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Noem Excuses Irresponsible Vote for Fiscal Chaos

Rep. Kristi Noem offers the following excuse for her vote against reopening the government and averting global economic catastrophe:

This agreement will reopen the government and stop any talk of a default, which are both good things. However, I could not support this bill because it didn’t do anything to address our continued deficit spending, which has resulted in a $17 trillion debt [Rep. Kristi Noem, quoted in Pat Powers, "Noem Statement on Debt Vote," Dakota War College, 2013.10.16].

Rep. Noem has inspired me to write the following letter to Home Federal:

Dear Home Federal Bank:

I know you want me to pay my mortgage this month, which is a good thing. However, your request for payment of the debt I’ve incurred does not include any discussion of a plan for me to make more money or to finance future purchases. Therefore, I am voting against paying my mortgage. Thank you.


Feel free to try that out on your banker, and see how their loan officers vote the next time you come in for financing.


  1. jerry 2013.10.17

    NO More NOem thinks we are all idiots like herself with this latest windbaggery.

  2. FireBreathingDragon 2013.10.17

    Rep. Noem doesn't have a clue. Probably doesn't understand arithmetic and doesn't understand how government works probably passed civics in high school on her good looks and passing personality. if people vote for a pretty face again then we the people are as dumb as she is.

  3. owen reitzel 2013.10.17

    Again Noem wants her cake and eat it too.
    How can she talk to any of the west river ranchers with a straight face?
    Also, can any west river rancher really vote for her now?

  4. Mark 2013.10.17

    I'm so looking forward to learning more about Corinna Robinson.

  5. jerry 2013.10.17

    I dunno owen about the voting. I can show you this quote though. ""We're just a bunch of ranchers from South Dakota — it's hard for our voices to be heard," he said, sitting at the kitchen table at dawn Friday, drinking coffee, fielding calls from fellow cattlemen. "You see crises across the country, the hurricanes and tornadoes, and officials are right on top of it. But something of this magnitude, that has just about leveled this part of the country, and there's nothing."

    Many residents in this conservative region had supported the government shutdown as a way to make Washington more fiscally responsible. "But one appropriate role for these guys is to lend a hand after disasters like this," Christen said, "and they're not here."

    Some still just do not get the role government plays in their lives, even when it is to save it. Maybe this time, it will be different. NO More NOem.

  6. Curtis Loesch 2013.10.17

    she could help reduce the deficit by working to cut bloat given to big agriculture special interests. noemacrite.

  7. Richard Schriever 2013.10.17

    Frankly - there's a certain element that just hates anything governmental, whether it's benefitting them or not. If the government WERE open, and they were getting the support they're currently complaining about not getting - they'd be griping about all the "bureaucratic rig-a-ma-roll" and "paper-work nonsense" they have to go through to get the aid.

  8. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.10.17

    Hey, Jerry, what paper is that quote from?

  9. jerry 2013.10.17

    Sorry CAH, I should have linked that when I wrote it. Here is the link,0,2169566,full.story

    We all should pay attention to this as this is what the tea party is about, all for me and natta for ye. The tea party that is running for Tim Johnson's office has never denounced this coup attempt and in fact have all supported it. Why oh why does not the news folks ask them where they now stand or why they took such an anti-American stance. The reason, the media is complicit in this racket of shame. NO More NOem

  10. Rorschach 2013.10.17

    Jerry & Richard, you both hit on the brand of "fiscal responsibilty" that Republicans like and that Noem offers. In their cognitive dissonance they all want to cut government in theory, and those specific programs anyone else relies upon, but nothing that they rely upon.

    Republicans want to order from the government ala carte menu - not just for themselves but they also want to order for everybody else too. So they'll take steak from the government and everyone else can have ramen noodles. There's only so much room left on the credit limit, you know.

