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Former Executive Director Takes Bosworth to Court for Unpaid Wages

You can bet Annette Bosworth will cut government spending if you send her to the U.S. Senate. She hates writing checks... even to her own employees.

Let's go to court, says Mathia Rall, former executive director of Preventive Health Strategies, the non-profit Bosworth and husband Chad Haber set up in Sioux Falls two years ago:

Mathia Rall v. Annette Bosworth dba Independent Medicine and Preventive Health Strategies, filed October 4, 2012.
Mathia Rall v. Annette Bosworth dba Independent Medicine and Preventive Health Strategies, filed October 4, 2012. Click to enlarge.

(Bookkeeping: the address listed for the defendant is in error: after bouncing the official corporate address to Estelline in 2011 to dodge Bosworth's non-compete agreement with former employer Sanford Health, the 2012 Independent Medicine annual report lists the corporate address as 1401 W. 51st St., Sioux Falls. 1401 W. 41st is Hobby Lobby, which would just make this story weirder.)

Rall resigned from Independent Medicine/Preventive Health Strategies after a final day of unpaid work on August 27, 2012, citing the need to "obtain employment that has a regular paycheck."

Rall reports that at least one other employee has filed a similar small claims suit. These claims were supposed to go to small claims court, but immediately prior to the hearing date, Rall says Bosworth petitioned to move the trial to civil court, delaying the action and obligating the plaintiffs to lawyer up.

I called the Meaningful Medicine clinic and got Peggy Craig, Annette Bosworth's business manager. Ms. Craig said the wages matter is not related to the clinic and directed me to call Preventive Health Strategies... which is in the same office. No one answered the PHS number.


  1. Porter Lansing 2013.11.19

    A poor pattern of performance...

  2. Dave Baumeister 2013.11.19

    Cory, the people at Meaningful Medicine and PHS must really hate you!!! The world of journalism can be a lonely place…a least when you're as good at it as you are.

  3. Jenny 2013.11.19

    This poor woman. Whatever had it in her head that she thought she could be a Senator? She and Chad can't even run their own life very well.

  4. Rorschach 2013.11.19

    Sad state of affairs when a blogger is the only journalist reporting on a raffle scam and lawsuits for unpaid wages against a major party US Senate candidate. Somebody needs to send a reporter to wherever Dr. Bosworth is at and follow her asking questions with the camera running as she scoots away into her car.

  5. Jenny 2013.11.19

    Cory, they mentioned you and your blog on 100 eyes today! I asked them to please talk about Annette and her raffle mess and the guys brought it up (Ellis and Lalley).

  6. Jenny 2013.11.19

    100 eyes in Argus Leader that is.....Madville times is a hot topic today!

  7. Lynn G. 2013.11.19

    Good grief! Annette and Chad should just withdraw from the race and just focus on running her practice and deal with all of these political liabilities. I think I'd have more of a chance at winning the lottery or struck by lightning than she would win the Senate race. I'm thinking of her young family also.

  8. Deb Geelsdottir 2013.11.19

    It all fits with Bosworth's narcissistic tendencies. Narcissists believe they are different from ordinary people and deserve special treatment. The rules that apply to the rest of humanity don't apply to them.

    It's kind of a sad deal, the stuff that is being revealed about the Dr. My biggest question is, where the hell is Haber in all this?! He should be helping her to cope with her illness, but instead he's enabling her!

    Granted, it's very difficult to help a narcissist because they often don't believe they need help. That doesn't excuse Haber's enabling.

  9. CD 2013.11.19

    The address of 1401 W. 51st is Volunteers of America, where her office was located when Ms. Rall was employed at PHS.

  10. KJ 2013.11.19

    Interesting that almost exactly one year later another employee left because payment was not consistent by PHS. I guess if Dr. Bosworth wants to move it to civil court, witnesses can be called!

  11. TG 2013.11.20

    But Deb, who says he's not the puppet master and she's the puppet or worse, they're both narcissitic? Sadly, I think that's the case. And same as Lynn G., I feel very sorry for the kids. I hope they never get exposed to what they've done which is inevitable if they don't change but moreso, I hope they don't learn that type of behavior themselves. They seem like good kids.

  12. Deb Geelsdottir 2013.11.20

    You could be right TG, but the psych evaluation Cory shared with us in an earlier post was about Bosworth. It diagnosed her as narcissistic. That's what I'm referring to.

    I believe he could be a narcissist too.

    Yes, this situation is not good for the children at all.

  13. Deb Geelsdottir 2013.11.22

    Good source Jamie. I have worked with narcissistic personalities and it is very, very difficult. I'm aware of cases where significant improvement has been made. That's not common, requires much time, and incredibly determined clients and clinicians.

    I saw little improvement in my 2 efforts.

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