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Bosworth Visits Rhoden, Kephart, Howie on Second West River Campaign Trip

Annette Bosworth is bad at skirting FEC law. Check out this calendar prepared by a paid Meaningful Medicine intern for Dr. Bosworth's campaign itinerary:

Bosworth for Senate schedule of June 2013 campaign events
Bosworth for Senate schedule of June 2013 campaign events

Note first the heading: "Updated Senate Schedule." Then, as an after-thought, someone writes a little "Pre-" above "Senate". Hee hee! That's cute, but someone should remind Bosworth that FEC rules will still require her to list any such in-kind contributions of work and her lavish spending on travels around South Dakota in June when she officially declares her candidacy. But if Dr. Bosworth had her employee write up that schedule on company time, whether she's a candidate or a pre-candidate, she'll find herself on the wrong side of South Dakota campaign finance law.

Another campaign planning memo obtained by the Madville Times bears the heading "Dr. Bos for Senate!" (Yes, it includes the exclamation point.) This memo (I'm not posting the original image because it contains numerous pieces of personally identifiable information) indicates that Bosworth sought audiences with State Senator Larry Rhoden and Sam Kephart (the memo preparer couldn't remember Sam's last name—interns! do your background work!).

The visit to Rhoden is Bosworth's second visit to a potential primary rival, following a pow-wow with State Rep. Stace Nelson two weeks ago. Rhoden, who surely recognizes that Bosworth poses no serious political threat to anyone, likely smiled and nodded politely at Bosworth, then shook his head in disbelief as Bosworth and her campaign mastermind-husband Chad Haber tore off down Highway 34.

Sam Kephart is not running for Senate again, although it would be fun to have him. We can only hope Bosworth was able to keep up with what was surely an expansive Kephart policy briefing.

Still no word on whether Team Bosworth has reached out to Team Rounds for a friendly chat. But to cap off her second West River campaign trip, Bosworth scheduled a sit-down with Gordon Howie for a video chat. We eagerly await the posting of that video so we can watch to see whether Bosworth can keep a straight face.

Finally, in spelling news, check out the bottom of that calendar again. Before any campaign fundraising letters go out to the locals, someone needs to tell Team Bosworth that Meade and Butte counties both have e's.


  1. mike 2013.07.08

    There hasn't been anyone to run for SD office as erratic as Sam Kephart in a long time. The guy mixes his Kool Aid strong.

    Kephart couldn't crack the code to beat Joel Dykstra so I have a hard time believing that he can master the code to help "Dr. Bos" reach the status of annoying against Rounds.

  2. Deb Geelsdottir 2013.07.08

    "Butt" County? Hahahaha!!

  3. Nick Nemec 2013.07.08

    Isn't Bare Butt in Butt County?

  4. Douglas Wiken 2013.07.08

    Butt, butt, have mercy.

    Hey you want to have some fun or perhaps spoil your fun?

    Those mashed word puzzles in the newsapers where DMVLLEIA is a collection of letters to convert to a common word scream for a little electronic Webster's dictionary. The word maker game unscrambles those four strings of letters in seconds.

    Anyway, that is the how-to-do it note for the day. Might also help politicos spel a bite bitter.

  5. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.07.08

    Nick, Mead County has that very nice Bear Butt. It's one of the nicest Butts in the state. I don't have an exact count of Bare Butts around Bell Fourch... but I think the number increases on the weekend when folks drink a lot of mead.

  6. Rick 2013.07.08

    DocBoz is a minor distraction, but somewhat entertaining and perplexing. Who IS she, REALLY?

    The real summer bloc buster is still anticipated among those of us political addicts who want to see real flash and lightning in a real high profile U.S. Senate race. Of course, I'm talking about the Duke of Hanson County and SDGOP's own Superman, Stace Nelson. He needs to get busy and hire a smart campaign team that raises money, keeps his messaging smart and under control, and wallops the competition in the GOP state primary.

    United State Senate campaign strategy is about to be rewritten if and when the 900-pound gorilla jumps into the ring.

  7. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.07.08

    I'd love to hear the inside chatter between Nelson and Rhoden, trying to gauge each other's intent.

  8. Samuel R. Kephart 2013.07.08

    To Mike:

    You obviously don't know what you are talking about.

    There are many very fair criticisms that could be made about my furtive and unsuccessful US Senate Primary; "erratic" isn't one of them.

    No, I didn't beat Joel Dykstra, however, he outspent me almost 6 to 1.

    I spent approximately $60 K or so and received 24.5% of the vote. Hardly a "KoolAid" performance for someone who had zero name recognition, a pittance of a budget, and no prior campaign experience.

    I made all my appearances, as promised, I didn't attack anyone, I ran a clean campaign (ask Karl Adam, the former GOP chair, if you doubt my veracity here), I paid all my campaign bills by the end of the campaign, and I made some very public predictions that came true (the Wall Street derivatives crash, America going off the cliff, etc).

