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Amid Blizzard and Water Crisis, Allen Announces City Commission Bid

Madison faces triple trouble today. Lake County is in a blizzard warning until this evening, with new snow getting whipped around in blinding 50- to 65-mile-per-hour gusts. The roof caved in on the city's clean-water well last night, leaving Madison residents with nothing to drink (well, almost nothing).

But the trouble with the greatest potential for long-term disruption of the quiet life in Madison is that dehydration (and a few other issues) have induced Ashley Kenneth Allen to run for city commission:

Yes, we have some infrastructure issues in Madison. From street and water issues, to electrical issues, to not clearing snow properly. We have some oversight issues and our budget priorities may be problematic. BUT - the majority of our Madison City Workers are hard workers and I know they care about this town and the residents. This accident highlights the need for better contingency plans, backup facilities, and better oversight. We must dedicate resources to fixing our infrastructure. The City Commission needs to take a more hands on approach to running this city. I have advocated this for 10 years and it will be the platform for my campaign for City Commission this spring. There is nothing wrong about asking questions, demanding answers, and requiring accountability. You can be proud our your town and still demand results at the same time [Ashley Kenneth Allen, Facebook post, 2014.01.15].

Allen has shown great leadership potential by speaking up on important policy issues in Madison. A full campaign on his part promises to arouse some useful conversation about open government and effective management in my cold and dry hometown.

Now if he wants to guarantee a win in April's election, he just needs to fire up his big pickup today and deliver bottled water to Madison's senior citizens.


  1. DB 2014.01.16

    I'd be curious what snow removal issues he is talking about. Infrastructure is apparent, but good luck finding funds for that when they have been raising taxes fairly often lately for improvements that should have been funded long ago.

    "This accident highlights the need for better contingency plans, backup facilities, and better oversight."

    How so? Failures will happen and this has been handled the best it could have been as far as i'm concerned.

  2. Les 2014.01.16

    Sorry DB, but the care and concern for not only water quality but the structures involved are the responsibility of their licensed water system operator. Concern is key to heading off disaster.

  3. Douglas Wiken 2014.01.16

    I am still trying to figure out what the "well" was when treated water was being pumped into it prior to being pumped into the metal tanks. Unless I totally misunderstood the rather cryptic news reports, it seemed like a system designed to fail or have serious problems.

  4. Grandma 2014.01.16

    I can't vote in city elections but good luck Ashley!!!!
    We do need some fresh-good sense ideas and maybe you can do that for Madison.

  5. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.01.16

    DB, I'm pleased to hear you react with such political generosity toward a Democratic administration. Any chance you'll say the same thing about the rollout of the health insurance exchange websites? ;-)

  6. DB 2014.01.17

    No.......That was an epic failure. DSU undergrads could have done better.

  7. Les 2014.01.17

    Is an epic failure DB.

  8. Les 2014.01.17

    Ya Lar! reminds me of the similar BS saying, remember when Obama took office, gas was $2.25/gallon.
    Unfortunately letter writer Jeff doesn't value those hundreds of thousands of unemployed who have dropped from the rolls, carrying three part time jobs and still not making it or just living with their 80 year old parents.
    Yes things are as good as can be expected with an 80 Bil monthly cash infusion from your friends and mine at the Fed Res.

  9. Les 2014.01.17

    Wrong Olson, Lar. Gf@P Olson wouldn't have written that nonsense.

  10. Ashley Kenneth allen 2014.01.30

    Join the discussion. Help the campaign.
    "shley Kenneth Allen is proud to announce his campaign for Madison, SD City Commission. In the coming days and weeks, Allen will be reaching out to residents of Madison to discuss the future direction of our community and identify the issues that are most important to you, the voter. Allen promises to be a new voice and leader for the future of Madison, SD."
    Facebook @allenformadison
    Twitter @allenformadison

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