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Corinna Robinson on Twitter, But Not Public Yet: Open Up, Major!

Potential Democratic candidate Corinna Robinson is on Twitter. Given this account follows just 9 people and has just 18 followers, it's quite possible this is a new account created on the heels of her announcement that she may challenge Rep. Kristi Noem for South Dakota's lone House seat.

Alas, the Corinna Robinson Twitter remains locked as of this a.m., so I can't find out what she's saying. Corinna, if that's you, tear down this Twitter wall! Dems (and lots of other South Dakotans!) are ready to hear from an intelligent candidate who will advocate wise government that works. You also have a fundraising machine to kick into gear, so it's time to open all channels! Open that Twitter!

(Fundraising? Oh yeah, the FEC is open again! I have some campaign finance reports to read!)