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South Dakota’s #1 Political Website Covering GOED-Rounds-Benda Story

Dakota War College Is Not.

When a blogger is more interested in winning cash from candidates than in reporting the news, it's time to read a new blog.

I said Sunday that receiving thousands of dollars from U.S. Senate candidate Marion Michael Rounds seriously compromises the credibility of Pat Powers's Dakota War College blog (that, and a general lack of quality, creativity, and openness to critical comments). Powers responds by bragging about his appearance on Rounds's FEC report and begging for more.

For further proof that DWC is a Rounds-free-pass zone, consider the silence of "South Dakota's #1 Political Web Site" on South Dakota's #1 political story of the month. The Governor's Office of Economic Development is under state and federal investigation for financial misconduct. The investigation may touch on GOED activities under Governor Rounds and his economic development man Richard Benda, who was found shot dead last week.

The feds don't investigate South Dakota government agencies every day. Nor are former state officials found shot dead every day. Yet since Benda's death, Purported journalist Pat Powers has run just one post on Benda, the press release from Governor Daugaard on the death. Powers has not written anything I can recall about the Northern Beef Packers bankruptcy, the Veblen dairy bankruptcy, or the EB-5 visa program, all of which could be a big part of any investigation of GOED activities under Rounds and Benda.

And in the 16-some hours since Governor Dennis Daugaard announced the GOED investigation, Dakota War College has said nothing about the story.

Pat's home, he's blogging, but he considers the following articles more newsworthy:

  1. A press release from Noem saying she actually attended a committee meeting (nice change of pace for her), with no original commentary;
  2. A Facebook post from John Thune saying he'd be on TV this morning, with no original commentary;
  3. A large quote from the Mitchell Daily Republic about the all important School and Public Lands race, with no original commentary;
  4. A large quote from conservative lie factory CNS News propagandizing about the ACA, with one line of commentary;
  5. A press release from Nielson Brothers Polling, with one line of faint introductory commentary; and
  6. 69th birthday wishes to Rep. Hal Wick.

On a story with potentially huge political implications, Powers can't even bring himself to write what the Governor said... which is what Powers does in lots of posts, anyway.

Pardon me for marketing, but if you want to read about South Dakota's #1 political stories, you're not reading Dakota War College. If you want South Dakota's #1 Political Web Site, you're on it right now.

Thank you for reading the Madville Times. While Pat keeps working for political customers, I'll keep working to earn your trust and keep you informed about things that matter to South Dakota.

Update 12:00 CDT: In total cheeseballery, Powers writes one more post today, claiming he's really busy, throwing up some lengthy Halloween fluff, and adding a pitch for his Dakota Campaign Store. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain....


  1. Roger Cornelius 2013.10.31

    Since this story broke yesterday afternoon and most of the state's media gave it some coverage, The Rapid City Journal has said nary a word.
    KELOLAND actually treated it as a breaking news story.

    I may have found Madville Times late in life, but it is by far my favorite blog. Thank you Cory for keeping me informed.

  2. Lynn G. 2013.10.31

    Oh I'm sure ole Pat from the formally No #1 political web site will come up with something from Faux News about Obama Care for Halloween, Nancy Pelosi or whatever to further scare unknowing folks and deflect what is happening regarding this very important ongoing investigation for misconduct here at home in South Dakota. Smoke and mirrors! lol

  3. DB 2013.10.31

    Silence or speculation.....both of you are being complete morons.

  4. interested party 2013.10.31

    DeeBee: both of you are, too.

  5. Rorschach 2013.10.31

    The Dakota War College has become mostly a press release outlet these days. Years of Pavlovian training have made the blogmaster there docile before his masters. He knows if he wants that juicy steak in the form of a federal job he better play nice and not strain on the leash.

  6. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.10.31

    DB, I resemble that remark. I also sense a false equivalence of convenience. When Pat starts saying what you want to hear, you'll be happy again.

  7. Chuck 2013.10.31

    How long has the sitting Governor known about this? How long did Rounds know? Why did we just hear yesterday? Besides the fact that David Montgomery is a great reporter. Are we thinking: Hope This Goes Away?

  8. Rick 2013.10.31

    Silence is golden, or at least legal tender is accepted by Bill Clay.

  9. Billy 2013.10.31

    Like that movie Ostrich Powers

  10. Jessie 2013.10.31

    Couldn't find anything at the Cap Journal website, other than Benda's obituary.

  11. interested party 2013.10.31

    the rapid city and sioux city journals are running AP argus leader stories.

  12. Chris S. 2013.10.31

    Powers is "too busy" to post? Isn't that Jonah Goldberg's schtick? "I'm too busy with deadlines, but maybe one of my readers could look into it and let me know." Wingnut Welfare must be a sweet, easy gig if you've got the stomach for it.

  13. Deb Geelsdottir 2013.10.31

    IP and Cory - very funny! I'm compressed!

  14. Jana 2013.10.31

    This might be a bigger story than many people want to think it is. Oh to be a fly on the wall in the SDGOP meeting rooms.

    What's good for the goose is good for the gander. I am just guessing that all of the SDGOP petty people are thinking hey, we blamed Benghazi, Obamacare online, and everything else on Obama...we should do the same for Rounds and Lt. Gov. Daugaard. Oh...wait...what?

    Let the display of hypocrisy begin!

    Hey, do you think Obama can hack into their text messages and email accounts? ;-)

  15. Jana 2013.10.31

    And now KELOLAND is reporting from the legislature that they didn't know anything. hmmmm...what can we learn from this?

    There was a story on how the Governor dictates and controls legislation and the legislature serves as his (and his staffs lapdog)...hmmmm...what can we learn from this?

    Forget about the one party dictatorship.

    Let's talk the benefit of checks and balances that doesn't ask who's writing the check and is there more balance in the account we can give to our crony friends for more votes.

    I think that everyone in any capacity of leadership from Senate, House, Appropriations and committee should be held responsible as well.

  16. Jana 2013.10.31

    What committee had oversight of GOED? Who was on the committee and who were the leadership that rubber stamped everything?

  17. Jana 2013.10.31

    Rumor has it that John Grisham is getting a writing studio in Pierre. ;-)

    How long will it be until Tom Clancy's protege shows up? Who will be Harrison Ford's Jack Ryan that fights to get the truth out?

  18. Jana 2013.10.31

    Please no one say Marty Jackley. We've seen his dogged pursuit of GOP operatives like Gant.

    Glad the Fed's are involved.

  19. Jana 2013.10.31

    Of course Pat Powers will show us how the EB-5 visas were public knowledge and fully disclosed to the legislature and the media. fully exonerating former Governor Rounds and the legislators charged with oversight.

    Free Pat Powers!

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