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Bosworth Uses Dead Father-in-Law, Puppy in Clinic to Beg for Money

Screen capture from Annette Bosworth campaign fundraising video, December 2013
No cleaner place for a doctor's fingers than her dog's mouth....

In a video barely more coherent than Scott Hoy's viral hit and sixteen times longer, Annette Bosworth drifts through her dreamland, asserting that the most valuable thing she has to offer is her story, and that she could get that story across if her dead father-in-law were just here to message it for her.

This video appears to have come from another of husband Chad Haber-Bosworth's world-domination brainstorm sessions:

  • Chad: Annette's just like Kristi Noem! How did Kristi Noem win?
  • Voice in Chad's head: Put on a plaid shirt and talk like a farm girl?
  • Chad: Already did that. How's it working?
  • Second voice in Chad's head: That video disappeared. Did you remember to pay those guys?
  • Chad: La la la! Haiti! Janklow! Philippines! La la la! Other ideas?
  • Voice in Chad's head: Get sympathy by talking about her dead father?
  • Chad: Brilliant!
  • Second voice in Chad's head: Wait a minute: Annette's dad is still alive.
  • Chad: Hmmm....
  • Voice in Chad's head: Hey, dummy, your dad is dead!
  • Chad: Dead father... dead father-in-law! Close enough! Annette! Bring my camera!

Bosworth and Haber are not running a Senate campaign. They are not performing medical mission work to Haiti or the Philippines. They are composing a screenplay, living a shoddy Lifetime movie in the TV of their minds.

And instead of serving patients, Bosworth is shooting a campaign video in her clinic... with her dog. Don't we have health code against pets in clinics and other health care facilities?

Actually, we may. Chapter 44:04:02 of South Dakota's Administrative Rules sets standards for the physical environment of medical facilities. SDAR 44:04:02:02 deals with sanitation:

The facility must be designed, constructed, maintained, and operated to minimize the sources and transmission of infectious diseases to residents, patients, personnel, visitors, and the community at large. This requirement shall be accomplished by providing the physical resources, personnel, and technical expertise necessary to ensure good public health practices for institutional sanitation [SDAR 44:04:02:02].

Appended to this rule is SDAR 44:04:02:02.01:

Any pet kept in a nursing facility or adult foster care home may not negatively affect the well-being of residents. The facility or home shall develop policies and procedures regarding the care and training of pets following the recommendations of a local veterinarian. The primary responsibility of care or the supervision of care for any pet shall be assigned to a staff member [SDAR 44:04:02:02.01].

A strict reading of these rules suggests that the state has carved an exception to for the presence of pets in nursing homes but not for other health care facilities like clinics. That exception requires nursing homes to develop clear policies and procedures in cooperation with a local veterinarian. Even if we were generous and extended the nursing-home pet exception to Bosworth's clinic, given Bosworth's seat-of-the-pants management style, it is unlikely she could produce at the request of state health inspectors any compliant, written pet policy.

But as Annette says at the end of her video, she's part of a generation that has never followed the rules. Careful, Annette: I think you're projecting. You and your husband are rather singular in your determination not to let rules or laws or decency stop you from telling your tales.


  1. Lynn G. 2013.12.15

    Glutton for Punishment = One persistent in an effort in spite of harmful or unpleasant results. <<< The one definition that seems to suit the Bosworth/Haber Senate campaign. Those two really need an intervention or something. It just saddens me to see them continue with this and wish they would drop out and focus on taking care of outstanding issues and running her practice. If your passionate in bringing about change in public policy there are other ways to contribute and everyone has gifts to offer.

    A couple of other scenarios come to mind. Would being on a "Running for Office" reality show that casts you in a bad light be worth it in the long term? Would you be taken seriously in the future?

    Could it be running for public office is like going to South Dakota Job Service and casually seeing an opening for US Senate and treat it like just trying to get a job and researching what you must say and do to get the job?

    Noem getting elected! Cats and Dogs living together! Total Craziness!

