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Technical Difficulties: Bosworth Video Goes to Static

Last updated on 2014.02.12

U.S. Senate candidate Annette Bosworth appears to have another problem. She got conservative Republican admeisters SSC to come up to South Dakota, plagiarize Kristi Noem's 2010 plaid-shirt ad, and show her and her happy family pretending to be value-rich melon farmers. But now SSC's "Values" video is broken!

I check the Bosworth for Senate website, Pat Powers's original posting, the YouTube page, the SSC Facebook announcement for Bosworth ("You'll be hearing A LOT more about this conservative medical doctor in the coming weeks"—regular Nostradami at SSC!)... all snake eyes! Yesterday and today, the video comes up static and "Private".

Screen cap,, 2013.11.18, showing campaign video gone to static.
Screen cap,, 2013.11.18, showing campaign video gone to static.

I can't even find the September 28 press release from SSC touting their creative work for Bosworth. The Bosworth video is still in the SSC online portfolio, but it's not out in front where it can do some good for the candidate.

Come on, guys! Thousands of male Fox news viewers are counting on you to keep that luscious video of Bosworth tromping around the farm in those high boots. (Some are secretly longing for another look at hubby Chad Haber's hunky bald head.) Bosworth is paying you good money to boost her image, and we South Dakotans expect to get paid for our work. Give Bosworth what she's paying you for, and fix those videos!

Update 2013.11.20 22:50 CST: Annette Bosworth's 2013 Q3 campaign finance report to the FEC shows the good money she promised SSC for their work totals nearly $25,000. Team Bosworth paid SSC $4,109.89 on September 19; the balance outstanding to SCC when campaign treasurer Nancy Watkins FedExed the form from Florida was $20,750,


  1. Porter Lansing 2013.11.19

    She shows tendencies towards prescription drug abuse. Without HEPA her prescription's written records would be in disclosure. Now they're only available for medical review by her peers.

  2. Ron 2013.11.19

    The problem for her may be that they actually ARE giving her what she paid for.

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