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Third Raffle Ticketholder: Bosworth Balks at Raffle Refund

Annette Bosworth has left the country with at least two consumer complaints against her pending in the state Attorney General's office.

A South Dakotan contacted me this morning and provided proof of purchase of a ticket for the now-infamous Preventive Health Strategies Moody County land raffle. This source has provided a credit card statement showing payment of $1,000 to Preventive Health Strategies of Sioux Falls in October 2012. This source has provided the following e-mail from PHS confirming the purchase [#### indicates personally identifying information redacted at the request of the source]:

From: PHS []
Sent: ####, October ##, 2012 ####
To: ####
Subject: land raffle


Thank you for your land raffle purchase. Your ticket number is ####. Feel free to make additional purchases to increase your chances of winning the land at
<> or calling us. We will notify you when the drawing will take place.


Peggy Craig
PHS (Preventive Health Strategies)
phone (605) 368-1741

Recall that the July 15, 2013, deadline for this raffle drawing came and went with no action by Bosworth or PHS.

This ticketholder says initial efforts to contact PHS and request a refund were met with evasion. The ticketholder says Bosworth's sister and bookkeeper Peggy Craig specifically was "rude and adversarial" (sound familiar?) claiming that she knew nothing about the raffle and did not work for PHS... this despite her name appearing at the bottom of the raffle-ticket confirmation e-mail.

The ticketholder finally succeeded in contacting Bosworth's husband and PHS chief Chad Haber in November. Haber reportedly said at that time that PHS just didn't have the money to pay the ticketholder back... which is bogus, since if you are conducting a raffle, you put the money you raise in an escrow account and don't touch it until you draw.

Haber also told the ticketholder in November that only three ticketholders had not received refunds. Haber has since failed to return the ticketholder's calls and e-mails, so the ticketholder has filed a complaint with the Attorney General.

Annette Bosworth on flight to Tokyo, posted on campaign Facebook page, 2014.01.06
...don't know when I'll be back again...

And now Annette and Chad are off flying around the world on a medical mission trip, on money that, if we add up the full ledger, doesn't really belong to them.

Watch out: her next flighty e-mail to supporters will probably tell them to go steal petitions that don't belong to them, scratch out Rhoden's and Nelson's names, and write hers on top of already gathered signatures.

Three ticketholders have now confirmed to this blog that PHS, Chad Haber, and Annette Bosworth have cheated them out of $1,000 each on the Moody County land raffle. Bosworth still refuses to offer any public response to these very serious grievances. And she now gets to enjoy at least a week away from the prying questions of the press and the public.

Tangentially related: Attorney General Jackley is proposing legislation to strengthen consumer protection laws. The proposals will include amendments "increasing the punishments for deceptive acts committed on both consumers and businesses" and "allowing the Attorney General’s Consumer Division to collect attorney fees in consumer protection cases."


  1. Kristi 2014.01.06

    You know, Dr. Bosworth, it doesn't matter how much 'good' you do, Jesus doesn't like thieves and liars. I know this first hand because I read the Bible, too. Maybe mine is a different version than yours?

  2. jerry 2014.01.06

    Marty seems like he is in on the fix. By not doing anything, he is giving the thumbs up that all is well and that the Bos can proceed with her senate drive. What she does by being there is to drain votes. The winner in all of this is the Egg Roll! Pass the sweet and sour Marty.

    When this is all over, the Egg Roll will be sending Marty a proclamation for his day in the sun.

  3. chris 2014.01.06

    Her own personal "preventive health strategy" is to take the money and run! Au revoir, mon cherie!

  4. Lanny V Stricherz 2014.01.06

    Exactly right Jerry. I am sitting there thinking, so the AG can't release details of his investigation into the death of a State employee, and he also won't put a do not travel order when there is evidence of a somewhat large defrauding of private individuals. Whose responsibility would that be then? Bet if it were an enemy of the State, in other words a Democrat, he or she would be in prison by now.

  5. Joan Brown 2014.01.06

    It pays to be a Republican in SD.

  6. Roger Cornelius 2014.01.06

    I'm waiting for her to raffle off a dead donkey.

  7. Rick 2014.01.06

    Quote Steve Miller: "Go on take the money and run!"

  8. CD 2014.01.06

    I hope they never come back.

  9. rollin potter 2014.01.06

    roger cornelious, WHY a dead donkey?? There are lots of live two legged jack asses in south dakota!!!!!!

  10. Roger Cornelius 2014.01.06

    rollin potter, true there are plenty of two legged jack asses in South Dakota, I hear there is a herd of them in Pierre.

