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Bosworth Discloses Finances to Senate Ethics Committee; I’m Sorry I Asked!

After dodging her legal obligation for four months, Republican Senate candidate Annette Bosworth mailed her financial disclosure form to the Senate Ethics Committee at the last minute. All Senate candidates are required to report their income, assets, liabilities, and positions within 30 days of becoming candidates. Bosworth got a 90-day extension, then held out for the last day of the 30-day grace period, postmarking her submission December 9.

So what do we learn from Bosworth's disclosure?

  1. On the introductory checklist, Bosworth says she holds no assets worth more than $1,000.
  2. In Part IIIA, Bosworth claims at least $17,000 available across four checking accounts. That ought to be enough to pay at least some of the back wages Bosworth owes her former employees.
  3. In Part IIIB, Bosworth indicates that she might have had at least $60K in rental income from four Opal Lane properties in Hartford worth at least $400,000. (CorTrust Bank foreclosed on three of those properties in late May and early June, 2013.)
  4. Bosworth reports earned income of $17,662 from three sources since January 1, 2012:
    1. Volunteer of America: $1,225
    2. USD School of Medicine: $4,885
    3. State of South Dakota: $11,552
  5. On the income claimed here, Dr. Bosworth, her husband, and her three children could qualify for Medicaid.
  6. In Part X of her filing, Bosworth names four sources of compensation in excess of $5,000 paid by one source:
    1. Equipment Sales LLC
    2. IronWorks Leasing LLC
    3. Independent Medicine Prof LLC
    4. Meaningful Medicine LLC (incorporated with a Sioux Falls address, but essentially the same practice as Independent Medicine).
  7. In Part II, Bosworth fails to list her compensation from any of those four sources.
  8. In Part VIII, Bosworth lists her position as sole member of Independent Medicine and Meaningful Medicine. She fails to list her positions at Equipment Sales and IronWorks Leasing.
  9. Part VII is supposed to show liabilities as valued within a month of the date this form is filed. Bosworth's checkboxes on this page appear to add up to at least $1.4 million in liabilities. The largest chunk of this debt is at least $500K on a business line of credit held by ReliaBank in Tea. Bosworth's liabilities include checking overdraft protection at two banks, two mortgages, an American Express balance, and student loans.
  10. In Part VIII, Bosworth lists 18 positions held over the last three years. Her present positions include the following:
    1. Meaningful Medicine sole member;
    2. "Nurse's Parish" educator;
    3. University of South Dakota School of Medicine faculty member;
    4. USD med school Geriatrics Fellowship educator;
    5. USD med school curriculum reform committee member.
  11. Bosworth's husband Chad Haber received no income over $1,000 from any one source in 2012 or so far in 2013.

The facts as Annette Bosworth has presented them to the Senate Ethics Committee suggest a personal fiscal house in disorder. With potentially lucrative medical skills, Bosworth directs her energy to a quixotic Senate campaign and now a medical mission trip to the Philippines, while her husband makes campaign videos and tags everyone on Facebook.

Republicans, if Annette Bosworth manages to get on your primary ballot, please study this financial disclosure form, and then ask yourself if you want this candidate in charge of your budget.


  1. John Tsitrian 2013.12.20

    I doubt that she has a following of any significance among Pubs. Even among the claque (about 60 true believers) that showed up for her "debate" in RC a month ago it seemed pretty clear that the focus was on Nelson.

  2. interested party 2013.12.20

    Bosworth is a typical white Republican: entitled, solipsistic, clueless and Palinesque. She's the perfect GOP candidate for a failed state like South Dakota.

  3. Been There 2013.12.20

    Her following has always been the same, that is what makes her dangerous. The have great face to face people skills and they prey on the young, elderly, and people in life distress. They can be very trusting and give people hope. As dumb as they seem, their con is very smart. They have been living off it for a long, long time. It's the trusting and/or uninformed that will continue to give them money and their time. They eventually discover who they are and distance themselves. By this time Haber/Bosworth will have already lined up several other followers to replace them. The informed that help them- People feel they are the exception to the rule. They know them so they feel they "know" them and they are definitely not the people everyone is saying they are. They are the victims and need help. The same pattern applies to them. They are replaced before they leave on their own, using the credibility of the persons name to recruit others. Their financial pattern shows the same jumping. The lists tell me they get bored easily and move on, leaving a path of financial destruction. I pray for those children and the adults they will become.

  4. Chris Francis 2013.12.20

    South Dakota Rich.

  5. Dave Baumeister 2013.12.20

    BT, this sounds like something I could have written myself! Sounds like at one time you were as gullible as I was!!! I agree, those are great little boys, and I, too, pray for them. Their parents will NEVER entertain the possibility that they may be harming their sons. Probably the only reason Rose and Rich Bosworth acknowledge their daughter anymore is to stay connected with their grandchildren. No doubt, they have seen how their son-in-law cut his own mother out of the boys' lives, despite the fact that she is a wonderful woman. My friend Dan tell me there has to be a novel in this somewhere. I think I need to start working on one.

  6. Jenny 2013.12.20

    Good advice Been There - If anything, Bosworth and husband are a good life lesson on the types of people you need to run (more like sprint) from. Unfortunately, everyone will meet people like this, the best advice is to stay away and avoid them as much as possible. You can't try to change them or give them advice, so save your time and energy.

