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Governor’s Hunt Wastes Good Pheasant Meat

I keep hearing from Pat Powers how important pheasant hunting is to our Governor.

If that were the case, maybe he wouldn't invite a bunch of slob-hunter cronies out to waste a bunch of good pheasant meat:

Imagine a dumpster full of pheasant carcasses with just the breasts cut out. That’s what my friend found after the governor’s hunt back in October, behind the processing place in Fort Pierre that handles the birds.

My friend is loathe to waste anything on a fine-tasting game bird like a pheasant. So he was upset about that. Still is. He thinks it was a terrible waste that didn’t reflect well on the state’s high-profile ringneck hunt or the state Game, Fish & Parks Department’s involvement in it [Kevin Woster, "Wanton Waste on the Governor's Hunt? Well...," Outdoors in KELOLand, 2013.12.30].

I have no problem with events that bring visitors to enjoy the natural wonders of our fair state. I don't even mind if the Governor uses such events to entertain rich folks and make business connections. But if you shooters have time to schmooze and booze with the well-connected, you have time to pluck and gut and eat what you shoot. That's simple conservation and respect for the land that makes the hunt possible and sustainable.


  1. interested party 2014.01.02

    Pat's post made me go look through the 2011 invitations and neither Benda nor Bollen was on the list.

  2. Rorschach 2014.01.02

    I hope Kevin Woster's friend was able to make a few good meals out of the meat he dumpster dove. The rest probably went to Gene Abdallah's game feed.

  3. Jana 2014.01.02

    Pat uses a reporter who came to SD on a sponsored trip as support. Of course, once again, facts are things to be made up to support your position.

    His reporter source says the following:

    "Pheasant hunting contributes $230 million annually to the South Dakota economy and is the state’s largest tourism draw, according to officials."

    Sorry Mt. Rushmore! I wonder who those officials were?

  4. owen reitzel 2014.01.02

    How about giving the birds to someone who could process the birds and give them to the poor that won't waste the food.

  5. Rorschach 2014.01.02

    Pheasant hunting a greater tourism draw than the Sturgis rally? I think not.

  6. Robert Klein 2014.01.02

    On its face, your suggestion makes sense. However, I think the hunters code of ethics is that you clean and care for what you harvest. After you've taken care of it, you're welcome to give it away.

  7. owen reitzel 2014.01.02

    I'm afriad I'm not a hunter Robert. So I'll go with what you said. Makes sense.

  8. mike from iowa 2014.01.02

    If you have plenty of money,then there is an endless stream of resources to exploit.

  9. Ellen 2014.01.02

    They could have given the extra meat to Feeding the Hungry. My nephew shot his first deer this last fall and donated all the meet to them.

  10. rollin potter 2014.01.02

    Come on mr. klein, thes slob killers that come into the state are not hunters!!!!the majority of them are slob killers that like to kill and have no ethics!! They would not have the slightest idea of how to clean a bird!!! I have had first hand opportunity to watch them shoot anything,"including hens," that gets up and if it don't drop at there feet they keep on moving!! they do not enter my land!!!!!!!! They have ruined hunting for the true local hunters

  11. Douglas Wiken 2014.01.03

    City sales taxes on farmers and ranchers ruined free hunting in South Dakota.

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