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Lake Herman Sewer Info Meeting Tonight: Got $6.5 Million Handy?

Not even 24 hours back in Lake County, and I'm already throwing a party! Well, that assumes you call showing slides and fielding questions about sewer systems a party (and who wouldn't?)

The Lake Herman Sanitary District invites everyone to an informational meeting tonight, 7 p.m., at the Lake County 4-H building (south end of Egan Avenue, across from the Bethel Lutheran home). Engineers from Banner Associates will come down from Brookings to tell us how much it would cost to build a sewer system around Lake Herman (short form: $6.5 million if we dig our own treatment pits; $4.5 million if we pipe our poop to Madison). An official from First Dakota District will come talk about opportunities to get grants and loans to cover the cost. And then we'll take questions!

A little perspective: we need $6.5 million for a self-contained system that would serve 124 households in the district and forty-some more if we can convince some neighbors to join, so maybe 400 people. Last week, the state Board of Water and Natural Resources approved grants and loans totaling $4.9 million for water and trash projects in more than a dozen communities, including some big towns, benefiting tens of thousands of South Dakotans.

You can read the full feasibility study from Banner here (warning: it's big! 13 MB!). Study hard, and bring your questions tonight!


  1. oscar 2013.07.02

    Brandt Lake is in the process of installation of a sanitary sewer system. The project is going crappy. Two extensions for the stinkey contractor to compete the work. Orrigional completion date of December, then March, then May. July 2nd and I still can't send my poop to Chester like was told that I would be able to. I paid my hook-up fee of $3000 and have been paying $55 per month since September.

    This project is a complete waste of money. I wonder what happens in 5 years when no one wants to serve on the board and the project is still pushing poop up hill and not complete. This type of taxing board should never be allowed by state law.

    Jan Nicolie and the other two members are not looking out for the property owners who are paying for this project. I wish I was able to get 6+ months to complete my work. I bet my boss would love that.

    This is a stinky situation please run as far away as possible. You will never recover from this grand mistake gone crappy.

  2. Richard Schriever 2013.07.02

    Beware the low bidder.

  3. Les 2013.07.02

    ""You can read the full feasibility study from Banner here (warning: it's big! 13 MB!). "" You should be engineering this Cory. That 13MB looks like the price I'd say you're going to pay before the poop hits the pit or the fan.
    Dig deep, I see water projects with thousands of consumers without funding for not much difference in the dollars.

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