    As the story goes, a Cajun bought a donkey from a Texas rancher, the next day when the rancher delivered the donkey, it was dead.
    The Cajun was upset but decided to keep the donkey. "What are going to do with a dead donkey", asked the rancher?
    I'm going to raffle it off", the Cajun told him.
    The next day the rancher went to see the Cajun and how the raffle went.
    The rancher inquired as to how it went raffling off a dead donkey, the Cajun said "great, I made $798".
    "Wasn't the winner of the dead donkey upset", asked the rancher.
    "Boy was he ever mad", replied the Cajun, "he was so mad I had to give him his $2.00 back".

  11. rollin potter 2014.01.06

    hey roger,that was good!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Roger Cornelius 2014.01.06

    Just for you rollin

  13. grainofsalt 2014.01.06

    Dr. "Boz" gives daily devotions and wants us to believe in her "walk with God" unquestioningly. But neither Chad Haber or Dr. Bosworth can be truthful and straight forward in anything! If I remember my Bible correctly, it's not God who is the father of liars, but that dishonor belongs to Satan. (and they can't figure out why they keep losing friends)

  14. PrairieLady - Gayle 2014.01.06

    I really do not give a rats arse about her "god" BS, but I do about how she has taken in a lot of people and not paid them, given them back their raffle money and used her children. Guess in SD we do not want big government, nor have any consumer or child protection laws so she is going to get by with this crap?

  15. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.01.06

    This US Senate race is an unfortunate example of the emasculated nature of the traditional 4th estate in SD. Where is Mercer, Montgomery, and Jon Ellis on this?

  16. Dave 2014.01.06

    I notice that Pat Powers, the chief of the Robocall Police, is encouraging his readers to check out Bosworth's blog and follow it. Ohhh ... that's right – making a robocall without identifying its source's name and address is a heinous crime, but stealing thousands of dollars from people in a raffle is, heck, no big deal...

  17. Bree S. 2014.01.06

    They should rename the DCI the Department of Politically Convenient Investigations.

  18. Rorschach 2014.01.06

    I didn't think my friend Marty Jackley would be vulnerable this year. But if he has a serious opponent he could be vulnerable on a number of fronts if he's not seen doing something about Republican wrongdoing. South Dakotans vote Democrats into statewide in-state offices when Republicans mishandle their positions. If I were advising Marty I would tell him he really needs to give less attention to the national GOP agenda and drop the Sgt. Schultz act when it comes to GOP shenanigans at home.

  19. grainofsalt 2014.01.07

    PrairieLady Gayle, Dr. Boz uses the fact that she is 1. A physician 2. An "appointed to the Senate by the Almighty himself" christian and 3. Born of SD prairie dirt; to con, swindle, lie, cheat, and steal from innocent people. She can be very friendly and charming in this process. It's much easier to sniff out her husband Chad, who is a much more obvious con man.

  20. Les 2014.01.07

    I'm starting to see folks without knowledge passing her tweets around. Without an arrest, she'll get her job done.

  21. guido 2014.01.07

    I know she wasn't raised this way. Her husband has turned her bat$%&@ crazy, and the born again, Come to Jesus right in this state is drinking the Kool-Aid.....

  22. guido 2014.01.07

    The scariest part of this deal is the fact she has about 78,000 likes on her Facebook page. You can cover up all your sins with a daily devotional praising the Lord.

  23. Nick Nemec 2014.01.07

    You're right Guido, the born again crew are suckers for anyone mouthing the right Christian buzz words. They are a significant portion of the Republican primary electorate and can justify any manner of serious sin if done for "the Lord."

  24. Jim 2014.01.07

    Her actions bear false witness.

  25. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.01.07

    Say, frequent flyers: do those seats on United in Annette's photo look like economy class?

  26. Lynn G. 2014.01.07

    Cory good catch! Those look like first class seats given the leg room which seems very abundant. I've flown domestic quite a bit but not internationally though at least yet.

  27. Lynn G. 2014.01.07

    Usually your packed in like an aluminum winged sardine can. That must be really expensive going first class to South East Asia

  28. Bree S. 2014.01.07

    They flew first class to Haiti.

  29. Jet Setter 2014.01.07

    @CAH, I could be mistaken, but those seats look like First Class to me. Typically, even on international flights, economy seats are three seats per each side of the aisle. These look like there are only two seats per each side of the aisle.

  30. Bree S. 2014.01.07

    I wonder how much medicine could have been purchased with the difference in price between first class and economy.

  31. DB 2014.01.07

    just a fwiw....there are 3 seats in that row. If you look closely, you can see a pillow and phone on the middle seat with two arm rests. I don't think that is 1st class from what I have seen flying.

  32. Les 2014.01.07

    She's in the back of the bus folks, right where she belongs.

  33. Deejay Beejr 2014.01.07

    I think other DB may be right. If that is a wide first class seat, then Widow Seat Guy looks pretty cramped.

  34. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.01.07

    That obscured middle seat is possible, so that's why I was holding fire. The seat in front shows the second guy looking closer, perhaps hiding the third seat.

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