  2. Jerry 2013.12.15

    After looking at that painful video, it does not surprise me that Bos and NOem are best buddies. Toss in the wackjob attorney A Hoy and it really makes me wonder how we survive each day as human beings. These are supposed to be our best and brightest with diplomas to show us just that. What pains me the most is that all are in positions of decision making and all are complete zero's. How could we elect one and even think to consider the other one? No wonder crooks and liars like our present and past regime in Pierre gets by with the junk they pull.

  3. owen reitzel 2013.12.15

    Pathetic is one word that comes to mind. First her son and now her father-in-law. Nothing and I mean nothing on the issues that face us today-which is typical of Republicans.
    With her support of NOem she's supporting the policies that REALLY hurt people-like cutting SNAP and trying to repeal the ACA. Maybe if she and her family had to go on welfare and food stamps she'd understand what real poor people go through everyday. Some of them would even consider and RV a luxury and would work around the "pee."

  4. Mark 2013.12.15

    Lynn they can't drop out, it is probably their only source of income at this point. Sad and pathetic! Watching that video was a painful glimpse at mental illness. As she said herself "insanity".....doing something over and over with the same results.

  5. Sid 2013.12.15

    Why has Child Services not stepped in? This is a person seriously detached from reality. Her husband clearly is either equally mentally challenged or is taking undue advantage of a person unable to protect themself from such leeches. It also appears with the slant of the coverage that PP gives her, that her "campaign" is likely receiving funding from Rounds supporters to keep her in the game and split the "wingnut" faction of the Republican Party. A faction which the current leadership of SD has exploited for years.
    But, the whole situation reminds me of a horrible wreck on the interstate several years ago. Although it was disrespectful, I could not help but stare at the dead laying on the side of the road awaiting transport.

  6. Cranky Old Dude 2013.12.15

    Intervention? They need a conviction...The Boz was scheduled to speak a week ago this last Wednesday to the Ambassdors, a meet & eat group in Rapid City. According to Mrs. Cranky, she was a no show which seemed to surprise no one nor did they appear to be particulary disappointed.

  7. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.12.15

    Jerry, I have no knowledge that Noem and Bosworth have ever met, let alone become friends.

  8. Lynn G. 2013.12.15

    Sid I can believe initially she might have been supported by someone in the Rounds campaign to draw Republican Primary votes insuring a Rounds victory but I just can't see her getting more than 10 votes now.

  9. Lynn G. 2013.12.15

    Sadly their campaign has become more of a distraction now rather than any type of a factor to influence election results at least from what I can see.

  10. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.12.15

    Sid, I can understand the morbid fascination (after all, here I am still blogging about Chad and Annette). But why haven't the authorities arrived yet to haul their rotten corpses away? Could funding the Chad and Annette Show really be a cost-effective use of Rounds money? Couldn't any dollar that a Rounds backer spends on Bosworth to split the anti-Rounds vote produce better results being spent on a mailer or a chili feed to boost the pro-Rounds vote?

    Consider this electoral possibility. Suppose that without Bosworth in the race, the voting outcome would look like this:

    •Rounds: 36,000 (36%)
    •Nelson: 34,000 (34%)
    •Rhoden: 30,000 (30%)

    That seems unlikely for a few reasons, but only the prospect of such a close race between Rounds and Nelson would provoke Team Rounds to engage in any kind of pro-Bosworth chicanery, right?

    So suppose Rounds pays Bosworth just enough to fuel her narcissism through the primary season. But what if instead of splitting the anti-Rounds vote, Bosworth actually brought more people to the polls? Maybe she draws some voters away from Nelson and Rhoden but also inspires more voters to come fight for Nelson and Rhoden. Imagine adding Bosworth to the ballot resulted in a net increase of just 3000 voters, with no net change in the total votes the other guys get:

    •Rounds: 36,000 (34.95%)
    •Nelson: 34,000 (33.01%)
    •Rhoden: 30,000 (29.13%)
    •Bosworth: 3,000 (2.91%)

    Isn't it possible that adding a fourth candidate increases the chances that no candidate clears 35% in the primary and that the two front-runners (of whom Rounds would likely be one) have to face off in a run-off? Isn't it possible that a faux-Bosworth candidacy, bought by Team Rounds, would increase the chances of the one-on-one battle Team Rounds is supposedly paying to avoid?

