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Latest MT Poll: Readers Ready to Send Dem to Congress; Noem Struggles Against 3rd Party

The latest Madville Times poll asked you, dear readers, if you've had enough of Kristi Noem. 184 of you made clear that the South Dakota readership is ready to put our lone Congressional seat back in the hands of a Democrat who believes in getting the job done:

Question: Given Kristi Noem's failure in D.C., whom should South Dakota elect to Congress in 2014?

Answer Votes Percent
Kristi Noem 21 11%
a different Republican 13 7%
a different Democrat 130 71%
an Indy or third-party candidate 20 11%

Given a margin of error just slightly larger than the hole Kristi Noem has dug herself by voting against reopening the government and avoiding fiscal disaster last night, this poll is perhaps as reliable as Noem's promise to do everything she can to help West River ranchers.

But Corinna Robinson should take heart. This poll launched Monday; the new Democratic House candidate made her news splash Wednesday afternoon. But even without a face and name to tie to the vote, 71% of you were wiling to advocate for a Democrat to replace Kristi Noem. Robinson, get on that wave and ride!

The contingent of you willing to see a third-party candidate take our House seat is almost equal to the contingent willing to give Noem a third term in Congress. It's as hard to predict who might run third-party as it would have been Tuesday to predict Robinson's run. Demcorats will surely want to play to that growing Indy sector... but instead of running away from the Democratic brand (a strategy that failed for Herseth Sandlin and Heidepriem in 2010), I recommend Robinson and the Dems run simply as the party that believes in making government work. "Democrats don't want big government; we want wise, working government." That line can appeal to Indies and differentiate our party from the party of NOem.


  1. jerry 2013.10.17

    Good news today! NOem and the rest of the secessionists gave Boehner a standing ovation today and vowed that he would keep his speakership position. They then said that they did not go far enough. In the meantime, before the lights went back on, Blinkin Mitch McConnell and his cohort Lamb Or Alexander put a big ole slab of pork into the legislation for their hometown favorites. Now if NOem can figure a way to pay off corporate interests give the South Dakota ranchers just enough so they feel loved and screw the poor, all is well in NOem land. Lessons learned? I hope so, by South Dakota voters. NO More NOem is my new bumpersnicker, that's a trademark.

  2. Vincent Gormley 2013.10.17

    I've always preferred "I don't NOem" myself.

  3. jerry 2013.10.17

    I don't NOem, but I think NO More NOem. Can we work together on this?

  4. joseph g thompson 2013.10.17

    I am actually surprised that only 89% of your readers would want Ms Noem replaced. Only about 1% of any posts here have anything positive to say about her. Would suggest to me that any challenger is going to be facing an extremely difficult time beating her if 11% of your readers want her re elected.

  5. jerry 2013.10.17

    That is why there are polls joseph g thompson, so you can see how people either here or elsewhere would show their support or their opinion. We can be sure of where you stand and you can be sure where I stand. NO More NOem

  6. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.10.17

    Joseph, more Republicans read this blog than you might think.

  7. joseph g thompson 2013.10.17

    Your post is why Democratics can't win in South Dakota. They assume that they know what people think and what they want and then and then say things like "we can be sure of where you stand". Every time I think progressives are getting smarter, you, Wilkens, or someone like you open your mouth and prove you are no smarter than the teaparty Republicans.

  8. jerry 2013.10.17

    joseph g thompson, your posts show why South Dakota is so stuck in the gumbo. I do not ever have the idea that I am smarter than anyone as that would be way to presumptuous of me and my character. Through public education, I am able to read and to comprehend those words as I go from left to right and down the pages. I am guilty of the fact that I think everyone should be able to do that simple task, but alas, you seem to bring a point of order to this by showing me that may not be as simple as I make it. Of course, that explains talk radio as well as Faux News and the fact that listeners are just too damn lazy to actually read anything to think. As I really don't know you personally, I cannot make the judgment of what you think or how your think, your actions will have to speak to that. I think that I get it, but for your benefit, here is where I firmly stand, NO More NOem.

  9. joseph g thompson 2013.10.17

    I am still trying to figure out where you got the idea that I am a supporter of Ms Noem.

  10. jerry 2013.10.17

    joseph g thompson, you laid claim to being a liberal in some fashion that is different than some other fashion, hard to wrap my head around that one. As I stated, I don't know you personally so I have no idea what you support or think and who you support or think you want to support and I said that. You yourself stated in some of your posts, that you were a liberal, a different kind of liberal, but a liberal. You said your son was a conservative. So where you stand is whatever your description of yourself actually is. I know where I stand firmly, NO More NOem

  11. joseph g thompson 2013.10.17

    So maybe you should know before you imply or state how someone else thinks or feels. Enough said, for the record I am not a huge Ms Noem fan would like someone I feel would be more effective to run and I don't care what the party affliction is.

  12. Les 2013.10.17

    I work to stand as a centrist conservative Jerrry. I come to Madville and there are a few, Joseph being one of them that I consider having the words to unite.
    Regardless of how we stand as conserve or lib, you judge "that" as our votes. Do we all have to be jumping off the windmill coked to the max on every (Jerry NOem) hit to be considered worthy of your unity?
    Talk about the Democratic Party being dead in SD. That isn't how Herseth got elected and it won't be how the next Democrat gets elected either!

  13. jerry 2013.10.17

    You claim to be some kind of a liberal, so that is where you stand. Good for you. I am not a liberal and do not profess to ever being that. Nor am I a progressive or a conservative, I am first and foremost an American. I do not like to see the hunger in this great land, not do I like to see race being such a huge problem or women being treated like second class citizens and I am mad as hell about that.

