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Week-long South Dakota DQ Fundraiser Hopes to Bring Relief to West River Ranchers

Last updated on 2013.10.29

South Dakota's Dairy Queen stores are once again doing good work raising money for their neighbors, and this time it has nothing to do with ice cream treats or jumping out of airplanes.

It does, however, have something to do with a blizzard, a big blizzard of the tragic-weather-phenomenon variety.

Eat a burger, $1 goes to West River ranchers! Eat two burgers, $2 goes to West River ranchers!! Eat five burgers, $5 goes to West River ranchers!!!!! ... but you probably don't feel as good about the decision to eat five burgers.

Lonnie Heier, owner of the Dairy Queen locations in Martin and Eagle Butte, has rallied his fellow restaurant honchos to sponsor Relief for Ranchers Week at locations across the state. From November 4-10, South Dakota Dairy Queens will donate $1 for every burger sold to help support West River ranchers who lost cattle in the natural disaster that swept feet of snow across the prairie at upwards of 70 mph earlier this month.

So, if you find yourself both hungry to contribute to the statewide do-good-ery of helping ranchers overcome their catastrophic loss and hungry for a good meal with your good cause, stop by your local Dairy Queen next week.

Plus, if Kristi Noem takes a quick trip from Castlewood to the nearest DQ in Watertown, she could do more to put actual money in the hands of devastated ranchers by eating one supper on the town with Bryon and the kids than she's done through her robocalls, shutdown hypocrisy, and listening tours combined.

(To be fair, there's a chance that Noem can leverage more than a burger's worth of assistance when the Farm Bill Conference Committee begins meeting today. That is, if her colleagues don't simply ignore her for voting to keep the government shut down two weeks ago and now seeking government assistance to help her constituents.)


  1. rollin potte 2013.10.30

    Tell me, how can noem ask those east coast politicions to cough up any help for her people in south dakota when she turned her back on the sandy storm losses on the east coast a few years back? try to tell those congress men and women why the beef board people are setting on millions of dollars drawing interest and not helping out the same people who have been getting charged $1 per head for every critter they have sold over the years!!!!!!!!

  2. interested party 2013.10.30

    Chinese pheasants imported to southern Dakota are being culled by the Anthropocene after wild turkeys that prey on grasshoppers and locusts were extirpated.

    Stupid state.

  3. interested party 2013.10.30

    Anyone know what percentage of those cattle were from Texas or New Mexico? Will the landowners receive bailouts for lost lease payments from out of state interests?

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