their own personal interests.

  5. Dougal 2013.03.26

    Maybe ALEC is looking for more lawyers to draft their hate legislation for South Dakota and elsewhere.

  6. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.03.26

    Sorry, Jim. The way Rep. Hansen treated my wife and daughter this session with his arrogant patriarachy earned him persona non grata status in this household.

  7. Les 2013.03.26

    Put his acts on the blackboard here if that's so Corey, don't sink to his level. I had a woman treat my daughter and I in a very dis-respectable manner 5 years ago. I said she will never darken the door of our world Erin, and it recently cost her a couple years wages in lost opportunity with me.
    Now, not recognizing me or remembering why, I'm a jerk and she doesn't have a clue as to why. Cool. Much better repayment than a quick hit on the blog.

  8. grudznick 2013.03.26

    Very "cool" Les. As you young people say, "you are man"

  9. Brett 2013.03.26

    Democrats have won in district 25 in the not too distant past. Could be a good pick-up opportunity next election.

  10. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.03.27

    Sink to his level, Les? Hardly. I'm not using the law to render him and an entire class of Americans second-class citizens. I'm celebrating his departure from public office and hoping his education will change his view of the Constitution.

  11. Les 2013.03.27

    Have you gone mad Corey? DC is already full of attorneys attempting to destroy that one element of sanity left in our system. ;)

  12. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.03.27

    Yeah, you're right: Hansen will probably come out of law school a greater threat to my wife and daughter, not a better more respectful citizen. Must blog harder!

  13. DB 2013.04.04

    That should only scare the uneducated.

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