    Les, there are no litmus tests by me. Only a drive to make a change here. Herseth got elected because of people who wanted to make a difference, me included. I opened my house for campaign workers and my wallet to help in that regard. I do not classify myself as anything other than an Independent voter as I have been that for many years. When you speak of words to unite, I have seen the results and the results show that NOem wins with that united front. You can argue with me all you wish now as you know where I stand, a pissed off Independent American that says, NO More NOem

  14. joseph g thompson 2013.10.17

    Well hurrah Jerry, you have voted for a Republican as well as a Democrat. If more people considered themselves to be a citizen of the United States first instead of D or R or Black or white or tan we would be a much better Country. Me, myself, see only people as light green, dark green and no green, but all as US citizens and it does not affect how I see the character of the individual only tells me how they probably think. That is why I could choke Larry Kurtz sometimes for what he posts but will always be there to defend him, character.

  15. joseph g thompson 2013.10.17

    Have to admit Ms Robinson intrigues me, retired Army Major, prior enlisted service, anti terrorist background. Anxious to find out some more about her.

  16. jerry 2013.10.17

    Yup, I spoke with Governor George Mickelson a couple of times personally, and voted for him, cried like the rest of the state when he was killed and did not think of him as being political. These days, when you see the scorched earth politics of a horse's patoot like Dick Wadhams and whoever takes the reigns of NOem's run, you realize that those days that I saw were a dream. We now have a governor that can only pull the wings off flies and the legs off grasshoppers to stay in shape so he can screw over our most neediest citizens in the name of politics.

    So, what is the answer to what we have seen? I say get right in their face and tell it like it is, there can be no more just sitting on our hands and letting them just abuse the citizens of this great state, they need to answer up for their utter incompetence of governing. We cannot depend on a biased media to ask questions about that, we must demand it. We supposedly have a few hundred million bucks sitting in some account that we paid our taxes to build. Instead of investing some of that money into education, healthcare and helping ranchers that lost a whole lot of their livelihood, we allow them to play games and say that we just don't have the resources for that. We need to cut back on the nursing homes that tend to our elderly and severely disabled. Then we go home and look at our belly buttons. I am tired of that uniting as they say. The uniting I see shut down the government and the united force by Democrats and a couple of Indies prevented those secessionists from destroying our entire system of government. That was not working together, that was force against force that forced them into unity. We cannot afford business as usual. NO More NOem

  17. grundznick 2013.10.17

    I am very disgruntled with Ms. Noem. I am hoping a good Republican runs against her.

  18. owen reitzel 2013.10.17

    "I am very disgruntled with Ms. Noem. I am hoping a good Republican runs against her."

    Hope not. Don't if there is one anymore

  19. Les 2013.10.17

    Oh Jer, to believe there is one party bought and paid for who is more honest and upright than the other party who is bought and paid for? Some independent you are!
    The poor have been voting Democrat far too long to remain poor under that so called regime of honor.
    This shutdown had to do with both parties and the prez. Jarret sleeping next to Obama whispering in his ear all night doesn't help his ability to run the government. How about you put Jarret in that NOem rant you carry, Kristi doesn't carry near the destructive powers as Valerie.
    If you think this pres doesn't operate under the same drivers of force the last five have operated under, you better get off the train and have a look see.

  20. jerry 2013.10.17

    Been off the train for a while now Les, it just goes and follows a rail, kind of like your thinking. At least I can see the destruction while you wallow in it. I want it to change and you are as happy as a hog in the trough. I am not naive enough to think that one party is anything but what it is and we all just saw its behind. Me, I make my stand and it will not be in the middle until there is some serious house cleaning. My country cannot stand to be in a made up crisis every 3 or 4 months, we have to many trails to go down and they are not taken by rail. NO More NOem

  21. joseph g thompson 2013.10.17

    Mr. Reitzel,
    Are you implying that there are no good Republicans?

  22. Roger Cornelius 2013.10.17

    I have noticed a pattern that has developed the past few days, when you the twist the arm of a Republican on the issues of the shutdown, government spending and the debt ceiling, they suddenly concede "well both parties are guilty".

  23. Les 2013.10.17

    Well Roger, you've suddenly developed a severe case of senility if you find my comments, "as suddenly both parties".

  24. jerry 2013.10.17

    ha ha, a centrist conservative Les?, How do you like your tea?

  25. Les 2013.10.17

    Tell me Jer, what am I really thinkin?

  26. joseph g thompson 2013.10.17

    Hold on there Mr. Grundznick, there maybe one in that retired Army Major. Just hopen.

  27. joseph g thompson 2013.10.17

    I concede, you are what a progressive Republican or progressive Democrat would call an Independent. On the positive side I have posted here for 12 hours and it actually has been enjoyable. No real name calling, just some assumptions on how I think. Might just come back.

  28. jerry 2013.10.17

    Les, you are thinking that you should not label yourself as a centrist conservative but to a rabid conservative. I don't know how I do it either, but there ya go.

    joseph g thompson good to the end, see ya.

  29. Les 2013.10.18

    Go to bed Jerry. Healthy, wealthy and wise.

  30. interested party 2013.10.18

    Mr. Thompson: there ARE no good Republicans. The last one died in 2010.

  31. Roger Cornelius 2013.10.18

    I haven't suddenly developed senility, it has been creeping up on me since I was born and I have always acknowledged it. There is clear contrast between senility and the ignorance of the Republican Party of late.
    Republicans should be shouting at the tea party, "we want our party back".

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