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Bosworth Using Philippine Mission Trip to Shoot Campaign Ads

Dr. Annette Bosworth commits another blatant violation of campaign finance and non-profit law. U.S. Senate candidate Bosworth posts what Pat Powers labels a campaign video shot in the Philippines.

Bosworth has been posting updates about her purported medical mission trip to the Philippines for the past several days on her official Senate campaign Facebook page. The relief trip was organized by Republican lawyer Joel Arends's purportedly non-partisan Veterans for a Strong America. This video, with the overtly political call for viewers to join her campaign team, makes clear that the trip to the Philippines is a crass political ploy by Bosworth. It also makes clear that anyone who donated to this trip cannot claim a tax deduction, since Bosworth is using resources donated for her trip to make political ads.


  1. Lynn G. 2014.01.14

    I apologize for asking but would someone please remind me why Bosworth is in the Philippines?

  2. Rorschach 2014.01.14

    Bosworth's campaign slogan (and the guiding principle of her life) is: "It's better to ask for forgiveness than for permission."

  3. Jim 2014.01.14

    Watch for med mission reality series.

  4. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.01.14

    Lynn, Bosworth is there as part of a medical mission trip organized by Joel Arends' political veterans group. Bosworth has done medical mission trips to Haiti. This trip, however, appears to be one big photo op for Bosworth to associate herself with General MacArthur, veterans, what-have-you.

    R, Chad and Annette don't even ask for forgiveness. They think they are noble and just in all they do.

  5. Lynn G. 2014.01.14

    Thank you Cory! My question was sarcastic in nature. I'm fairly certain the US could extradite from the Philippines if some type of criminal charges were sought but there are numerous islands to hide there if they wanted to vanish though they seem to crave attention.

  6. Lynn G. 2014.01.14

    and drama!

  7. mike from iowa 2014.01.14

    Nice photo-op,Doc. All that is missing is a corn cob pipe and integrity.

  8. Rick 2014.01.14

    The non-profit which bankrolled this trip is on the hook to justify its use of 501 c 3 funds for what turned into a blatant campaign publicity stunt. Bosworth owes her benefactor an apology for this misuse of nonprofit funding, but she's not violating the law. The bankroller is.

    Of course, we're asking for a rational understanding and action from someone who's clearly out of control.

  9. Taunia 2014.01.14

    Ok, so the message isn't bad, and someone on the campaign team watched the History Channel.

    I want to see what happens with this when she gets back to South Dakota.

    This campaign has been 15 train wrecks so far and I'm about out of popcorn.

    Campaign violations aside, this track intrigues me.

  10. Jim 2014.01.14

    If you listen to the words she strings together, they really don't make a lot of sense. It appears she says we should honor our veterans by going on medical mission trips with them.

  11. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.01.14

    Rick, Arends's outfit is a 501(c)4, so does that get them off the hook? I need to see some receipts for the trip, find out who donated, who bankrolled.

    JIm, that incoherence is standard Bosworth-Haber rhetoric. They just say stuff that rings of patriotism and awesomeness, that makes them feel like they are on TV. They don't need you to pay attention for more than the five seconds it will take to do any logical analysis. They just need you to glance at the imagery, hear the echoes, and hit "Donate."

  12. Rorschach 2014.01.14

    I know she hasn't asked for any forgiveness yet, Cory. But if anyone with authority to do so ever threatens to hold her accountable, and her pistol and bible fail to bail her out, she will then ask for forgiveness.

  13. Cranky Old Dude 2014.01.14

    I may have to re-think my estimation of the Boz. Everyday that passes only seems to show her as being real Senate material. Why, with those ethics and that slippery grasp of the truth and reality, she'd be a serious player in no time. Obviously she has all the desirable attributes of an establishment politican.

  14. grudznick 2014.01.14

    Mr. H, your tax advice to your bloggers is concerning. What if somebody takes that advice and does not claim an exemption and they could have and then blames you for their loss? My good friend Bill would be a better fellow to ask about tax exemptions. That aside, the young Dr. Bos does seem to be having fun in the Phillies.

  15. Mark 2014.01.14

    Snake oil. Will the reality show end up on A & E, Comedy Central, or ___________________?

  16. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.01.14

    Grudz, I'm speaking as a private citizen and taxpayer. You can't deduct contributions to a political campaign. Bosworth made the above-linked political video thanks to contributions made to support this trip to the Philippines. Those contributions are supporting a political campaign.

  17. grudznick 2014.01.14

    If somebody donated to your tip jar does that make it paid professional tax advice? I just josh you Mr. H. Dr. Bos is going insaner by the week.

  18. PrairieLady - Gayle 2014.01.14 should be a charitable organization and I would put more in the tip jar and take it off my taxes. Gezzzz everyone else seems to be a charitable org, why can't you?

  19. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.01.14

    I am far from charitable... but not as far as Bosworth and Haber.

  20. Roger Cornelius 2014.01.14


    A&E once stood for Arts and Entertainment. It now stands for Asses and Egos, Bosworthless would fit right in.

  21. grudznick 2014.01.14

    Mr. Mark, I was recently introduced to something called Spike TV by a friend of my granddaughter. I believe that is where the good Dr. Bos is targeting her wares. That or one of those nasty Showtime channels.

  22. Kristi 2014.01.14

    I think 'Cops' would be a suitable show for the Bosworth family on which to appear. That's only my humble opinion.

  23. Donald Pay 2014.01.14

    I want to reiterate something I said on another thread. Bosworth's campaign is not serious, and neither is the "mission" she has said she is engaged in. Bosworth's effort here is not to win a Senate race, nor is it engage in a medical effort. The trip and all the attendant funding effort is to test out various campaign donation schemes and scams as a service for the conservative Republican money boys. She is testing out ways to scam and launder money so that the money boys can skirt campaign finance laws.

  24. Curt Jopling 2014.01.14

    Campaign finance laws? We have those?

  25. mike mcclaren 2014.01.15

    I believe the good doctor was aiming to get on Glen Beck's channel-the Blaze where all good wingnuts go to lie and flame-out.

  26. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.01.15

    Donald, your thesis is gaining ground in my mind. Why else would supposedly sensible Republicans like Patrick Davis and Joel Arends throw in with her? Why else would the Attorney General not be taking her to court for Raffle-scam?

  27. WestRiver 2014.01.16

    Home again home again jiggity, what will the Bosworth-Haber-Arends medicine show do next? They gathered thousands of dollars to go to the Philippines...hmmm...what you suppose will be done with all the overage?

  28. grainofsalt 2014.01.19

    Fundraising ploys? 13 yr. old Prescott Haber begged for mommies $2,000 plane ticket money and only received $50. As Prescott told us; She has the medical skills and she has the medicine. All she needs is the ticket. She had $1,500,000 in medicine (where did That come from?) Joel Arends to the rescue. He not only sends Annette, but Chad too? Where are the Money Problems these two Homeless, Destitute, People keep claiming they have? Joel Arends is sounding shiftier and shiftier too.

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