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Bosworth Foreshadowed: NJ Doctor/Rookie Candidate Creamed in NJ Primary

Last updated on 2013.08.15

Lacking any grasp of policy or strategy, GOP Senate candidate Annette Bosworth likes to campaign by analogy:

Bosworth pointed to Alieta Eck, another independent physician currently running for New Jersey’s open Senate seat, as an example that others in her industry recognize defeating the measure as “the only way to save the art and science of medicine” [David Rookhuyzen, "Bosworth Confident in Senate Run, Defeat in Health Care Law," Pierre Capital Journal, 2013.08.13].

Yes, Alieta Eck is an excellent parallel to Bosworth's un-Hippocratic political campaign to repeal health care benefits for millions of Americans. Eck ran on the same spin as Bosworth, portraying her lack of experience as a reason to vote for her.

Eck also predicts Bosworth's political fortunes. Eck got killed in the New Jersey special primary yesterday (21% to 79%, with 98% of precincts reporting). With the endorsement of a regional Tea Party PAC but without the ability to distinguish herself from her conservative Republican opponent in any meaningful way, Eck lost to Steve Lonegan in every county, even her home county of Somerset, which gave the other guy 61%.

Dr. Eck can now return to her medical practice. Dr. Bosworth's patients (not to mention those who are counting on her to maintain her income and pay the bills) can only hope Dr. Bosworth will do the same, sooner rather than later.