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Bosworth Wants Mandatory Birth Control?

Ah! Of course Annette Bosworth is a Republican. She and her husband want government to control women's reproductive choices:

How do I add the fact that women are at risk so long term birth control should be mandated [Chad Haber, "Protecting the Unborn," Half Wayish? 2012.12.14].

Half Wayish? is an appropriate name for Bosworth's husband's blog, because in all of his communications, he never seems to get closer than half way to expressing his thoughts clearly. Passive voice, lack of transition, lack of context or support....

But read that one line as written. The husband of a quasi-declared Republican Senate candidate says women should have to use long-term birth control. He links to Implanon, a birth control implant. Uff da: Tea Partiers freak out over the complete myth that President Obama is forcing everyone to have a microchip implant. But here the husband of a candidate who will need their vote is on the record, for real, advocating that every woman submit to a medical implant.

Submitting women's medical decisions to the state—yup! Annette Bosworth will fit well with the South Dakota GOP.


  1. James Snyder 2013.06.12

    That family is crazy. You should just not give her (especially him) any press. They'll just go away. But they won't go away with attention. Republicans won't vote for her.

  2. Nick Nemec 2013.06.12

    She's toast and the nomination is Rounds' to lose. I doubt she even has the political oomph to get enough signatures to get her name placed on the ballot, his only real competition for the GOP nod comes from Stace Nelson.

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