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Second Raffle Ticketholder Blows Whistle on Bosworth; Politics Prevent Response?

The evidence mounts that Annette Bosworth and her husband Chad Haber have been scamming South Dakotans and others with their multifarious raffle schemes.

First, Ryan Kappenman of Madison steps forward and tells me that, like Nate Fluit, he bought a $1,000 ticket for the Bosworth-Haber-Preventive Health Strategies raffle of 75 acres of hunting land in Moody County. Kappenman tells me that he and his dad bought a ticket under "Kappenman Farms." Kappenman tells me he has contacted Preventive Health Strategies many times and been told that PHS would send a refund check. Kappenman says he has received no refund check.

That puts two unrefunded Bosworth raffle ticketholders on the record. How many more apparently bogus tickets Bosworth and Haber sold remains a mystery. But in a July 18, 2013, e-mail response to a July 11 e-mail from Nate Fluit, PHS claimed to have sold about half of the promised 500 tickets. Fluit forwards this response from his inbox:

> From: []
> Sent: Thursday, July 18, 2013 3:07 PM
> To: Fluit, Nate
> Subject: RE: Raffle ticket
> Good Afternoon Nate,
> Thank you for contacting us and sorry the delayed response as I have been on vacation. We have sold approximately 1/2 of tickets and are still trying to sell the remainder of them. As far as the adverting goes we have mostly been promoting it on our web page, you can visit our webpage at If something changes or when we sell he 500th ticket we will be in contact wit you. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.
> Thank you,
> Rachelle
> Preventive Health Strategies
> 368-1741

Rachelle is Rachelle Reeves Daniels, who no longer works for PHS. She asserts PHS's claim to have sold about 250 tickets. According to PHS's claim, PHS received about $250,000 from ticket buyers who thought they were doing some good and taking a chance to win a prize but whose money has not been properly accounted for.

Fluit's July 11 e-mail says he had called two weeks prior to that seeking a response and had received none, even though a woman on the PHS phone had promised one. The raffle drawing was supposed to be held July 15, 2013.

Annette Bosworth held her U.S. Senate campaign kickoff event in Plankinton on July 16. Her non-profit staff weren't on vacation; they were stuck with no office hours and delayed paychecks while Chad and Annette were out playing Sarah Palin.

Six business days have passed since I left messages at Bosworth's non-profit, clinic, and campaign numbers seeking an explanation of the status of her Moody County land raffle. Bosworth has not responded publicly to my questions or told anyone else where that money went.

Bosworth and Haber's main press release outlet promised last weekend to have some damning evidence about her "accusing parties" (also known as folks stating pretty straightforward facts about raffle tickets sold, prizes never rewarded, and refunds never sent). Yet all week, all the Bosworth-Haber spin machine could muster was a weak and, frankly, insulting slap at the credibility of KDLT reporter Meagan Millage and raffle ticketholder Nate Fluit based entirely on wishful speculation and not at all on documentary evidence.

Putting together the testimony of ticketholders and the evidence from her own staff, Annette Bosworth owes the people of South Dakota an explanation about her raffle scam. She also owes a lot of people around a quarter million dollars.


  1. mathia rall 2013.11.24

    Thank you for the great reporting, and a special thank you to those who have been brave enough to come forward. Between former employees like myself who are owed paychecks, to the raffle ticket holders who are owed a drawing or a refund, to the numerous other unpaid bills. And I can only speculate that campaign finance issues run a muck. The public pressure should help get results.

  2. mathia rall 2013.11.24

    and if it does, I will remember where the tip jar is.

  3. oldguy 2013.11.24

    goof job CAH

  4. oldguy 2013.11.24

    sorry should have been good

  5. Disgusted Dakotan 2013.11.24

    Yeah! goof job CAH! Seriously, good job. It appears that your blog is the only one that can be looked at to give people some actual reporting. PP looks like he has totally been paid for by the Rounds EB5 gang and is pumping out rubbish to help Rounds and his two vote siphoners.

  6. rollin potter 2013.11.24

    It appears she fits right in with the pierre republican party and the way they operate!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Joe 2013.11.24

    Their (Bosworth camp) argument is someone stole something(s) tied to this raffle and possibly other things? (at least according to PP and the DWC) Have you asked/found out if their was ever a police report/investigation into this?

  8. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.11.24

    Oldguy, I'm leaving that error up, because (a) it's hilarious, and (b) it inadvertently provides equal time for the view Chad and Annette need folks to have about all this blog uproar. :-)

  9. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.11.24

    (Hey, Disgusted! Check your e-mail, and give me a shout back!)