    If that's erratic, you clearly have a problem with proper English usage, but then again, folks who 'chip-shot' (better yet, cheap-shot) on blogs without attaching their real names are true cowards in my opinion.

    If you have something intelligent to say to forward the conversation, then please do so. Educate us all!

    Otherwise, please keep your unfounded and uninformed comments to yourself. They reflect more poorly on you than me...

    If you wish to term my candidacy as "erratic", please give the Madville readers PROOF of your assertions.

    Here's a link to my most recent Op-Ed; it ran in both the Rapid City Journal and the Argus Leader:

    This is the 24th. editorial I've had published since 2006. It stayed in the Argus' top-rated online articles for a week.

    What have YOU had published lately or ever... other than the nasty crap you spew on blogs?

    Here's a link to a special 2 night news segment News Center 1 (KNBN) did back in February. It's a debate about domestic drone usage featuring me and Senator John Thune:

    Please, tell me you are a refined writer or competent TV commentator who is just pretending to be a venal pig.

    Only folks who were raised poorly by their parents, in terms of core values, and who are cheap in spirit behave in this manner.

    I have NEVER written hiding behind a pseudonym.

    Folks like you who populate political blogs and attack anonymously make me want to projectile vomit...

    Moving on, Cory, you have me down pat, my friend.

    It was a core dump on some worldview stuff at a very high level; no campaign strategy, I'm not qualified to render that advice :)

    But the heart stuff and POV... you bet!

    Dr. Bosworth has an amazing personal story to tell... and much to contribute. Our Founders designed political office to bring together folks like me, Dr. Bosworth, and other seeming mavericks to carve out a joint vision and lead proactively... not deal deal with the crap and pap our current D.C. crowd offer up.

    Samuel R. Kephart

  9. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.07.08

    Hi, Sam!

    You and Mike can settle your own issues. I'll just say this about Bosworth: there are much simpler and less expensive ways to tell everyone your Amazing Personal Story! than launching a Senate campaign. Can she win a Senate campaign just talking about herself, or will she have to outline a real vision and agenda for legislating at the national level? I know lots of people with interesting personal stories who still shouldn't be our Senator. What does Bosworth bring to the table that would make her a better candidate than either of the declareds or any of the potentials?

  10. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.07.08

    Rick, the Nelson show just got pre-empted by the Rhoden show. What now?

    Don't forget: Bosworth gives up the Belle vote by calling them Butt County, just as she gave up the Custer vote by calling them Custards.

  11. Rick 2013.07.08

    Sheesh! Rhoden is not in to win it. He's in it to split the anti-Rounds vote and be the doomed patsie. Smart move by Team Rounds and Dick Wad hams to keep Nelson in check. DocBoz is the gadfly who buzzes around the room and doesn't matter.

    If Nelson wants this, he's going to have to go big and not look back. He is capable of this, but not without a smart campaign pro team to raise big money and make sure there are no mistakes. This is a dangerous venture and requires big kahoonas. We'll see if Stace has what it takes to be a winner.

  12. Les 2013.07.08

    I enjoy both Sam and Joel and would like to send a shout out to all the great conservs that put Sen Johnson back into office. Thanks all, I'll continue to remember you for a long time as we put two hard working statesmen onto the sidelines or out the door.
    There's nuts to crack in Speartown, I don't include Sam.

  13. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.07.09

    I'll need more evidence to classify Joel Dykstra as a hard-working statesman.

  14. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.07.09

    And Mike, just to be clear, if you think Sam Kephart is erratic, you'll find Annette Bosworth profoundly capricious and volatile. Sam Kephart would ask the right policy questions to challenge Rounds's smiling inevitability; Bosworth will only leave everyone scratching their heads.

  15. Les 2013.07.09

    Maybe you know something I don't about Joel, Cory. I watched both Sam and Joel run a state wide campaign. They were equally clean in campaign rhetoric, educated in their ideas and worked their tails off running tens of thousands of miles in those efforts. Tim Johnson had his day but he and his staff can't hold a candle to the effort and abilities of either of these men I'm sorry to say.

  16. Rick 2013.07.09

    Joel was effective in the small pond of the state legislature but the wheels flew off when he became a statewide candidate. He got zero traction, helped a great deal by Rounds' cheerleading Tim Johnson's return to the Senate after a near-death brain injury. At best, Joel walked through the paces of a state campaign, but claiming he was running his tail off is a giant exaggeration.

  17. Les 2013.07.09

    I speak from personal experience Rick and it may be limited.
    I watched Joel in the northwest on a Wed, Spearfish on a Thurs and I ended up at a state meeting in Sioux Falls for my biz on Fri and was very surprised to see Joel in attendance. Chris Lien tallied close to 100k in miles and I usually saw Joel where I'd see Chris. That isn't the whole picture by any means I will agree.

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