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South Dakota Medical Board, 2012: Annette Bosworth Histrionic, Narcissistic

To keep her medical license, Dr. Annette Bosworth had to submit to treatment for mental illness. The South Dakota Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners outlined Bosworth's mental issues in its Petition for Suspension or Revocation of Medical License, dated May 7, 2012:

excerpt, South Dakota Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners, May 7, 2012
Excerpt, South Dakota Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners, May 7, 2012. Click to enlarge.

Adjustment disorder with mixed mood. Attention deficit hyperactivity. Personality disorder. Histrionic and narcissistic traits. That all could explain thinking she could get by with selling tickets to a raffle and never being held accountable for not drawing for the prizes.

Jokes about fitting in with Washington politicians aside... Campaign donors, PACs, and political operatives, I ask if those are the qualities in which you want to invest your money, time, and professional reputations.


  1. Michael B. 2013.11.17

    What you have described sounds like most members of Congress as well as many of our recent Presidents...and that is no joke - it is the truth.

  2. Joe 2013.11.17

    Be careful, attacking mental illness is a tricky thing. The thing that should be noted, highlighted is that she is believed to have quit her treatment and the she hasn't answered questions on this raffle that just baffles me.

    Does the charity still own the land?

  3. Lynn G. 2013.11.17

    While I don't believe Bosworth was ever a serious candidate and it looks like there are other things going on such as questions about this raffle I really don't like to see mental illness being brought into the discussion. Many people suffer from various forms of mental illness and are leading very productive lives. There is this old stigma that is slowly diminishing about mental illness and I'd like to see more people get the help they need rather than be afraid they will be ostracized or discriminated if anyone finds out they were diagnosed, treated or sought help.

  4. grudznick 2013.11.17

    That's just terrible. Terrible. If the young woman needs help then people should help her get it and not attack her, but she needs to stand up to the raffle money. Give it back, Dr. Bos.

  5. Lynn G. 2013.11.17

    Grudz, lol I'm not cutting her any slack regarding the raffle money and any other possible misdeeds but I feel there are boundries.

  6. vikingobsessed 2013.11.17

    Well, this does explain a lot. And the worst part is she is no longer participating in aftercare. Mental illness is an illness. And if not treated it will only get worse with time. And a doctor should know this.

  7. Jessie 2013.11.17

    Is she still actively practicing medicine? Under what circumstances was the petition for suspension/revocation invoked? If she is no longer under care for this condition, can she legally practice in this state or any other?


  8. Dave 2013.11.17

    The physical and mental health of any political candidate is certainly something about which voters have a right to be informed. Dr. Bosworth needs to release her medical records and answer question about her past and current mental health -- complete with documentation. She of all people should understand this.

  9. SDBlue 2013.11.17

    So grud, Bosworth deserves our help and compassion but the unemployed and those on welfare deserve disdain? Is your compassion a la carte?

  10. Roger Cornelius 2013.11.17

    I agree with SDBlue, if Dr. Bos is so deserving of our help, are the people she deceived with the raffles deserving of her help, via returning their money?

  11. John 2013.11.17

    Jokes about fitting in with typical South Dakota electorate aside . . . Bosworth and the typical South Dakota voters just may be tailor made for each other.

  12. Paula 2013.11.17

    Wow, are we going to dig as deeply into every candidate's physical and mental health history????

    There are some things that are nobody's business, IMO.

  13. SDBlue 2013.11.17

    Paula, Tim Johnson was vilified by Republicans when got sick. They wanted him removed from office. But, opening a discussion about the mental stability of a Senate candidate is an affront to your sensibilities?

  14. Paula 2013.11.17

    I'm just say, no matter what is being investigated right now, I hope everyone is equally put through the ringer in the same manner. I have no interest in voting for AB either, so I am not sticking up for her.

    How would you like it if you ran for any type of public office and your medical history was publicized?

  15. SDBlue 2013.11.17

    If the information is a matter of public record, which the info that Cory references obviously is, I would expect it to be brought up if I were running for public office.

  16. Roger Cornelius 2013.11.17

    More importantly than voters knowing her medical and mental history, it seems that any patients she treats should know as well.

    Voters should know by now that there is nothing off limits when it comes to political candidates. it is up to the candidate to prove their worthiness. Senator Johnson is a great example.

  17. Jim 2013.11.17

    Paula, I think when you enter the public sphere, you lower your expectation of privacy. Also, this information was public before she decided to run. She could always claim Dr. Bos and the med board has nothing to do with Dr. Bos senate candidate.

  18. Jim 2013.11.17

    Paula, I think when you enter the public sphere, you lower your expectation of privacy. Also, this information was public before she decided to run. She could always claim Dr. Bos and the med board has nothing to do with Dr. Bos senate candidate.

  19. Michael B 2013.11.17

    You can be assured that no matter which political party is in power, that any weakness will be exposed for all to see by the opposition.

  20. Nick Nemec 2013.11.17

    The extreme mental instability of a candidate running for US Senate should be a matter for public discussion prior to the election, heaven forbid it becomes a matter for public discussion after after an election and the unstable person is a US Senator.

