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Clueless Bosworth Claims Defeated Candidate Will Represent Voters Best

Annette, Annette, Annette. You shouldn't let your mistaken belief that I hate you keep you from reading my blog. The Madville Times makes a useful campaign brief book for any South Dakota candidate. It can keep you from saying stupid things like this stewed shoe leather that Pat Powers caught at the Brookings County GOP picnic tonight:

The physician that has said I put my name in the hat, not just for a city councilman or for a statewide race but for a federal, highest in the land U.S. Senate race, because that's where the fight is being fought. There are two that have put their names in. One was from New Jersey, and one is from South Dakota. And it will represent the people much better because we are both independent, we are not in systems, and we're primary care... [Annette Bosworth, U.S. Senate candidate, response to question about the Affordable Care Act, Brookings County GOP picnic, recorded by Pat Powers, timestamp 2:40, 2013.08.17].

Candidate Bosworth is referring to New Jersey doctor Alieta Eck, who was running for the Republican nomination in that state's special election to fill the U.S. Senate vacancy created by Senator Frank Lautenberg's death in June.

Annette, if you read the Madville Times or any other news sources, you'd know that Alieta Eck got creamed in the special primary this week 21% to 79%. Eck might run again next year, but for now, she's not going to represent anyone in Congress.

We all need talking points, but you still need to make sure they are relevant and true. Otherwise, you sound clueless.


  1. Bree S. 2013.08.18

    I can feel the warm gooey love from here, Cory.

  2. MJL 2013.08.18

    This was to a guy who said things like:
    "I have no interest in paying for your health care. I'd hate to see you get cancer, but that's your problem, not mine. I'm going to pay for my health care, I'm going to take care of my children's health care and tend to my wife. And when I stand for charity care (inaudible), you [and] no one else has the authority to infringe on my right (inaudible) dig into my pocket and my ability to pay for your health care or anybody else's."
    "Well you know the mayor of Newark referred to Newark as the Middle East which in many ways is very appropriate because Newark is a war zone, just like the Middle East,"

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