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Robinson Criticizes Noem’s Repeated Desire to Shut Down Government

John Tsitrian upbraided Rep. Kristi Noem last weekend for ignoring reality and voting for against this month's no-drama debt-ceiling increase. Tsitrian's Rapid City neighbor Corinna Robinson, who happens to be running for Rep. Noem's job, must be reading:

Doesn’t Representative Noem recall the devastation that resulted from her last vote to shut down the government? The last time she caved to the extremists and the government was shut down, hundreds of South Dakota cattle ranchers faced a life and death situation because of the October blizzard. When they called their government agencies that would otherwise have been able to help them, they received voicemails saying the government was shut down. So instead of being there for them, Noem sided with the anti-American government extremists and her personal and political interests. Our ranchers received little help from Noem. I will never let that happen when I am representing the good citizens of South Dakota [Corinna Robinson, press release, 2014.02.19].

Let's hope the newly Jarding-powered Camp Corinna continues to press Rep. Noem on her record and holds her accountable for failing to serve South Dakota's best interests.


  1. John Tsitrian 2014.02.20

    Atta girl, Corinna. Come out swinging!

  2. Roger Cornelius 2014.02.20

    Keep hammering Kristi, Corinna, and above all else keep reading Madville Times.

  3. owen reitzel 2014.02.20

    Keep hammering NOem Corinna!
    It's almost an unfair fight with Kristi giving Corinna so much ammo!

  4. Sam 2 2014.02.20

    Let's hope Kristi can ride her horse full time after the election. The horse is much smarter than Kristi since a horse can always find it's way home. Kristi seems to have forgotten where she is from. I am sure we will see that same horse ad again

  5. Winston 2014.02.20

    Kristi needs to keep beating this dead horse until March 25th. She still fears being primaried, so the "Tea Party" antics will continue for another month, I am afraid. Then watch the "New and Modern Kristi" come into play. The born-again-moderate with a new du.

    Stace Nelson and Kevin Weiland have proven that if you really want to do it, signatures to get on the ballot can realistically be done within a week…. Kristi is no fool, plus she probably wants a new du…. too….

  6. Winston 2014.02.20

    Correction: Noem needs to wait until late April and not March 25th, in order, to prevent a conservative "Tea Party" leaning Independent candidate from filing for the US House race in South Dakota.

  7. Roger Cornelius 2014.02.20


    Noem has already earned the tea party label, does a date really matter and how can she shed the tea party without pissing them off/

  8. RW&B 2014.02.20

    Really Corinna? You are saying that by voting to shut down the Government that it caused Blizzard Atlas? That's as big of a stretch as you saying that we need to raise minimum wage because it will help stop people from joining terrorist cells in South Dakota. Furthermore, as an individual with a deep agriculture background, I guarantee none of our ranchers were in the house trying to call any government offices to help them out. They were doing what they do best, taking care of business for themselves and not relying on the government to come fix it for them. We need serious candidates in this election and once again, you have proven your shallow understanding of the issues and your lack of substance in this race. Please!!!! Somebody find us a better candidate than this to run against Rep. Noem.

  9. Wayne Pauli 2014.02.20

    Alphabet person, if you read the release you will see that it states:

    "The last time she caved to the extremists and the government was shut down, hundreds of South Dakota cattle ranchers faced a life and death situation because of the October blizzard."

    She did not say as you stated: " You are saying that by voting to shut down the Government that it caused Blizzard Atlas?"

    I say, "questionable synthesis of the facts on your part."

    I do teach graduate research classes if you would like to hone your Bloom's Taxonomy skills. In order to get to synthesis we must go through Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, and Analysis. You seemed to have skipped a few levels on your way to your post. It happens often and makes the evaluation perhaps skewed.

    Maybe that is what you were looking for?

  10. Rick 2014.02.20

    Here's the difference between these two.

    Kristi was the popular mean girl who used her looks to let other people put her on top. Once there, she promptly did nothing of use except to appease Tea Party goons, and made ordinary people sick of her.

    Corinna is the ordinary girl who served her country, did her duty and wants to find new ways to serve her country. She won't wear out her welcome. She will actually grow in Congress and make us proud.

  11. mike from iowa 2014.02.20

    If you vote for Noem,the terrorists win.

  12. Winston 2014.02.20


    The date matters as far as filing goes. And, a label can easily be lost if you don't vote right. Just ask former Senators Lugar and Bennett about the latter.

  13. Jessie 2014.02.21

    If Robinson wants to best Noem in this race, she's got to hone her stump speech and get a handle on her social media. I listened to her rambling at the Hughes/Stanley County dems gathering the other night and was not impressed. Her twitter account was last updated sometime in November. Does she have an organization or any money yet? Time to get to work!

  14. interested party 2014.02.22

    Hill City and Custer are pushing Noem to the center as her association with the T-zone sours. Curious that the Napoli, Verchio wing is giving her a pass.

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