  7. Rorschach 2013.12.20

    Looks like she may declare bankruptcy. Those employees will probably never be paid. They'll waste their time & pour money into their lawsuits and they will get little to nothing if Bosworth files for bankruptcy after she loses the primary.

  8. Tara Volesky 2013.12.20

    Looks like from your poll Cory, the Democrats could decide the Senate primary. If they want Rounds and Daugaard out, I suggest registering republican for the primary and vote Stace Nelson and Lora Hubbel. That is one way to stop the corrupt political regime, and stamp them out.

  9. Lynn G. 2013.12.20

    I was thinking the same thing Tara and plan to do so. lol

  10. Taunia 2013.12.20

    Looks like her Senate race was a get rich scheme.

    Seems she and Chad have abused a lot of things: the public, the practice of medicine, the legal system, their family(s), the political system, et al.

    Creditors at her 341 meeting should at least get to enjoy grilling her and her fraudulent husband.

  11. CD 2013.12.20

    I agree Dave, BT is clearly onto them!

  12. WestRiver 2013.12.21

    Wait, wait, wait, I am confused! 1st of all, I read and reread what they sent in to the Ethics Committee and couldn't truly believe that this was for real. Let's just start with the fact that the forms were handwritten by someone with no sense that anyone else was going to read it, more like, 'hey, note to self: I think I have this stuff, but maybe I don't; maybe I will check again.' Second, I think they must have let their 13-year-old fill it out, 'Mom, what am I supposed to put here? Oh, I will have to scratch that part out and put it over there then...wait, I wrote it in pen..the 'X' goes where?' And to think, she had 120 more days than she was supposed to have to fill it out and she still did it like that? Oh my. What a worthless, senseless mess of an accountant...wait, did I just say that I think Annette uses accounting skills? 2nd- I am an entrepreneur and if I had a financial statement that looked like that AND I was a physician AND I had a husband who didn't work AND I had three young children AND several employees who were depending on me...I wouldn't be going anywhere. I would stay home NOT be running to the Phillipines (remember charity begins at home), sit my husband down and tell him he had a week to get a job, even if it was McDonald's, be kind enough to tell my employees to look elsewhere for work, start promoting my business beyond belief and be bringing in the cash and THEN, maybe, on a soft, off-chance, think, I said THINK about running for office. Good Lord Annette, get your head out of your butt!

  13. CD 2013.12.21

    Cory, you pointed out that she failed to list any compensation from her listed 'employers' and I'm wondering what happens? She was clearly serving medical patients who were either self paying or filing insurance (not Medicaid) so where would that be listed? I just wish someone would AUDIT them, along with PHS!

  14. Nick Nemec 2013.12.21

    One discrepancy that immediately jumped out to me was under Part VII Liabilities, she lists a "land mortgage" with Farm Credit Services of Mitchell for $250,001-$500,000. Yet in Part IIIB Non-publicly traded assets no corresponding asset that would serve as the collateral is listed. Farm Credit Services is a cooperative financial institution and pretty much the go to lender for farm land purchases in South Dakota I would be extremely surprised if FCS would allow her to carry a quarter to half million dollar mortgage with no land asset for collateral.

    Maybe she forgot to list the asset, maybe the asset was the land she gave away in the first raffle but I would be extremely surprised if FCS wasn't made aware of that raffle because the title would have to be cleared before the raffle winner could take title. Something doesn't add up. At the very least it requires a follow up call asking for a correction or clarification, if none is given it screams out for an investigation of possible mortgage fraud and conversion of mortgaged assets.

  15. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.12.21

    What likely happens next is the Senate Ethics Committee, which is in charge of these financial disclosure forms, will send Bosworth a letter requesting additional information to clarify the omissions CD and Nick have highlighted. I am unclear, however, on what jurisdiction the Senate Ethics Committee has to investigate and penalize candidates beyond the $200 late-filing penalty. ANyone else know?

  16. WestRiver 2013.12.21

    In addition to any Committee action, the Ethics in Government Act authorizes the Attorney General of the United States to seek a civil penalty of up to $50,000 against an individual who knowingly and willfully falsifies or fails to file or to report any required information. Moreover, anyone who knowingly and willfully falsifies or conceals any material fact in a statement to the Government may be subject to fines, criminal prosecution and sentencing.
    See 5 U.S.C. appx. § 104(a).

  17. Jackilope 2013.12.21

    Bachmann, Palin, and Bosworth -- different Brunette Barbie Doll face, same bat caca crazy from each one. Each one's husband in the background has equal elements of crazy. Each one preaching to the masses and holding themselves as having an inside line to God and the Constitution -- and themselves exempt from finance rules. Each and every one. Crosses, guns, and flags.

    GOP / Tea Party branding -- looks and sounds good on the surface and call that good enough.

  18. Roger Cornelius 2013.12.21

    Jackilope, interesting observation. Bosworth/Haber failed to follow a basic law of politics and as a result showed their true intent, make a profit off a Senate run.

    A woman standing by her husband that is a candidate is perceived as supportive. A man standing by his wife that is a candidate is perceived as puppet master.

    On a national level, how many times do you see the husbands of female candidates or politicians?

  19. caheidelberger Post author | 2013.12.21

    WR, thanks for that legal citation!

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