  11. Barry G. Wick 2013.10.17

    Just ranchers? What did this gov't shutdown cost in tourist dollars to businesses dependent on fall travel? If I were a Republican business owner involved in the tourism industry, I'd think twice about supporting Ms. Noem again. OK, I'm not a Republican....but over the years I've had the great fortune to meet many of our Republican representatives...and I can't think of one who would risk the credit of the nation....the lost of jobs and business in South Dakota...who wouldn't allow bills to be paid. Ms. Noem is not a Republican. She is the embodiment of a thoughtless automaton....doing the bidding of larger forces rather than thinking of South Dakotans. Oh, yes, debt is creating problems...but debt was the object when the Bush tax cuts were produced. They knew this would drive up the debt....and you need to think about the people who make money from debt. They are the ones who want the US in debt. They don't want balanced budgets. They don't want the nation independent and strong...debt free. Ms. Noem, in voting to shut down the government is only doing their bidding by creating crisis and uncertainty. More of that and the profiteers of debt jump for joy.

  12. Roger Cornelius 2013.10.17

    Clearly Kristi needs to take President Bill Clinton's class on A-R-I-T-H-M-E-T-I-C!

  13. Loren 2013.10.17

    Cummon folks, Kristi didn't say that! Don't you recognize it. It is a Tea Party talking point. When was the last time you heard something original from Kristi? Sad to say, but our SD rep has now joined the ranks of other notables like Michelle Bachman, Louie Gomert, Steve King, Sarah Palin,... How embarrassing!

  14. grundznick 2013.10.17

    Mr. Rounds is gonna whomp on Reiland, but even I may vote against young Ms. Noem for her insanity. And if I encourage others to vote against her, woe be.

  15. SDBlue 2013.10.17

    Headline on KELO's website: Noem Vote Backlash Not Expected to Last.

    KELOLand News. The Fox News of South Dakota.

  16. jerry 2013.10.17

    Of course, the media has already decided that there is nothing to see here, move along folks, look at the squirrel. So that is what we have to deal with here, a media that controls what is seen across the entire state, lovely. The Pravda speaks to the unwashed.

  17. Winston 2013.10.17

    Noem's vote was done to hopefully keep her from being "primaried." The math doesn't add-up, but the politics unfortunately does....

  18. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.10.17

    (Pravda—правда—means truth in Russian. I only speak the pravda here. We need to keep fighting to make the pravda heard through Election Day 2014.)

  19. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.10.17

    SDBlue, I notice that KELO story gets the headline from Augie prof Emily Wanless. It seems I've heard that prof running interference for the GOP on SDPB. Does Prof. Wanless do that a lot? Did KELO seek any counter-opinions from other profs?

  20. Roger Cornelius 2013.10.17

    Kevin Woster works for a branch of Fox "News"?

  21. Deb Geelsdottir 2013.10.17

    Here is a place where MN is truly a hands down, no-contest winner. Noem may leave a little to be desired - okay, a LOT to be desired - but we have the absolute craziest, most bizarre, whacked out, psycho government official in the nation. Even worse, EVEN WORSE than Cruz of TX. I speak, of course, of MN's District 8 shame, Michele Bachmann. (MN heads everywhere hang in shame.)

  22. Jana 2013.10.17

    Makes you wonder if the KELOLAND projection of voters having short memories was based on a lack of respect for voters or the news they digest.

    Having read the story, I was surprised that there was no discussion on the ramifications of Kristi's vote to not raise the debt limit. Maybe I missed it, but did KELOLAND have a story on the long term impact of every man, woman, child and business from the irrational right wanting to default on our debt?

    We could start with long term interest increases and severely damaged economy, but I'll let the state press figure out what Kristi's vote meant to everyday South Dakotans.

    Here's a hint for them. Talk to an economist! I hear we have some of those in SD. Or talk to one of the global banks that call SD home the way RV owners call SD home. Ask their top people what it would mean to SD and the US.

    Sorry, carry on. Maybe do a poll and then report the non-scientific results as a news story. I can see the headline now. Poll shows that Tea Party members support Kristi and think she's really hot.

    That should be followed by a story that says journalism courses dropped at state universities.

