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Powers Swallows Bosworth Bait; Fake Republican Fishing Again

I see Pat Powers is screaming down I-90 to Plankinton to witness Annette Bosworth's political theater today.

If Pat's feeling journalistic after all that screaming, maybe he'll ask Bosworth about her numerous raffles, her husband's company's questionable business dealings in Utah, and her possibly illegal use of her business and non-profit resources to conduct a political campaign.

Or maybe he'll just ask Annette Bosworth why she's running for Senate. The likely answer: just for the halibut.

Annette Bosworth, husband Chad Haber, their sons, and a 180-pound halibut, on a fishing trip near Sitka Alaska, June 2, 2012. Photo posted publicly on Annette Bosworth's Facebook page.
Annette Bosworth, husband Chad Haber, their sons, and a 180-pound halibut, on a fishing trip near Sitka Alaska, June 2, 2012. Photo posted publicly on Annette Bosworth's Facebook page.

My friends in the South Dakota Republican Party, don't let the Bosworth-Habers string you along with their fishy campaign. Swallow their bait, and you'll end up hanging by a hook.


  1. Taunia 2013.07.16

    How does a family go to Alaska to fish in June, end up homeless and living in a camper at New Years, then travel to Haiti for March/April/May? That happened all in one year—last June to this May. [edited by CAH]

  2. Rorschach 2013.07.16

    Make no mistake. Bosworth entering the race benefits Mike Rounds, which makes Pat Powers very happy as a blogger for the GOP establishment.

  3. Rick 2013.07.16

    Waiting for Stace.

  4. Dave 2013.07.16

    Hope PP does a better job than he did at Rhoden's announcement. From that, he posted about half a dozen photos and wrote only four paragraphs, saying Rhoden's speech was "cordial" and "introductory" and "safe" and "hit on key conservative points." If you want to blog, you have to do better than fifth-grade work.

  5. Rorschach 2013.07.16

    Is Mr. Haber using a fake skin wig to cover his hair?

  6. Bree S. 2013.07.16

    Seeing a skull like that helps me understand early anthropological fascination with cranial measurements.

    Look at its brilliance as it reflects the sunlight!

  7. mike 2013.07.16

    The beating Powers took in the SOS office has changed him as a blogger from one of mild conviction and unique writing to one trying to get back in the club. He knows the way back in is to get in the good graces of the establishment. Nothing makes the establishment happier than ridiculing the loony nobodies at the bottom of the food chain.

    He blogs as if he's scared of Stan or taking the next whack from the powers that be.

  8. MC 2013.07.16

    Don't be too surprised if Mr. Nelson enters the House Race to primary Kristi Noem. I believe that would be a better fit for him any way.

  9. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.07.16

    MC, do you have some inside information on the direction of deliberations in Camp Nelson?

  10. mike 2013.07.17

    I 100% support Nelson for Congress. It would be the right decision on his part.

  11. MC 2013.07.17

    I do not.

    I am basing my comment on how congress is suppose to work

    The House of Repersentatives is supposed to repersent the people. While you may disagree with Mr. Nelson, he has always, I do mean always, worked for the people. for this reason he is very popular.

    The Senate is suppose to repersent the States. With the Senator getting thier marching order from thier state legislatures. He hasn't excactly made a postive impression on the leadership in Pierre.

    He has compared Pierre to a den of vipers. I hate to see what he thinks of Washington! Wolves? Swarm of brain eating zombies?

  12. Douglas Wiken 2013.07.17

    What I have heard from Bosworth has been mighty thin mythology with nearly zero data, facts or specifics. At least she has apparently not been stupid enough to build an expensive house a few inches above the Missouri River and as far as I know was not complicit in converting a library into another hideout for Pierre bureaucrats.

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