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Why Nobody Believes Dakota War College Anymore

Last updated on 2013.12.01

The South Dakota Democratic Party has called for a special prosecutor to investigate "the $550,000 theft of taxpayer funds by Northern Beef Packers and SDRC, Inc." The SDDP, like me, wonders why Attorney General Marty Jackley is declining to take action against a clear misuse of state money that was explicitly designated for construction and equipment costs at NBP but instead went for SDRC/EB-5 loan monitoring fees.

But with at least half a millions dollars of fraud or theft staring us in the face, Pat Powers says Democrats are the bad guys for talking about it. Powers bends his blog over backwards to grant his political friends and patrons cover, speaking of "alleged" diversion of money (even though the Attorney General has confirmed the diversion).

Powers Orwellianly contends that this isn't "theft" but merely a "violation of the terms of the loan agreement," which is flatly incorrect: the money was controlled by a state grant agreement.

Powers asserts without evidence that "if there is any violation of law, it would likely be a federal law. If there’s an actual federal statute against it." Actors in South Dakota diverted money granted by the state of South Dakota to an entity in South Dakota. How that doesn't violate a state law boggles my imagination, as it should everyone's. Why do we need the feds to tell us that when the state gives you money to do X, and you sign an agreement to do X with that money, and you then spend the money on Y, you have done something wrong for which the state should shake you down?

Powers has ginned up rage and attacked my reputation with false allegations that I stole nothing more substantial than pieces of paper from Chad Haber's allegedly locked desk. Yet when the Attorney General of South Dakota confirms that $550,000 has been misappropriated but declines to recover the misused money, Powers either ignores the story, fails to see the political implications, or shouts "Squirrel!" to turn our attention elsewhere.

Powers has turned his Dakota War College into Big Brother's Ministry of Truth, peddling transparent propaganda for his patrons and those who serve his agenda, and assaulting the reputations of those who dare call corruption corruption.

South Dakota Democrats are not the problem. I am not the problem. Violating a state agreement to put $550,000 in Joop Bollen and Richard Benda's pockets is the problem. Throwing millions of dollars into a doomed beef plant is the problem. Moving money around in crazy deals between EB-5 green card buyers and secret offshore accounts is the problem.

Trusting Marty Jackley, Mike Rounds, and Pat Powers is the problem. Nobody of good conscience could believe, let alone create, the hogwash Pat Powers is throwing to cover up the stink his political pals have created.

That's why nobody believes Dakota War College anymore.


  1. Rick 2013.11.29

    Bill Clay has no credibility. It's remarkable that he ran a political consultant business while collecting a government paycheck for being employed as the chief elections officer of our state. It's remarkable that nobody's adding up two generations of government salary dependency in his family when he lips off about government spending and the growth of government in Pierre.

    Shortly before he took his most recent government job, Bill Clay erased his years of blog statements to avoid being held accountable for his brutal slams on candidates and people in politics. He put on the auction block the political endorsement of his boss, the secretary of state. Then he slipped out the backdoor and quit when the heat became front page news implicating him and his boss for unethical if not illegal behavior.

    This stands as the GOP standard in Pierre and there appears to be nobody in the party willing to stand up against their behavior as a gang of crooks.

  2. Rorschach 2013.11.29

    There are lots of reasons why nobody believes the Dakota Press Release Outlet - formerly known as the Dakota War College anymore. There's the fact that it has become a press release outlet. There's the fact it will utter no critical word of any kind about Mike Rounds. There is the hypocrisy of criticizing Democrats for doing exactly what Republicans do and not fault the Republicans. There is the no-comment stance on all the Annette Bosworth scams and financial shenanigans because she may theoretically siphon votes from the stronger Mike Rounds alternative. And there is the all out dumb assery of blaming schools rather than kids when kids break school rules.

    The real journalism is found here on Madville Times. The only hope for Dakota War College is that Fox News has dumbed down enough readers to accept the dumbed down War College material. War College was much better before its writer either started eating lead paint or started being paid to act as a shill for its new GOP establishment master - maybe both.

  3. Dave 2013.11.29

    The only reasons to read Severely Dim Witted Conclusions (SDWC) are the comments that plop like bird droppings under either the fluff or outrageously ignorant comments PP posts (clearly not much gray matter at work). His cabal of commenters never fail to entertain as they can be counted on to begin squabbling among themselves -- it's the place to go to watch members of the GOP eat their own. And those who try to add balance or common sense to the conversation are either removed or banned outright.
    I've been very appreciative of the astute observations provided by Madville, especially in past month. Keep up the good work, Cory.

  4. Disgusted Dakotan 2013.11.29

    Powers' railing against the Democrats is high pitched and desperate. Curious how long Rounds is going to hide from open microphones at debates before the media or the public finally catch up with him about the many questions about his involvement in the EB5 scandals?

  5. Bree S. 2013.11.29

    Come on, Cory. What does this have to do with anything? You're missing the important news of the day. It's Bosworth's birthday you know.

