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Bosworth Helps Facebook Kill Babies

Last updated on 2016.03.23

A Bosworthy exercise in logical syllogism:

  1. Fake Senate candidate Annette Bosworth paid Facebook 19 disbursements totaling $1,635.40 in 2013 Q4.
  2. Facebook is run by Mark Zuckerberg.
  3. Zuckerberg donated 18 million shares of Facebook stock in 2013 to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. That stock is worth $992 million.
  4. SVCF gives money to Planned Parenthood.
  5. SVCF has Planned Parenthood members among its directors and index advisors.
  6. Planned Parenthood, according to Bosworth supporters, murders babies and manipulates women.
  7. Ergo, Annette Bosworth murders babies and manipulates women.

But seriously, candidates vying for the title of true conservative alternative to Marion Michael Rounds must now boycott Faceboo, right?


  1. Kal Lis 2014.02.13

    Your syllogism falls because Bosworth didn't pay Facebook. She re-invested campaign funds in Facebook. (That fact that Bosworth can re-invest in something without first investing is a neat trick that should be reserved for another post.)

    Everyone knows that Zuckerburg can't use Bosworth's re-investment dollars to promote any cause Bosworth claims she doesn't approve of..

  2. mike from iowa 2014.02.13

    I knew there was a reason I quit FaceBook several years ago.

  3. Jenny 2014.02.13

    After fighting with a mentally ill family member on FB, I did the same thing and quit FB last year also. It's rather creepy, and I think a bit unsafe to put everything out there about yourself and pretend to have fake friends you haven't even met. The narcissists love it though, as it's the perfect place for them to gloat.

  4. mathia rall 2014.02.13

    Annette's friend that has stayed at her house in my presence is the doctor that comes down from Minnesota to perform the abortions at planned parenthood. So......her pro-life stance is fairly recent

  5. grudznick 2014.02.13

    That seems harsh on the young lady. I will have you notice with a red pen that Mr. Rhoden is not attacking this pretty young woman and neither should we.

  6. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.02.14

    Mathia, what's the name of that doctor? Can we get that doctor to confirm that story?

  7. mathia rall 2014.02.14

    shoot me an email i will give you details

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