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Bosworth Hires Base Connect, Already Burned up 81% of Q4 Cash

Last updated on 2014.02.13

Yesterday I mentioned Annette Bosworth's apparent connection with Base Connect, the subprime fundraiser for conservative campaigns. Bosworth's Q4 FEC report confirms that Base Connect is working for Bosworth.

On November 26, 2013, Team Bosworth paid Century Data Mailing Service $16,334.56. Century Data Mailing Service of Washington, DC, is owned by Base Connect.

The Q4 report says the Bosworth campaign owes Century Data Mailing Services another $84,979.52. Bosworth owes Century Data Systems Corp., housed at the same D.C. address, $8,474.56. Bosworth owes Legacy Lists $12,151.95. Legacy Lists is also owned by Base Connect.

Bosworth owes Base Connect itself $11,695.28

My quick reading indicates that Bosworth is in to Base Connect to the tune so far of $133,635.85, more than 42% of the money she reported taking in during the fourth quarter of 2013. Nice work, Base Connect!

In other debt, Bosworth owes Consolidated Mailing Services of Sterling, Virginia, $76,158.90. She still owes SSC of Florida $20,750 for the nice Kristi-Noemy video they made of her last fall. She owes poor Patrick Davis $11,665.60 (I'm laying even odds that he never sees that money.) Bosworth claims she owes herself $2,905.01. In total, Bosworth lists $255,030.67 in debt.

So of an impressive Q4 take of $315,314, Bosworth really only has $60,283 to spend, just 19% of the total.

Meanwhile, GOP challenger Stace Nelson reports zero debt and $33,745 on hand. Larry Rhoden reports $4,996 in debt and $72,862 on hand. No other candidate is carrying the kind of debt ratio that gamer Annette Bosworth has. Maybe Rhoden and Nelson shouldn't be as worried about Bosworth as I suggested this morning.


  1. Dave Baumeister 2014.02.11

    I guess I should have just waited for the next blog post to see the fuzzy math revealed!

  2. oldguy 2014.02.11

    CAH is this common for a campaign to pay this much for fund raising?

  3. mike from iowa 2014.02.11

    P.S. only around $7200 came from individuals fron South Dakota. Wouldn't want outsiders influencing South Dakota politics.

  4. G-Man 2014.02.11

    Like most people, I could really care less about Bosworth and the details of her campaign cash. By the way, how's the Pressler "Independent" Campaign doing? We need more refreshing news concerning this instead of the usual boring Republican-Democrat, who has this much campaign cash on hand stale garbage.

  5. G-Man 2014.02.11

    Most people don't care about consultants and this cash and that cash and how much the campaign is in debt. See, that is why you lose more voters each year and I'm talking both parties here. To you guys, it's just a game of who has this cash and who's got that cash. Like most voters, I could care less. It doesn't get to the heart of problems and it puts the focus on the players and the game the players play as most politico types obsessed are interested in this garbage. Most of us are waking up and realizing that the only way to change Washington is to support small business and quit spending money at the corporate stores. We're not going to change anything at the ballot box because both sides have proven time and time again, which ever is in power, that they are beholden to corporate interests. So, the only effective vote is how and where you spend and invest your money. Until we get the majority of wealth back to small business and Main Street, this back and forth at the ballot box is a charade.

  6. Roger Cornelius 2014.02.11

    G-Man, I care!

    It is important to the public to know who contributes to campaigns, how much they contribute and how those contributions were made. It hasn't that long ago in our history that we never knew a thing about campaign finances. You may choose to hide your head in the sand concerning Bosworth, I choose to be informed.

    Bosworth campaign methods and her erratic behavior regarding fund raising are questionable and lead to whether or not she would be a good or bad senator.

    You are right, we need to focus on who and how the game is played in Washington and deal with real issues, a part of that game is knowing who owns which politicians and the price they paid for them.

    I'm pretty certain that when Pressler's campaign finances become available, Madville will report them, they are good at that.

  7. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.02.11

    "Follow the Money" may be more important in politics than anywhere else.

    I wish the answer to ending corporate ownership of legislatures and Congress was as simple as buying local.

  8. Winston 2014.02.11

    At first, I thought she might be accidentally using the gross receipts from her clinic as contributions, but now I know where all the money came from….

  9. grudznick 2014.02.11

    The scary part is that while Mr. Rhoden is busy doing the people's business this young, pretty Dr. Bos is going to keep padding her purse with out-of-state money and then unleash some sort of TV barrage. I can't wait to see it!

  10. Winston 2014.02.11

    I hope she uses the "I am the silver bullet against Obamacare" homemade video in her upcoming TV commercials…. It's bound to get her a response from Jimmy Fallon if she does….

  11. grudznick 2014.02.11

    What if she is the silver bullet against Obamacare?

  12. Roger Cornelius 2014.02.11

    "Silver Bullet" can have a nefarious connotation.