  21. Lynn G. 2013.11.17

    I've seen terrible attacks in reference to Sen. Johnson's health on his facebook page for something he has had no control over yet he is a very effective Senator. Whether someone had had challenges with mental health or not they are still ultimately responsible for their decisions or conduct.

    I just feel it would be a missed opportunity and a terrible loss to have a future public servant not considered for office if it was found out they had been treated for mental illness, had it under control and would have thrived in that elected position.

    Our country has had Presidents and other high elected office holders who suffered from depression and other mental challenges yet they were key figures in history.

  22. Douglas Wiken 2013.11.17

    And there was Sen. McGovern's first pick for a VP candidate with him.

    I think people need to know about the mental health of candidates and officials, but it is also an area that warrants care and some minimal compassion. Bosworth's apparent problem with her alleged raffle ripoff is another matter entirely.

  23. grudznick 2013.11.17

    Mr. Nemec, there is no evidence of "extreme mental instability" but you and Ms. Lynn G. are correct.

    Sen. Johnson is not fit to serve. Period.
    If this mental stuff is true, and not made up by somebody, then Dr. Bos is not fit to serve. Period.

    Focus on Mr. Rhoden, the stalwart. His eyes are forward.

  24. El Rayo X 2013.11.17

    With this now known, I would not sell this woman a gun.

  25. grudznick 2013.11.17

    Do you sell guns, Mr. Rayo X?

  26. Joe 2013.11.17

    The information is fair game, attacking someone for it is not. However I feel attacking for not continuing treatment is fair game. Its a tricky slope. I have no problems with people bringing it up, right now I just wonder if Cory is just doing this to piss off DWC more, its public information and fine but again I'd advise on being careful with this information

  27. Roger Cornelius 2013.11.17


    Didn't you see the video of Dr. Bos waving a gun and the Bible?

  28. grudznick 2013.11.17

    Yes sir, Mr. Cornelius. That was the one that gave me some second thoughts. There were some odd dark shadows in those young pretty eyes. Scared me just a shiver.

  29. grudznick 2013.11.17

    The fist gripper video really twisted me up, though. There's something wrong with the videographer on that one, and the young lady. Something is just not right there.

  30. Lanny V Stricherz 2013.11.17

    Douglas Wiken is correct. Not only did Thomas Eagleton have to recuse himself, after he had accepted the choice, but the fact that he was picked cost Mr McGovern a lot of credibility and possibly the election. Out of curiosity Lynn G, exactly what has Senator Johnson done since his illness started but particularly since his reelection, that causes you to write that he is an effective Senator.

  31. grudznick 2013.11.17

    Neither of those are evidence of "extreme mental insatiability." For goodness sake, 12 of every 15 posters here have extreme mental instability.

  32. Roger Cornelius 2013.11.17

    Well, look at this way, if Dr. Bos is ever arrested and charged for scams, she'll always be able to plead insanity.

    You maybe right grudz, "12 of every 15 posters here have extreme mental instability". However 12 of 15 posters here are not running for the U.S. Senate.

  33. grudznick 2013.11.17

    Mr. C, you might be wrong about the 12 of every 15 posters not running for senate. But what is that ratio?

    5 of every 15? 7 of every 15? Mr. Nelson and Citizen Bender make half the posts here. They are the only ones running for senate posting, but yet they slather the taters with their gravy quit liberally.

    I'd say 9 of every 15 posts are related to a single candidate, and it is not Dr. Bos or Mr. Rhoden, who is busy out talking to South Dakotans and sharing his iron beliefs.

  34. grudznick 2013.11.17

    That's three / fifths.

  35. Roger Cornelius 2013.11.17

    No grudz, I am not wrong about 12 of 15 posters running for the Senate, just ask them.

    Haven't seen much of Stace Nelson on Madville lately, he seems averse to answering my questions, other than the canned tea party response about The Constitution.

    If you implying that Rhoden exemplifies mental stability, I'd much rather be mentally unstable.

  36. Bree S. 2013.11.17

    I don't know who "Citizen Bender" is, but its easy to pick out Grudz' BFF on the DWC with his blithering mantra of "Stace is obnoxious" ... "Everyone posting is Stace" ... "Stace is obnoxious" ... "Everyone posting is Stace" ...

  37. Bree S. 2013.11.17

    One of these days I'm going to get screen shots of PP back dating his comments, and give then to Cory.

  38. Roger Cornelius 2013.11.17

    Bree, you owe my an apology for calling me Stace!

  39. Bree S. 2013.11.17

    ? Sorry Roger..

  40. Stan Gibilisco 2013.11.17

    Where's the Attorney General in all this? What am I missing?

  41. Douglas Wiken 2013.11.18

    You won't see Jackley unless he thinks a Democratic voter is involved in "voter fraud".

  42. Richard Schriever 2014.01.15

    My clinical psych. friends use "adjustment disorder" as a sort of "catch-all" diagnosis for insurance purposes - they tell me. The rest of the diagnosis however are more specific.

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