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True Colors™ Personality Training Coming to Madison: What Color Are Jerks?

In case you haven't already figured out your personality, the Madison Chamber of Commerce is hosting a True Colors™ International Personality Training session on Thursday, July 25. Volleyball coach and Doctor of Athletic Administration (because it takes a doctorate to schedule basketball games) Cecile Reynaud moonlight from her volleyball camp coaching gig to certifiably facilitate this opportunity to "Identify[...] your personality and the personalities of others," which will "provide[...] you with insights into different motivations, actions and communitycation [sic] approaches."

Chamber members get to communitycate with Dr. Reynaud for free; the rabble can pay $35 to draw cards with mimes on them who will reveal their True Colors:

  • Blue: calm, friendly, helpful, sharing pot with others.
  • Green: logical, like green-blooded Vulcans.
  • Gold: stable, strong, investing in precious metals to hedge against social collapse and chaos.
  • Orange: active, motivated, excited from all those sugary sports drinks.

The True Colors™ personality scale is obviously flawed, since it leaves out large swaths of the population who are nervous, irrational, unstable, and lazy. And if a personality test is really worth $35, shouldn't it be able to tell me if the guy I'm doing business with is a jerk?

Contact Rosie or Danese at the Chamber (e-mail or 605 256 2454) to reserve your spots at the July 25 training.


  1. Charlie Hoffman 2013.07.07

    If Madison wants a double fisted public enhancement seminar they should hire VJ Smith and Holly Hoffman to both give their self empowerment speeches to the group. VJ spoke to the Aberdeen CVB which I was able to hear and really nailed what the private sector can do to enhance visitors perception of the city. Holly gets people motivated to be the best they can be and never give up.
    Two Eurekan's which are making a positive difference in South Dakota.

  2. MC 2013.07.07

    I wonder if there is a color darker than black?

  3. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.07.07

    Charlie, bring Holly down for Crazy/Discovery Day July 27. She could set up a booth in Main Street while you and I run the 10K together. Bring the kids!

    MC, what black? There are obviously only four personality colors. ;-)

  4. Nick Nemec 2013.07.07


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