    Remember Sarah Palin's use of "targets" on her website about the same time Gabby Giffords was shot and wounded and several killed in Phoenix?

  13. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.02.11

    If Bosworth is any kind of Silver Bullet I'm moving to Vancouver immediately. Or Oregon.

  14. Lanny V Stricherz 2014.02.11

    It is truly amazing to read the amounts of money a non factor candidate can raise in politics, but Winston has it right. I remember the good old days before the check off for the presidential election on one's income taxes, got money off and running in politics. Any of you old timers remember those days? You know the candidates at the Presidential level debated 6 or 8 times, and I am talking the two major party candidate and any independents, not those ridiculous in party face offs that have gotten so much air time and which the network moderators help to choose who gets the parties' nomination.

    When is the last time the candidates for any of the federal offices here in South Dakota held live debates here in Sioux Falls? I remember going to Karl Mundt/George McGovern at the old Washington High School. Guess what, we weren't bombarded by 30 second or 1 minute sound bite commercials back in those days, nor the phone calls from all over the country telling us who was our best choice at the local level. In 2004, I worked the 3:30 to midnight shift and came home one night (pre cellphone for me) to 14 messages on my answering machine telling me to vote for John Thune against Daschle, one was from no less than Barbara Bush.

    Until we as citizens say enough is enough and we want the airwaves back and that the networks and radio and TV stations have to put out some debates and things that are not fluff, and the money taken away from the political debate, we are never going to get our democracy back. The election is going to go to the highest bidder. I know the Supreme Court has ruled that money is speech, but if ALEC succeeds in getting a Constitutional Convention, we need to make sure that is one that is on the agenda.

  15. G-Man 2014.02.12

    Roger, WE KNOW WHO CONTRIBUTES TO THESE CAMPAIGNS. I don't need anymore "unearthing." THE CORPORATIONS FUND DEMOCRATICS AND REPUBLICANS at the Federal Level. We need to stop shopping at corporations and divest our money from the big banks, gradually, and support small and local business. That is how we are going to bring the wealth back and spread it out. We will not have any effect on our Federal Government UNTIL WE CLEAN OUT THE CORPORATE INFLUENCE OVER THE DEMOCRATS AND THE REPUBLICANS.

  16. G-Man 2014.02.12

    Weiland and Rounds are BOTH CORPORATE supported. That's the truth. I don't play the Democrat versus Republican game anymore. I say vote Independent and support severe term limits at the Federal Level. In the meantime, support a strengthening of your respective state governments, like I'm doing in Oregon and support their recent efforts to push back at our Federal Government in areas the Federal Government has no business going. We are entering an era where all the states are reasserting themselves, as should be and I greatly support this. Oregon is reasserting itself as well as South Dakota, as it should be. This is a positive sign folks.

  17. G-Man 2014.02.12

    To answer Debs question, it is as simple as buying local. The more we reinvest wealth in ourselves, the less money the corporations will have to influence our politicians. Deb, you are NOT GOING TO WIN at the ballot box when both Weiland and Rounds are in the pockets of the corporations. Weiland is just telling you what you want to hear to get elected. In the end Rick will answer to the Corporate-Owned and Controlled Democrat Party.

  18. Roger Cornelius 2014.02.12


    Why are you yelling at me? You stated nobody cares about Bosworth's campaign financing and I told you, I care. What is so terribly wrong with that?

    I understand your sentiments and suggestions and agree with most of what you are saying.

    My concern and "care" about the Bosworth campaign is that she is bilking unsuspecting donors and supporters out of their hard earned money and has shown little or no accountability for her reckless behavior.

    South Dakota voters need to be informed about her criminal behavior and her true agenda at the expense of donors. She continues to play fast and loose with our political system and yet has not been called out by Republican leadership or held accountable by law enforcement.

  19. G-Man 2014.02.12

    Roger, Bosworth is meaningless in the bigger scheme of things. You, Corey, and the rest of the gang should not spend another minute of your energy and time wasting your focus on her campaign. The Bosworth Campaign is one of those distractions. Her campaign is about as important to me as the toilet paper I just wiped my butt with. Those people contributing to her should have known better.

  20. Roger Cornelius 2014.02.12


    The Bosworth campaign is NOT a distraction to South Dakotans that will be electing a new senator this year.

    Republican senate candidates are in a precarious position this election cycle. Should front runner Rounds have a real fallout from the GOED/EB-5 scandal the affects will be drastic, especially since some political pols are saying Bosworth is running second in the current race.

    You say her candidacy isn't important in the "big scheme of things", the people we elect will represent us in the "big scheme of things".

    I prefer to "waste my time" and do what I can to ensure that her candidacy goes no further than it already has.

  21. Jim 2014.02.12

    Grudz, you should raffle a breakfast. Griddle cakes and something from the larder.

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