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Sioux Falls Man: Bosworth Sold 250 Raffle Tickets, Raised $250K, Held No Drawing

For all the time he spends on Facebook, I'm surprised Pat Powers didn't notice this intriguing item on Annette Bosworth's campaign page:

(click to embiggen)
(click to embiggen)

Here's the note one Nathan Fluit left on Bosworth's page yesterday, Monday, over the lunch hour:

How is the Auctioning off the farm event coming along? I was told in the spring that you had 250 tickets sold at $1000 a piece and had not heard of any type of advertisement since and no body will answer my calls or questions. I am just kind of concerned with what is being done with my money (along with the other $249,000) being you told me last spring it was no longer going to help the returning troops reconnect with their families.

Looking forward to get answers.

Thanks [Nathan Fluit, posted to Bosworth for Senate Facebook page, 2013.11.11].

This post has since disappeared from Bosworth's timeline.

Fluit raises a question that's been bothering me since this summer. Bosworth's raffle partner, FIRE Missions from Michigan, reported Bosworth sold no tickets for the Moody County land raffle. The July 15 drawing deadline passed with no news. Yet Bosworth's clinic website continues to advertise this $1,000-ticket raffle.

So what gives, Team Bosworth-Haber? Did you take $1,000 from Nathan Fluit for the Moody County raffle? Did you conduct a drawing to give that land away? And where did that money go?

Chad Haber. Annette Bosworth. Don't ask questions; just give us your money.
Chad Haber. Annette Bosworth. Don't ask questions; just give us your money.


  1. Chris Francis 2013.11.12

    How is this campaign, need not mention the Bosworths, still not being investigated for outright fraud? Chad somehow managed to escape federal charges in Utah, which he undoubtedly was involved in a Ponzi scheme, and now they've fled to South Dakota, motorhome and all, and apparently have orchestrated fraudulent lotteries and now the ultimate in frauds, a campaign for Senate that is not as much about being elected as it is about channeling revenues and portraying an image of brand conservatism. Need not mention, going so far as to buying Facebook likes to further the fraud, and encourage investment in such a campaign. Thanks Cory for keeping up on the Bosworths.

  2. Jim 2013.11.12

    Cory, you must be the liberal media she claims hates her. And why is she scowling so in that photo? Maybe Dave b. has some answers?

  3. DB 2013.11.12

    "This post has since disappeared from Bosworth's timeline."'s still there.

  4. Jenny 2013.11.12

    I thought someone won that land months ago.

  5. Nick Nemec 2013.11.12

    A couple of grifters. The folks in Wasilla would be proud.

  6. Jerry 2013.11.12

    What a brilliant idea! Tell someone you are thinking of running for office, offer up some fake land in a lottery, sell the tickets and pocket the moolah. No harm no foul right? Then you get a spoiled sport that questions your motives and then, crickets..... Cops are too busy, media is overstretched and memories fade, the perfect caper. I'll bet these two have pulled this before.

  7. Rorschach 2013.11.12

    Where are Clark Kent and Lois Lane to report on this? Where is Superman when you need him?

  8. Jim 2013.11.12

    I don't know bout Clark and Lois, but from that picture above it looks like Lex Luther has converted supergirl over to his side.

    Cory, she maintains two pages one for her and her med practice, and one as politician. They have a lot of the same content but not all. That land question is still up at her med practice page.

  9. Jenny 2013.11.12

    I bet you this land raffle was Chad Haber's idea. Shady schemes seem to like to follow him around, and he must be taking tips from ol' Joop. Does Chad Haber have a real job, or is he just a conservative self-made businessman? Pretty sad when a man can't support his family and they resort to living in a camper. I would think Annette could have done better than this character.

  10. Roger Cornelius 2013.11.12

    This should probably be reported to FOX "News", they'd probably provide in depth reporting.

  11. gordon 2013.11.12

    check KELO, april 14,2012, its seems David Ernster won the raffle

  12. Rorschach 2013.11.12

    Was that the first raffle, Gordon? The first raffle was for land in Jerauld County near Plankinton. I believe they sold 500 tickets for that one. The second raffle is the one in question here.

  13. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.11.12

    Wrong, Gordon! Right, R! That April 2012 raffle was the family land in Aurora County. Bosworth immediately arranged the second land raffle, for the Moody Count land, for which no drawing has been held.

    The year before that, Bosworth sold off another portion of the family farm that her Aunt Mitzie said on Facebook in April 2011 that she had given Chad Haber as a wedding present and never imagined would be sold.

  14. grudznick 2013.11.12

    I would like to have a leisurely breakfast with the young Dr. Bos and her husband Mr. Haber. I think it would be fascinating to listen over sausages and eggs and gravy taters about how they come up with their most interesting ideas. Do they sit around and brainstorm them up as they drive in their car or does one of them have most of the ideas and feed the other one? Are these ideas they have had for years or do they pop into their mind(s) and then get acted on without much further review? Fascinating indeed.