  23. Jana 2013.10.17

    Of course, I shouldn't be surprised. Kristi votes to shut the government down and then becomes apoplectic over the fact that it's that same government that does run Mr. Rushmore! Seriously, she voted for that and didn't have any clue to what the consequences were?

    And that wasn't a story? Nope. It was Kristi is outraged that the WWII and Rushmore Memorials were closed and she was demanding action...I guess to counteract the action she took.

    Wait, there's a story news gang. Kristi Noem didn't understand what her vote to shut down the government meant, but she is going to make the decisions on the farm bill!

    Sleep well farmer and ranchers...we have the best and brightest South Dakota has to offer on the job and at the table.

  24. Jana 2013.10.17

    Maybe turn political reporting over to the sportswriters. They'll call it like they see it and if someone isn't performing or has only a glancing acquaintance with the game, they'll have no problem ripping into incompetence.

  25. Barry Muxen 2013.10.17

    The only thing Klueless Kristi should ever offer an opinion on is how to strut down a runway.

  26. Roger Cornelius 2013.10.17

    To imply that Kristi should know the impact and consequences of keeping the government shutdown and not raise the debt ceiling would suggest that she has the ability to reason and be logical.
    Clearly her motivations are based on emotion and a pseudo fight for fiscal responsibility.
    Kristi is busy today trying to get the government to buy 30,00 dead cows that are of no use to anyone and add that to the cost of the national debt.
    To borrow a line from Denzel Washington in the movie Philadelphia, "please explain this to me like I'm a 4 year old!".

  27. Jana 2013.10.17

    Just a quick trip in the way back machine for the farmers who still love Kristi and her wanting to default on the national debt and all of the horror that high interest rates.

    Remember the farm crisis of the 80's when countless families lost their farms and their heritage? What happened in 1979 to drive those interest rates up?

    Maybe we have our remedial Representative Noem tell us how well a default was for farmers.

    Sleep well...Kristi is at the table making decisions for South Dakota farmers.

  28. Steve 2013.10.18

    Noem's message seems false to me on face.

    The deal just passed still has the second round of sequestration cuts on-line to hit Jan 15. Those were about 50 billion each for defense and domestic spending - I'd guess the next wave will be in that range too.

    Including these planned cuts - the sequestration - in the deal is a direct way (albeit harsh and arbitrary) to "deal with deficit spending."

    Maybe if the Tea party (and their drones) had taken a rational stand on spending instead of ideological demagoguery (repealing the ACA) that could have been a point of negotiations. Let's see where this concern for deficits comes into play during the next appropriations discussion: the REAL place to talk spending.

    The Tea Party is great for talking deficits AFTER the money has been spent. But be clear, things like the Farm Bill cost money and will be on the block to cut to fit this fiscal anti-government rhetoric.

  29. Douglas Wiken 2013.10.18

    Mostly what I have been hearing from KELO news lately is some variation of, "Stay tuned, we will have the real information on this story X later in our show, back to you." and then "Stay tuned for the details on very, very short news X tonight on our special after the regular 10PM news."
    KELOLAND has become the LATERLAND.

  30. Robert Klein 2013.10.18

    You don't suppose KELO would have contacted Prof Wanless because she was only 10 blocks from a camera, do you? I'm sure she's the leading expert on SD Politics. After all she's lived in the state more than a year now.

  31. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.10.19

    Jana, good note about sportswriters. Reading these comments gets me thinking that maybe KELO sees the exciting sports-like story over the political battle is done, so they need to tie a neat post-game bow on it and write off further coverage so they can turn to something more exciting.

    Robert, I haven't met Professor Wanless. I can't speak to her intellectual credentials. She expresses what seems to be a genuine enthusiasm for South Dakota politics. But why KELO can't take a moment to talk to more and more experienced experts on South Dakota politics (Joel Rosenthal, Rick Hauffe, Bob Burns, Ken Blanchard) puzzles me.

    SDPB presents its "Political Junkies" segment" every Wednesday noon; KELO has added one such junkie, Kevin Woster, to its staff. KELO should create a similar weekly feature. Run highlights on the 10 p.m. news; put a whole half-hour or hour on YouTube.

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