  6. Donald Pay 2013.11.29

    Rounds can't talk publicly about these issues. I expect he's lawyered up, and they have advised him not to talk. If Rounds is a target of the investigation, he's wise not to talk. If he's just one of several folks who have been questioned, there may be legal reasons his lawyers don't want him questioned in public about these things. He can't really go out and face questions, because then he'd have to give some reason why he can't answer questions. The reasons would be along the lines of "this matter is under investigation and I'm not a liberty to say anything about this matter." See, that would not look good on a political spot. So, he's going to shut up until it blows over, unless it doesn't blow over.

  7. mathia rall 2013.11.29

    Oh how I hope blindman has a poem for Bosworth on her birthday!!

  8. Jenny 2013.11.29

    I suspect Rounds won't be attending any debates until next Spring. I wouldn't even expect that. He's hoping to cruise through the primaries and then his team knows he'll have to start debating Weiland.

  9. interested party 2013.11.29

    Where is Stan Adelstein on this deal?

  10. Bree S. 2013.11.29

    Larry, the angle might have been upwards on the entry wound, and that's why the stick. Benda wasn't short enough to require a stick and gun leaned against tree to shoot himself. That would be more sensibly explained by a ground shot.

    In order to get a shot gun to stand up against a tree the barrel end would at least be pointed inward at a shallow angle. Perhaps it could be balance on a low hanging branch to hang more outwards.

    Another possible explanation for the need of a stick would be a shot more than a few inches from the skin.

  11. Roger Cornelius 2013.11.29

    Note to Pat Powerers: You can't protect Rounds forever.

    It occurred to me that maybe Stace Nelson is right about Rounds exiting the Senatorial campaign, especially if Rounds is indeed the target of a federal grand jury investigation

    Regardless of the outcome of any investigations, the damage is done to Rounds. Republicans and Democrats will use the "secrets" to bring him down.

    By the way, where was Pat Powers employed during the developing of the GOED/ EB-5 scandal?

  12. Bree S. 2013.11.29

    Engaging in election fraud, Roger.

  13. Roger Cornelius 2013.11.29

    Thanks Bree, interesting link.

    So, are you looking at a mismatch if the forthcoming Republican Senatorial campaign?

    Is Stace right about Rounds jumping ship?

  14. Bill Dithmer 2013.11.29

    mathia rall, Is this what you want? Political satire in a poem. That's just a little to easy.

    Her name is Dr. Bosworth
    But we all call her Bos
    She likes to talk about what could be
    Instead of what used to was

    Chad and Bos went north to fish
    With kids along in tow
    I think they like to travel
    Cause their always on the go

    They started a non profit
    To make themselves look good
    It sure don't hurt to have a little PR
    So it looks like your doing all you should

    Then a couple trips to Haiti
    Where the people are so poor
    And its back to South Dakota
    Looking out their RV door

    Then a stop in front of the medical board
    Or maybe it was two
    For a mental problem and an unlicensed PA
    And other things she shouldn't do

    At least one raffle no one won
    Where did that money go
    Supposed to help the veterans
    But right now, we just don't know

    Now the Bos and her man Haber
    Are on a senate run
    It looks a little to easy
    But then they do have that 501

    Is it true the Bos is 42
    Or is that one more of her shines
    It doesn't matter at all to us
    Happy birthday from Madville Times

    The Blindman

  15. mathia rall 2013.11.29

    BEST POEM EVER. Well done blindman, well done.

  16. Bree S. 2013.11.29

    I'm not so sure Stace is the one saying it. I haven't seen him do so anyway. There are apparently rumors going around Pierre, which given the situation could have started from mere speculation.

    If Rounds was any kind of team player he wouldn't have gotten in the Senate race in the first place. Kristi Noem was a better choice to run in such a critical election year. She's a more palatable candidate for the base and has already made it through a federal election. Rounds has a known history of corruption in this state and it was inevitable that more dirt would come out in a Senate race.

    I believe there is probably pressure on Rounds to leave the race, but I don't think he will until it all hits the fan and he has to. I imagine at least some of the National Republicans are doing calculations on how best to cover both seats. Hopefully they're not listening to Rove - Mr. Outdated Always Wrong. Some people haven't learned yet that the message can no longer be so easily controlled.

  17. Rorschach 2013.11.29

    Rounds is in it to win it, and no amount of wishful thinking will make it otherwise. If he is weakened, and the Democratic brand isn't completely in a shambles, expect Brendan Johnson to get into the race and start with about $1 million in cash left over from Tim and a whole bunch of enthusiastic contributors. This GOP primary is merely a precursor to what may be the real horse race. But Rounds will be on the November ballot. Stace may have a better shot at the November ballot running as a libertarian, but he has until March to see what comes out about Rounds. He can switch from GOP quickly to libertarian and get 250 signatures for the ballot if he chooses.

  18. Bree S. 2013.11.29

    I don't think Rounds will be on the November ballot. All the corrupt dirty dealings that Rounds is being tied to are things that Nelson fought against in the legislature. It's a seesaw effect - what chops Rounds down at the same time positively effects Nelson's image, essentially doubling the effect. Also, if Rounds did make it to the General he would become a major liability for the GOP.

