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Nelson Does Not Eat Heidelberger Alive; Bird, Shirt, Gun at Tea Party Rally

I don't go to Tea Party rallies to make mischief. I save the mischief for afterwards.

Here are some photos from today's Tea Party "Constitution Rally" at Memorial Park in Rapid City.

Conservative Rep. Stace Nelson (R-19/Fulton) and liberal blogger Cory Allen Heidelberger at Tea Party rally, Rapid City, South Dakota, 2013.05.04.
Conservative Rep. Stace Nelson and liberal blogger Cory Allen Heidelberger consider forming a fusion ticket to challenge Dennis Daugaard in 2014. We'll arm-wrestle to decide who gets Governor and who gets Lieutenant.
Rep. Stace Nelson address Tea Party rally, Rapid City, South Dakota, 2013.05.04.
Rep. Stace Nelson comes this close to singing "A Boy Named Sue" to the Tea Party rally.
T-shirt for sale at Tea Party rally, Rapid City, South Dakota, 2013.05.04.
One of the job apps I'm filling out asks how I would deal with diversity in the classroom. I don't think sending a picture of me in this t-shirt would get me an interview.
Rep. Lance Russell speaks to Tea Party rally, Rapid City, South Dakota, 2013.05.04.
I'm Representative Lance Russell, and I give you... The Bird!
Sonic pop under armed guard, Tea Party rally, Rapid City, South Dakota, 2013.05.04.
This guy thought his gun would keep his Sonic pop safe. He didn't anticipate a sneaky liberal getting the drop on him from behind. Slurp slurp bang bang!

Video and commentary coming up tomorrow. Stay tuned!


  1. mc 2013.05.04

    I knew Stace wouldn't hurt you, to much.

    However If I was in a bar fight, I would want Stace to have my back

  2. Stace Nelson 2013.05.04

    Hard to explain to people my motivation to stay in public service. Simply said, it is the folks I love to serve. I wish all South Dakotans were as active as you. Truly a pleasure to get to meet you in person. We may disagree on some issues here and there; however, I relish your challenges to the way I think and believe. No one should take themselves too serious, and you do a good job of kicking an old broken down Marine in the butt and making me think about my positions. Keep it up! Thank you again for your gracious reception and questions. God bless.
    R/S Stace N.

  3. Jim 2013.05.04

    What's up with russels hair?

    [editorial note: What hair? —CAH]

  4. Phil Schreck 2013.05.04

    Cory, you're a braver man than I and Stace, we don't agree on much either but you seem like a good dude! I appreciated your response above.

  5. Old guy 2013.05.05

    Great pictures.what one thing did you like and what one thing did you dislike at this event. Your #1 answers only

  6. Kal Lis 2013.05.05

    If these folks love freedom and America so much, why did they schedule this event on top of Free Comic Book Day and the Kentucky Derby? Is there anything more American than getting something free and watching fast horses run?

    Also, doesn't gun oil ruin the flavor of Sonic's Limeades?

  7. mc 2013.05.05

    Kal, there are only so many weekends.

  8. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.05.05

    Top Like: Citizens taking time to try to engage in intelligent political discourse.
    Top Dislike: Citizens failing to engage in intelligent, pragmatic political discourse.

  9. Les 2013.05.05

    You want pragmatic, you have a raven waiting in the wings Cory.. :) btw thanks for making the 100 mile run to get the story!

  10. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.05.05

    You're welcome, Les! Every now and then, the schedule works out that I can put in some time away from the computer screen to get a story. It's kinda fun!

  11. gail 2013.05.05

    Love that picture - - the question is, How many Cory's to make a Stace? Is that like count the pennies in the jar? And how can I like both of you? Because this is still America ..... and we still have control of our thought process ..... for now!! Ham it up guys.

  12. JC 2013.05.05

    i wish i could have gone lol great job Cory.

  13. Ken Santema 2013.05.06

    I was hoping to see a photo of Stace with Cory on one side and Bob Ellis on the other. I think that would have been good for everyone involved.

  14. grudznick 2013.05.06

    If I could still be in bar fights I'd want Mr. H to talk at my antagonists/ees first before employing Mr. Nelson to grimace menacingly.

  15. Mike Quinlivan 2013.05.06

    I probably could barely find anything to agree with politically with Mr. Nelson, and I gave him mucho crap when he commented on blogs more frequently. But he is real, and that is a rarity these days. For that I am eternally grateful for Mr. Nelson; he is a believer in the individual, be it a scrawny ex-skateboarder Dem (me), or a Huge Ultra Rightwing Service Member (him). Keep it up Stace

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