  11. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.12.15

    Cranky, did the Ambassadors ever get an explanation or apology?

  12. Jerry 2013.12.15

    Me either CAH, but Bos sure seems to consider herself in the same mold as NOem with dress and action. I should rephrase that to kindred spirits, yeah, that's the ticket.

  13. Bree S. 2013.12.15

    I think her purpose is to try to tie her to the Tea Party and conservative Republicans to make us look bad. Just reading the defamatory comments from trolls that PP allows on his blog about conservatives shows what PP and his crew think about us. And Dick Wadhams hates conservative Republicans as well. Calls us "nuts."

  14. Lynn G. 2013.12.15

    Bree I'm curious as to how many PP has banned from commenting so it looks like those that are left are supporting his agenda or what he's paid to do. Where is Jammer and others who used to promote a more conservative approach/anti EB-5 cronyism? Despite Boz's no chance of being a serious candidate, baggage and issues PP continues to give her quite a bit of space on his blog.

  15. Jim 2013.12.15

    The tea party doesn't need bosworth to come off a little nuts.

  16. wyatt 2013.12.15

    Jim in DC....thanks for link........"can you spare $13".....most real politicians ask "i'll work for you.....Contribute to SD future..........etc etc...." "can you spare"....comes from places like Vegas side streets, Los Angelos, and Mexico... $11 to $13...tomorrow will be $15 because not enough of the $11 and $13 are coming in for her and Chado.....

  17. Sid 2013.12.15

    Cory makes some excellent points. While I have been conditioned by experience to deny coincidences, it is very possible that Bosworth is just a random example of tragedy. As I started out, where are Child and Family Services in light of the very public and total failure of these people to insulate their children from their madness?

  18. Bree S. 2013.12.15

    Lynn, I'm banned and so is Cory. I saw several comments supporting Stace disappear from his "Is the business of this country business?" post. They weren't rude or unreasonable posts.

  19. interested party 2013.12.15

    DWC makes ip look like chapters of a doctoral thesis. Btw: thank you all for the clicks.

  20. Bree S. 2013.12.15

    WTG Larry :).

  21. Lynn G. 2013.12.15

    I didn't see any flaming responses by Stace or anti-EB-5 scandal or anti-Rounds supporters. Evidently DWC isn't really a blog with open discussion but a strictly controlled advertising site. Too bad there isn't a disclosure.

  22. Roger Cornelius 2013.12.15

    Why is Stace, and for that matter Rhoden, so quiet?

    It seems they should be making headlines everyday going after Rounds.

  23. grudznick 2013.12.15

    Mr. Rhoden, I suspect, is trying to be respectful of the various dead and is very busy raising money and meeting with and listening to various constituents across our state. He will of course become very busy soon in the legislatures, while Mr. Nelson doesn't have as much to do in the legislatures and will have more time to campaign then.

    Dr. Bos, as promising as she once seemed, may be sinking like a kitten with its hair matted with split shot sinkers.

  24. Disgusted Dakotan 2013.12.15

    Powers seems to be blocking anyone who posts anything supportive of Nelson or critical of Rounds.

  25. grudznick 2013.12.15

    Mr. DD, Mr. PP does not seem to be blocking the Rhoden Rhangers from posting and it is well known that PP is a friend of Mr. Nelson. So you seem to be a bit Dennertian in your claims.

  26. Deb Geelsdottir 2013.12.15

    Really, this tragic and Sid is certainly right to be concerned for the children. I doubt anything can be done, yet, the children are not in clear, imminr danger.

    I read the comments in DWC and was equally appalled. It appears there are people who actually think Boz would be a good choice for office.

    Until the very last few seconds of the video, I wondered if it was really a campaign ad.

  27. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.12.16

    It's so unreal, it's real, Deb!

  28. Dave Baumeister 2013.12.16

    My favorite part of this post was the Chad Haber inner monologue. Cory, I am sure you got that exactly correct!

  29. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.12.16

    Thanks, Dave! I've been known to write a good script every now and then. (Unlike Chad and Annette, I don't try to live my scripts.)

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