  19. Rick 2013.11.29

    Rounds will temporarily suspend his campaign to avoid making statements on the matter until the investigation is completed. That's my guess. It would look better than chickening out of debates while the feds are snooping around.

  20. Jenny 2013.11.29

    Wishful thinking, Bree. Rounds dropping out of the race when his team has raised millions of campaign money? Are you kidding? No way. Besides, the majority of South Dakotans that will vote in the general election are registered republicans and so there you go. SD is deeply republican, and those republicans will not vote for Wieland. Now, if Herseth-Sandlin decided to jump in the race, this would be the Dems best shot, especially since she voted against Obamacare. This would be a real race. I also like the idea of Stace registering as a libertarian and Pressler registering as an Independent. This is where it would get interesting! If I lived in SD I would be staunchly on the SD Dem Party to get Herseth in the race.

  21. Bree S. 2013.11.29

    Well, Jenny, if Rounds stays in he'll still lose. It could be amusing to watch him run for the Senate under federal indictment. About as amusing as watching Blagojevich go down. His polling numbers have always been nothing but hot air with no floor.

  22. Jenny 2013.11.29

    Stace is just not that popular, Bree. I know you like him, but South Dakotans don't like their politicians outspoken and talking against the establishment of Pierre. South Dakotans want to look the other way and not believe those "bad things could really be happening" because after all this is SD and South Dakotans don't do that kind of stuff (only Chicagoans like Obama does). I know the mentality there, and Frankly Stace is just too far right even for republican SD. I do give Stace props for standing about against the status quo in Pierre, though.

  23. Bree S. 2013.11.29

    I'm not sure what you're talking about Jenny. This is a naturally populist state. And half of SD Republicans self-identify as conservative.

  24. Barry Smith 2013.11.29

    Bree you maybe correct in your statement but only a portion of those who self identify as conservatives will bother to show up at the voting booths for a primary and of that small portion only 12% will vote for the most conservative candidate.

  25. Roger Cornelius 2013.11.29

    Actually, I think Bree maybe on to something with the National GOP bringing on pressure and perhaps not funding Mike Rounds. The last thing any party wants during national elections is a scandal of any sort, they will attempt to purge the candidate, withdraw sort and most importantly stop funding the culprits.

    It is too early, but it would be interesting to solicit a comment from the National GOP.

    Which way will Powers jump if there is a major shake up in the party? It seems he will be discredited and badly wounded.

  26. Jim 2013.11.29

    PP can't even bring himself to call the eb-5 550k a misappropriation. Shameful.

  27. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.11.29

    Rick, good link to the Mitchell Daily Republic's editorial. "...we do believe the circumstances surrounding Benda’s death, his apparent theft of state funds, and his dealings with Northern Beef have lessened the public’s trust in government and do warrant a closer look." MDR said "theft," so expect Pat to declare that no one believes anything that paper says, either.

  28. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.11.29

    Larry, Senator Adelstein has been quiet on this issue so far, but according to his latest blog post, he's been in bad health since early October, after a hip replacement surgery turned into MRSA infection—yikes! He is looking forward to the session: drop by his blog (yes, the one that sponsors this blog!) and send him your best wishes!

  29. grudznick 2013.11.29

    Mr. Stan is indeed doing better and will soon be back to his beloved curmudgeonly self. All, please do send him your best wishes.

  30. interested party 2013.11.29

    Thanks, CAH: looks like polonium killed Yasser Arafat.

  31. Republican 2013.11.30 need to branch out a bit. Northern Beef is just one of the corrupt entities in SD. Check out Heartland Energy...I'd like to know where they got their money and why Russ Olson (legislator) was playing in the executive branch (GOED). How could he effectively represent his constituents when he knew if he carried water for the Gov's office he would win a big time salaried job.
    Also check out Howard, SD's Knights and Carver failure.
    And Sioux Falls Wind turbine failure (when everyone else in the business can make money).
    Why does the turkey EB-5 "successes" only hire immigrants...some of which go back and forth to Mexico with different SS#s and different names...AND none of the Chinese EB-5 investors there have even gotten any of their investment back.
    AND why does only one giant Republican developer get all the pack and stack apartments...where they can take out a loan to build these cheap monstrosities and then have the tax payers pay the loan back (can YOU do that? Check out the TIFs).
    Nice job on Northern Beef...but you never mentioned the animal abuse charges it got from USDA...

  32. Jim 2013.11.30

    Certified BS Program.

  33. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.11.30

    I'm already branching out. I've already addressed the unanimity with which our Congressional delegation has embraced EB-5. See also my EB-5/NBP posts on Nygaard and Knecht. I'm offering you the leafiest tree on this topic of any blog in the state. I welcome your help in finding documents that will add branches.

  34. Wayne Gilbert 2013.11.30

    What's the deal on the animal abuse allegations? The parade announcers should have been given this information, as well as the fact that SD Stockgrowers consistently oppose the most benign legislation to protect domestic animals. That'd help out the Mt. Rushmore float.

  35. interested party 2013.12.01

    even the crickets are dead over there.

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