  10. Roger Cornelius 2013.11.24

    Wasn't PP to have outed someone for stolen documents from the Bosworth camp?

    Last Sunday(?) he said he was going to release some names in a "couple of days".

  11. grudznick 2013.11.24

    That young Ms. Megan lady is nearly as pretty as Dr. Bos and seems to be at least as smart. And Ms. Megan doesn't owe people money.

  12. Jim 2013.11.24

    Grudz, have you ever had breakfast with Cardboard Mike?

  13. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.11.24

    Joe, if there was an investigation, no one called me. And since I'm the guy who posted the documents in question, basic police work would say, "Call Cory first." I know of no one who has been contacted by any law enforcement agent investigating the theft of any papers from the PHS office.

    But you know, maybe Fluit and Kappenman could steal Cardboard Mike and hold him for ransom. That might be the quickest way to get Bosworth to pay up.

  14. CD 2013.11.24

    I agree with most points. I think the only way to out the complete ridiculousness of everything they do is to continue to draw attention to their inconsistencies and complete fraudulent goings on. I hope more people come forward.

  15. CD 2013.11.24

    It's difficult to prove anyone stole anything. Last time I checked, leaving documents out in the open, in workspaces used by many, doesn't prove anything other than how irresponsible your business practices are.

  16. Jim 2013.11.24

    My guess is Cardboard Mike took it. He was there alone a lot.

  17. Joe 2013.11.24

    Its always hard to prove whether or not someone stole something. But if they never filed a police report or reported anything to the authorities they have no ground on which to stand on when it comes to this.

  18. Joe 2013.11.24

    I guess what I'm saying is if they filed a police report and the police were investigating the matter. If they would have told the ticket holders that this had happened and they were trying to get to the bottom of it and would make everything good I'd buy it.

    I don't understand PP over this though. Like Pat or hate him, he has a blog and I don't understand why he'd hang out his neck over a candidate with so many skeletons when its for a primary. Its one thing to do this in the general, but to call out people in support of this person is just odd in my opinion.

  19. Lynn G. 2013.11.25

    Can we call the Bosworth office and ask which law enforcement office this police report was filed and then call that law enforcement office to confirm it? What case number?

  20. Nick Nemec 2013.11.25

    Joe, PP's defense of Bosworth is easy to explain. Mike Rounds, Pat Powers' benefactor, employer, and potential future dispenser of Federal jobs is running for US Senate. Dr. Bosworth is an essential part of the Rounds strategy, her job, even if she might not realize it, is to siphon off a portion of the anti-Rounds vote that would otherwise go for Stace Nelson.

    Round's fear of Stace Nelson is the only reason Powers is defending the truly crazy lady with more "move along folks, nothing to see here" head in the sand rhetoric. It's another incidence of "what's half a million dollars between friends". Money talks.

  21. Jim 2013.11.25

    Lynn, they haven't claimed it was stolen yet. PP hinted some details may be released that cast some people in an unfavorable light. We are still waiting on that. Some people are suggesting they wouldn't be surprised if haber claims it was stolen.

  22. dale b 2013.11.26

    if documents were stolen and they have news to release, why not release it to reputible news sources, such as Kelo, Ksfy, Kdlt, Argus, or even Madville? Using the "other" method is stupid because nobody reads it. "we have important news to release, lets release it somewhere where nobody will read it or report it". These people are clowns.

  23. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.11.26

    It is important to remember one other connection between Chad Haber and Dakota War College: PHS's lawyer is Joel Arends, who also figures prominently in the Lederman implication of Stace Nelson in the robocall affair. DWC's tips on this story come either straight from Haber or from Arends.

    One source tells me that, despite the silly noise DWC made about a police investigation last summer, Team Chad didn't actually file a police report on the alleged theft of documents from his non-existent locked desk until I broke the Nate Fluit portion of the raffle story week before last.

  24. WestRiver 2013.11.26

    "The June 27 agreement, said Bill Golden, an assistant attorney general representing the board staff, would ensure that Bosworth, who was diagnosed in 2010 with a personality disorder, would practice medicine safely." Is this woman truly safe to practice medicine? Sounds like she doesn't pay her employees, doesn't manage her own finances, steals from people, runs a Senate campaign out of the same office her medical clinic is in, develops Ponzi scheme after Ponzi scheme with her Charles-Manson-Eyed husband, and now she wants to handle South Dakota's affairs in the U.S. Senate? What the heck is anyone who supports her thinking?

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