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Bosworth Taking Checks for Exploratory Committee

On Facebook, Senate pretender Annette Bosworth says she's taking campaign contributions:

Checks= Bosworth for US Senate Exploratory Committee.
Amount allowed: $2600.00 for the primary election + $2600.00 for the general election ...
The maximum an individual can give is $5200.00
The maximum a couple can give is $10,400.00.
Address: PO Box 130 Tea, SD 57068 [Annette Bosworth, Facebook comment, 2013.06.22]

Bosworth has not filed papers on this exploratory committee with the Federal Election Committee, nor does she have to. She can take checks and toodle around the state all she wants without filing FEC papers until she says the magic words, "I'm a candidate." And if she decides not to run, any money her exploratory committee receives just... disappears., with no obligation other than to perhaps declare that income on her 1040. (Read more on "Testing the Waters" in the FEC guide for Congressional candidates.)

Meanwhile, with all this travel, can anyone actually get an appointment to see Dr. Bosworth in Sioux Falls?

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  1. Bree S. 2013.06.24

    She needs to quit with this nonsense.

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