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DocuTap Moves to Downtown Sioux Falls Building… Subsidized by Lake County

Mr. Ehrisman notices that one of the non-downtowners that Mayor Huether appointed to a Sioux Falls committee working on downtown issues is now moving his business downtown. KELO reports that Eric McDonald is moving his DocuTap electronic medical records business away from the South Dakota Technology Business Center that incubated his company nine years ago and leasing space in the currently vacant CNA Western Surety Building on Phillips Avenue.

KELO mentions that Hegg Companies and Lloyd Companies are upgrading the building for $8 million.

Lloyd Companies... aren't they the same guys who needed Lake County taxpayers to spot them $419,450 just to build a few measly townhouses in Madison?

So really, aren't Lake County taxpayers subsidizing a Sioux Falls company and its Sioux Falls developments?