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Bosworth Clinic Loses Another Employee Claiming Unpaid Wages

Marion Michael Rounds claims that his Senate primary opponents aren't working hard enough.

Annette Bosworth may be working hard making cardboard replicas of Rounds, but she's evidently not working hard enough back at her clinic to make payroll. I have obtained a resignation letter from another former employee of Dr. Bosworth (who does business as Independent Medicine LLC and Meaningful Medicine). This employee quit in November, claiming Dr. Bosworth had failed to write five figures' worth of paycheck in a relatively short period of employment.

This charge comes on top of two lawsuits Bosworth faces from employees claiming she stiffed them of thousands of dollars in wages. At least four other employees have left Bosworth's clinic and the non-profit Preventive Health Strategies over which her husband, Chad Haber, presides since Bosworth began publicizing her Senate campaign in June.

Maybe business is so sporadic at Meaningful Medicine that there are no regular, long-term clients to notice the staff churn. But the furiously revolving door at 5000 South Minnesota Avenue is one more sign that Bosworth is not able to conduct both a serious Senate campaign and a stable medical practice.

And if Bosworth can't keep the simplest of all capitalist promises, to pay workers for their work, how can voters expect her to keep any political promise to serve South Dakota?


  1. CD 2013.12.02

    Well this news is simply shocking... Said no one ever.

  2. Tasi 2013.12.02

    Didn't Mike major in business at SDSU? Maybe Bosworth should've as well.

  3. P. H. Lansing IV 2013.12.02

    "What part of "non-profit" don't these ingrates understand? I'm a politician and these little people are my loyal volunteers. What nerve!" she extenuates...(in her dreams)

  4. Jerry 2013.12.02

    New republicans suck at arithmetic and at business, they fail to do either one. That is why they need immigrants. Nope, not the kind that are willing to work for peanuts, the ones willing to pay a half million apiece to bypass the system. All nice and tidy if you can pay to play. The Bos seems to not be able to do that little trick and should go back to being a militant with a Bible, she looked so much better as an outlaw.

  5. Disgusted Dakotan 2013.12.02

    So is KDLT sufficiently bullied by Powers now that they will not follow up this story of snake oil salesmanship and scammery run amuck? I can see where thousands of dollars of intentional bad debt pales in comparison to the infamous missing website address robocalls that was covered for months.

  6. Roger Cornelius 2013.12.02

    Bosworth is like a Deadwood slot machine, it never pays off.

  7. Deb Geelsdottir 2013.12.02

    LOL Roger!

  8. Bree S. 2013.12.02

    She can't pay her PR company in Florida, can't pay back the people she scammed out of raffle tickets, can't pay her employees... yet for some reason Patrick Davis Consulting keeps working for her.

  9. Jeff P. 2013.12.04

    I have no major problems with Bosworth on a personal level . I just think there are better candidates . I feel about the same way about Rounds to tell you the truth .

  10. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.12.05

    Jeff, it's not personal for me, either. But not paying employees and conducting fraudulent raffles are crimes. Committing crime makes it pretty clear that Bosworth is a terrible candidate for public office.

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