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Another Bosworth Employee Bails over Legal and Moral Concerns

Finding someone who has worked for Annette Bosworth and Chad Haber for more than a year may be harder than finding a Republican blogger telling the truth about Bosworth's Senate campaign.

Into my hands falls another document from Team Bosworth-Haber, a recent resignation letter in which one more disgruntled employee explains why working for the Senate candidate and her Svengali husband became intolerable after a few months:

Over the last few months I have gained knowledge of activities that both you and your husband, Chad Haber have been involved in, that leave a host of legal questions and fall well short of my ethical and moral standards. Furthermore, you will recall the evening of Friday, November 15 in which I approached both you and your husband about allegations that had been made towards your land raffle. At this point, you proceeded to swear at me and informed me that it was none of my business.

November 15: I can understand why Chad and Annette might have been swearing. November 15 was the Friday of the week that their raffle scam hit the blogosphere and the airwaves full force.

The source of the above letter, like a number of Bosworth-Haber's former employees, prefers anonymity, and understandably so. I know seven former Bosworth-Haber employees who tell the same story: erratic finances; boundaries between business, charity, and politics blurred to non-existence; and management veering from volatile pathos to rank intimidation. With Haber and Bosworth now trying to frame former employees and threaten them with costly litigation, I can understand why some of those employees want to keep their heads down.

But when this many employees spin out the revolving door of Bosworth-Haber's clinic and non-profit and political campaign, we're not talking about one or two bad apples holding a grudge against a respectable doctor, humanitarian, politician. We're talking about something seriously wrong with the husband and wife perpetrating their medicine show not just on employees, but on political donors across the country.


  1. Angry Woman! 2014.03.07

    Annette & Chad... staaaahp. Just stop.

  2. rick 2014.03.08

    DocBoz and Hubby Haber would look adorable in their orange jumpsuits when they begin filming their reality show from the county prison.

  3. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.03.08

    Word is she is paying people $5 per signature to get her signatures for her nomination petition. If that can be confirmed, that would be another criminal charge as it is illegal.

  4. Lynn G. 2014.03.08

    I could definitely see these two characters in a future episode of the TV series "Lockup"

    I wonder where there incarceration would be though for the show? Federal, State or County?

  5. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.03.08

    Paying per signature? I want confirmation on that. (I also wouldn't mind that job, as I can get 20 signatures in an hour.)

  6. Mark Schuler 2014.03.08

    The last 3 nights during KELO 10:00 pm news, Doc Bos has a commerical on for running for Senate campaign. I wonder if Kelo has been paid up front to run these ads? And I wonder why she isn't wearing bracelets (handcuffs), or is the AG building a case on her? Seems like a lotta of who you know, instead of what you know going on here.

  7. DeeJay Beejr 2014.03.08

    I don't know if it is illegal to "tell" people you are going to pay them to get signatures, as I am sure whoever is circulating the positions would have to sue her before they ever saw a sou!!

  8. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.03.08

    Careful: what you saw could get you sued!

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