  15. Roger Cornelius 2013.11.12


    Grifters, as Nick called them, likely keep a play book of various scams and simply recycle them for time and circumstance.

  16. Douglas Wiken 2013.11.12

    A current scam in Rapid City is something called "shadow skimming" or some such. Scum gets data in a store from a debit card and thus info apparently for online information. They watch that for a charge or debit, then go to same store or online site and imediately purchase twice as much. Apparently if done soon enough, the two transactions will show as only one transaction. I have only portions of info and some of above may be incorrect. But, if you visit any restaurants or stores in RC, you may want to check your accounts soon afterward.

  17. Jim 2013.11.12

    Mr. Grudznick, I suspect she is one of many that would like dine with you. Perhaps you might send her a message through the Facebook nets

  18. TG 2013.11.12

    I would love to dine with Mr. & Mrs. Grudznick if only I knew who he was...

  19. Jim 2013.11.12

    That is where I saw it this afternoon, but didn't see it few minutes ago. I think she may have at least five profiles.

  20. grudznick 2013.11.12

    TG, perhaps you have breakfasted with me and just didn't realize it. Think back to sausages, basted eggs, marmalade on sourdough and extra gravy on the taters. Ring any bells?

  21. Bree S. 2013.11.13

    All that food is bound to make you sluggish in the morning Grudz.

  22. gordon 2013.11.13

    Never heard about second auction

  23. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.11.13

    That's what I'm talking about, Gordon. The Moody County Enterprise had a report on it last November, when Bosworth was saying the proceeds would pay for a fishing trip to Alaska for the members of the National Guard 114th Fighter Wing and the families (a really odd way for a medical non-profit to use its money). The fishing trip disappeared from subsequent publicity; then come summer, the raffle disappeared all together... except for the persistent announcements on Bosworth's website.

    KELO covered the Aurora County raffle; KELO has done no follow-up on the second raffle. They should.

  24. DB 2013.11.13

    Corey, It is still there right now. However, I tried getting a link to embed it and it states that the privacy settings were changed on it, so it may have been blocked from certain people. I can still see it and I'm not a friend, which seemed odd if it was removed or blocked. I guess I have never been to any of her other pages, just the one that is most obvious.

  25. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.11.13

    Thanks for checking, DB. I note that my screen shot shows a little globe next to the post, which I assume means "Public," and that anyone could see it. I wondered if maybe there was some individual blocking going on. It is useful to know that an individual running for public office will choose to exclude some messages and some people from public discourse.

  26. DR 2013.11.13

    For what it's worth I bought one in October of last year. For the past three months I have called and emailed and not one was ever answered. I even stopped by the office and was told nobody was around the first time and came back a second where I finally talked to somebody. They said only Chad can talk about this. She was very confrontational and would not even give me his contact number. I started out just wanting to know what was going on but now I want my money back and out and they won't do it. I assume there has to be a multitude of legal avenues but if someone wants to take this to the news I think it would have better results.

  27. Realist 2013.12.26

    Ok, so I am to believe that some of you gave money to a raffel and are now thinking you have been part of a fraud? Sounds like Obamacare and medical insurance companies. However, those arent my issue here. My issue is that this person is running for office, available to media and others to just walk in her office, doesnt seem to be hiding from anyone, and currently running for Senate in SD. Huh? And you think she is involved in fraud? WTF is wrong with you people. Dont you stop and think for one minute that if she did "steal" this money that she wouldnt have authorities investigating her and looking into her every move. And to run for office on top of that where her competitiors would love to have more fuel to burn her with. OMG you people are really dumb. This lady is a champion for what is right and the little guy. She isnt afraid to stand up to big government and she certainly isnt afraid to make hard decisions, ie, live out of a camper if it means not compromising her values and beliefs. Get a clue sheep.

  28. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.12.27

    "Realist" (which fake name fails to reflect your true identity), the folks who bought tickets aren't just "thinking" they were tricked. A raffle that sells tickets, promises prizes, but never holds a drawing is quite realistically a fraud.

    Bosworth has not responded to media inquiries directly since November. She has ignored more than one inquiry from me. She is quite realistically hiding.

    I cannot explain the lack of criminal investigation. But I can say that raffles require multiple complaints from ticketholders before the AG's office takes firm action.

    I also cannot explain why someone with so much to hide and such dire financial status would run for public office. But there's no explaining crazy.

    Living in the RV wasn't a hard decision. It was an unnecessary decision. She is a good doctor. She could make thousands of dollars a month just doing her job. Instead she gets involved in one hare-brained scheme after another and doesn't manage her money. The sheep are those who fall for her sob story.

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