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Dakota Rural Action Promotes Urban Chickens in Pierre April 22

Dakota War College sniffs with disdain at an upcoming info session on urban chickens in Pierre. Branding Dakota Rural Action "liberal" (and we know that's a fightin' word in the conservative lobe of the South Dakota Blogopshere), DWC's Pat Powers invites his readers to cluck at the discussion DRA's Sabrina King is hosting at the Rawlins Library in Pierre on April 22 to discuss the HomeGrown Sioux Falls chapter's successful work in passing an ordinance to allow city folk to raise chickens.

I join some of Powers's commenters in asking what's so "liberal" about promoting homegrown food? Conservatives ought to be all about encouraging people to provide for their own needs. Conservatives ought to be all about leaving people free to eat food that they've grown themselves without interference from government. Conservatives ought to be all about allowing people leaving people free to use their own property for the economic purposes they see fit. In the case of urban chickens and other homegrown and locally grown food, Dakota Rural Action sounds more conservative than Dakota War College.

I don't know what Pat's so afraid of. The only conservative chickens DRA members want to eat are the ones they grow in their backyards.

Sabrina talks chicken at the Rawlins Municipal Library in Pierre, Monday April 22, 6:30 p.m.

Update 12:02 MDT: Predictably, Powers tries to dodge the meaning of his words, calling his use of "liberal" and his question about urban chickens "innocuous," calling names, and avoiding the main point of the conservative merits of urban chickens. Bawk bawk!


  1. larry kurtz 2013.04.14

    We have eleven hens, a rooster and eighteen pullets. Feeding them purslane and lambs quarters boosts Omega-3 fatty acids in their eggs.

  2. grudznick 2013.04.14

    Could a chicken be considered a companion animal? Might the USHS send their local group to protest or outlaw our chickens once we become dependent or accustomed to the Omega-3 fatty acid laden eggs we would enjoy at hearty breakfasts?

  3. Donald Pay 2013.04.14

    I was kind of skeptical when our city (Madison, WI) enacted a chicken ordinance in 2004, but then it came out that it was a maximum of 4 hens and no loudmouth roosters to wake you up). Many of the Hmong minority here raise chickens inside their house, which apparently is legal depending on whether chickens are considered pets or livestock.

    My daughter, of course, raised chickens when she was growing up, but she was out in the countryside.

    I have to say there seems to be nothing particularly horrendous that happened after the legalization of chickens. In fact the licensing of city chicken raisers (for an annual $10 fee) is a good way to keep track of any health issues that develop. Better that than a lot of people doing it on the sly. If bird flu issues become an issue, the city knows where the birds are, and they can be tested or collected easily.

  4. bret clanton 2013.04.14

    DRA is one of the few active supporters of private property rights in SD. The SDGOP claims to be ( party plank 11-1 ) but in reality they seldom do so if ever... You can label them however you want.... Go Sabrina...

  5. Charlie Johnson 2013.04.14

    Right on Bret! March on DRA!

  6. Nick Nemec 2013.04.14

    Bret is right. DRA is a strong supporter of private property rights. The SDGOP supports corporate takeover of private property.

  7. grudznick 2013.04.14

    If you have 4 chickens in your apartment or a rented room, can they be considered companion animals?

  8. larry kurtz 2013.04.14

    except in your case, grud: then they'd be girlfriends.

  9. grudznick 2013.04.14

    At least you don't have to pay girlfriend animals like you do companion animals.

  10. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.04.14

    All right, you two, get a room... and leave the chickens outside. They're supper.

  11. Michael Black 2013.04.14

    Your opinion might change if your neighbor's rooster could not tell time and ruined your sleep.

  12. Donald Pay 2013.04.14

    To much of the Republican elite, if the money ain't circulating in a way that they can get a cut of it, it ain't worthy of consideration. This is another generational demographic problem for the Republicans. Kids just love baby chickens, and watching them grow and lay eggs. You want to stand in the way of kids raising chickens, you are going to end up losing the votes of all those kids. Of, course, if it was nuclear waste or hog shit and it was plopped right down in Powers' backyard with a check made out to him, he'd be all for it.

  13. grudznick 2013.04.14

    I am not in favor of taxing children who want to raise baby chickens. I know this will be a big hit to our schools, this not taxing, but I can not on principle support any new taxes at this time. It is the wrong time for a baby chicken tax, even if it would pay for a couple more reserved parking spaces at our schools.

  14. Kal Lis 2013.04.14

    I think Grudz and Donald should run for Governor and Lt. Governor. Their platform could be to tax chickensh*t, both real and metaphoric.

    They can raise campaign funds by selling tickets to an arm wrestling match to see who will be governor and who will be lt. governor

  15. Taunia 2013.04.14

    It's all in the messaging.

    If the advertising was "Demand Homegrown Chickens for Your Bunker" Cory wouldn't get the opportunity to bust P-squared's chops. Patriots would already be camped out in front of the April 22 event.

    "Obama Put Gummint Chips in Commercial Chicken's Arses. Learn How to Grow Your Own Chickens".

    "Homegrown Chickens Deflect Drones."

    "Homegrown Chickens Ward Off Hispanics/Muslims/Sharia Law/YourFavoriteBoogymanHere".

    "Chickens Clucked At the Manger."

    Really good messaging will put chicken prices in the ammo and gun price category.

  16. Wayne Pauli 2013.04.15

    Hey, speaking of chickens in our midst, what is the latest on the "Julie Gross! NE" disgruntled former math guy saga? I have to admit that every once in a while for a second or two I wonder about him as there is still a void in our company email.

    [CAH: nothing new, Wayne. Perhaps someone should contact some University of Central Oklahoma personnel to see if they are now enjoying those missives on their company e-mail.]

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