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GOP Blog Contends Bosworth Buys Facebook Followers

Annette Bosworth's Facebook fakery is so bad, even Bosworth chum Pat Powers can't take it any more. A month after I noted the strange preponderance of Egyptian Likers swelling her online standing, Powers notes a surge in likes that points to clear Like-buying: offense to the campaign, but I’m really doubting that 2503 people legitimately liked the campaign between 10/13 – 10/19.

It kind of stretches the boundary of believability to the point where it breaks and snaps back.

...At 8:11, 8634 “likes.” At 8:15, 8645. At 8:47, we’re all the way up to 8709. And over the twilight hours, and into this morning as you saw above, we’re all the way up to 9141 likes. Over 500 likes overnight, with no accompanying major news story or other things driving traffic at that rate? Color me a doubting thomas [Pat Powers, "Candidates, Please Stop Buying Followers. Bosworth Magically Gains 500 Followers Overnight," Dakota War College, 2013.10.21].

Bosworth's fakery only wounds Pat's crush on Annette and her hubby Chad. Annette is "good people," he insists. "You're so much better than this," he cries.

No, Pat, she's not. She did it. The fakery is right in front of you. The sooner you get over your partisan obsession with running interference for Mike Rounds against Stace Nelson, as well as your fantasy that Chad Haber will ever supply you with reliable scoops, and get back to real blogging, you'll see that, and you'll join me in telling the voters not to fall for the Bosworth-Haber medicine show.


  1. crossgrain 2013.10.21

    A politician making false claims and buying 'votes'? Say it ain't so!

  2. Rorschach 2013.10.21

    How would the Annette Bosworth campaign fit into the Wizard of Oz plot. We already know Chad Haber is the Wizard. We already know that tea party members are the flying monkeys. But who are all of the other characters, including Dr. Bosworth? Is she Dorothy, or someone else?

  3. twuecker 2013.10.21

    You remind me of a song, Rorschach ... it's from that movie, too! ... oh, gosh, what's that title? ... "If I Only Had ..." ... something ...

    Also, if we fill out the rest of the cast of the parody movie with Chad Haber in the title role, do we get to call it "The Wizard of Boz"?

  4. twuecker 2013.10.21

    ... and by "You," Rorschach, I meant thinking about a Bosworth-cast Wizard of Oz movie made me think of that song ... not that anything about you personally reminded me of it.

    Hmm ... perhaps the fact that I have to even clarify the comment means I should have just let go of that particular opportunity for a snide comment ... Sorry.

    I'll definitely stick by the "Wizard of Boz" thing, though ....

  5. grudznick 2013.10.21

    If this Mr. Haber fellow is the Wizard of Bos and the very pretty young Dr. Bos does look like Dorothy then somebody with those magic picture skills like my friend Mr. E at that other libbie blog should doctor up a good picture with a little doggie and short blue checkered apron dress.

  6. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.10.22

    "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain..." how apropos!

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