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Annette Bosworth, the Egyptian Candidate

Patrick Davis, former South Dakota Republican Party exec, has gone off his nut, begging his e-mail list to send money to Annette Bosworth, the least knowledgeable, least credible, least viable Senate candidate in South Dakota.

Also off their nut: Egyptians. Well, a handful of them. Following up on the Facebook popularity of our five declared Senatorial aspirants (positions still the same since my Sep. 4 post), I discovered an anomaly. Facebook posts the most popular city for each page, "the city where most of the people talking about this Page are from."

M. Michael Rounds, Rick Weiland, and Stace Nelson are most popular in Facebook's interpretation of the Sioux Falls area. Larry Rhoden gets more Facebook attention from the Rapid City area. All four seem geographically predictable (because Rounds's Pierre neighbors are waiting to see what Mark Venner does, right?).

But according to Facebook, Sioux Falls doctor Annette Bosworth is getting most of her attention from Cairo, Al Qahirah, Egypt.

FBcover-melons20130919Maybe some Egyptian boys are just checking out Bosworth's melons (no, really, it's her latest campaign cover photo). But fellas, let me remind you that you're talking about a Christian crusader who wants America to bomb your Arab brothers in Syria even harder than President Barack Obama has threatened, just to boost Israel's fortunes.

The logical explanation is that peace-loving Egyptians know that Rick Weiland is the best guy South Dakota could send to Congress, so they're trying to make the weakest Republican in the race look good. And the Muslim Brotherhood extremists in Cairo know that Bosworth's prescription for a more comprehensive U.S. assault on Syria is exactly what Israel does not want and that a U.S. invasion of Syria could rally their people to a Mideast-wide, Israel-eradicating jihad.

Clever, those fundamentalists, skewing Facebook numbers for their own purposes. I'm surprised Davis and Team Bosworth haven't thought of that.


  1. James Snyder 2013.09.20

    The best part of your blog is how you feel addressing Annette Bosworth is necessary...totally makes it worth staying up on your blog. LOL

  2. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.09.20

    More worth addressing than Bosworth's candidacy is why a former exec of the SDGOP considers it worth supporting. There's a game of some sort going on there.

  3. interested party 2013.09.20

    It took me until late yesterday to get that NRSC is triangulating on Stace and why Rounds needs $9M to win the primary. Slimy but effective is the GOP way.

  4. El Rayo X 2013.09.20

    Larry, in the 2002 senate race, both Johnson and Thune raised $5 million each and another $10 was spent by outside sources. In 2004, Daschle raised $16 million and Thune $10 million. Ten years later, $9 million looks pretty conservative. If you're equating dollars to slime, no party comes off looking good.
    To paraphrase Will Rogers: Never give money to a politician, it just encourages them.

  5. interested party 2013.09.20

    Then Kurt Evans entering the race becomes significant and Stace becomes a non-issue.

  6. Rick 2013.09.20

    The Evans entry has Wadhams' fingerprints all over it, just as Davis' appeal for DocBoz pesos has Wadhams' fingerprints all over it. What Wadhams wants is to make the senate race a cakewalk for his client. In the primary, Nelson is the hurdle. Solution: Dilute the anti-Rounds, pro-Tea Party vote with canned candidacies doomed to fail, a.k.a., the RINO Heatshield. In the general election, Weiland is the hurdle. Solution: Another canned candidacy to siphon away anti-Rounds libertarian votes.

    While some high-minded GOP soldiers would view canned candidacies as shallow and demeaning to the integrity of Rounds' primary opponents, I guarantee you that they will be hailed as heroes who helped to turn South Dakota's congressional delegation 100 percent red. And they did it cheaply.

    Nothing unethical about that. Love, war and politics.

  7. Winston Post author | 2013.09.20

    I wonder if the NSA is monitoring Bosworth's Eqyptian connection?
    Was she one of the original Bangles..?...

    As far Evans, Evans is only a factor if Weiland can poll within 5 points of Rounds and Rounds's numbers are below 50%....

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