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Bosworth Nominating Petition: Look Legit to You?

Last updated on 2014.03.31

I wonder how you make a narcissist go into histrionics....

Pat Powers gives you one corn chip; I give you the whole enchilada. For your reading enjoyment, I offer Annette Bosworth's Republican U.S. Senate nominating petition, filed yesterday with the South Dakota Secretary of State:

Bosworth nominating petition sheet

Those seven signatures from the Lakeview Hutterite Colony out by Lake Andes are just page 9.1 out of 213 sheets submitted. Here's the link to the entire petition, all 122 megabytes, nicely numbered:

Annette Bosworth Nominating Petition: 213 sheets, 122 MB

That's an awful lot of petition to download all at once. If you don't want to give your Internet connection a hernia, here's the petition in nice ten-sheet (front and back) chunks:

  1. BosPet 000-009
  2. BosPet 010-019
  3. BosPet 020-029
  4. BosPet 030-039
  5. BosPet 040-049
  6. BosPet 050-059
  7. BosPet 060-069
  8. BosPet 070-079
  9. BosPet 080-089
  10. BosPet 090-099
  11. BosPet 100-109
  12. BosPet 110-119
  13. BosPet 120-129
  14. BosPet 130-139
  15. BosPet 140-149
  16. BosPet 150-159
  17. BosPet 160-169
  18. BosPet 170-179
  19. BosPet 180-189
  20. BosPet 190-199
  21. BosPet 200-209
  22. BosPet 210-213
  23. EXTRA! Added 2014.03.31! BosPet214-227 submitted by mail, received by Secretary of State after certifying the originally submitted 213 pages.

Look it over. If you notice any Democrats or Independents or non-voters or non-people, or if you want to point out anything else you find interesting about the petition, feel free to leave a comment below. Have fun, everybody!


  1. Angry Woman! 2014.03.26

    Well. I know what I will be doing tonight!

  2. Jerry 2014.03.26

    Wow, The Bos gets the block vote. That is an important fringe of the fringe that votes in lock step to what the elder tells them.

  3. Terry Cooper 2014.03.26

    In my state, the name on the petition must correspond to the name on the voter registration. So if "Tim" on the petition is registered as "Timothy," the signature doesn't count. Suggest you volunteers check that out. Good luck!

  4. Joe K 2014.03.26

    Conspiracy time! Or, for the less dramatic - splitting hairs time! - Page 406 - last signature is dated for today!!! Whoops!

  5. Anne 2014.03.26

    Are there really 25 registered voters living in one residence? The Wollmans and Tschetters must be real close! (22)

  6. Rorschach 2014.03.26

    If Dr. Bosworth got hundreds of signatures from Hutterites she could be in trouble if those folks also signed someone else's US Senate petition since she was the last to turn them in. The Hutterites are an important voting block that can't be ignored though, and good for her for talking to them.

  7. Anon 2014.03.26

    file:140-149 19 sigs are counted yet one is scratched out and #20 is left blank.

  8. CD 2014.03.26

    Call me a conspiracy theorist... The last page where the county and address are filled in (but crossed out) with no name or signature gives the appearance that forms were completed by someone ahead of time allowing for people to just fill in their name like an assembly line. Disgusting.

  9. Jerry 2014.03.26

    Anne, these families live in these large homes. They are more or less communal living arrangements so yeah, they have the same address.

  10. PlanningStudent 2014.03.26

    Here is the link to look up Notaries.. When checking notaries make sure their expiration is listed correctly. Also if the Notary signed the same page that they notarized that knocks out the entire page!

  11. Robin Page 2014.03.26

    No real need to be concerned with Dr. Bosworth as a candidate. She can't win the Primary, but at least she is trying! I agree that she has some big problems with her finances, but she still has the courage to go forward, even facing so much criticism.

  12. Disgusted Dakotan 2014.03.26

    @Robin sadly, she is a distraction and an apparent decoy to help the Rounds campaign. She distracts from all of the negatives about Mike Rounds being financed by East Coast special interests and the numerous scandals of corruption in his administration.

  13. mike from iowa 2014.03.26

    I looked through one or two pages and am totally amazed there are so many physicians in SoDak. Some sigs I can barely make out the printed version. Also noted quite a few printed where it said sign and signed where it said print.

  14. Ryan Gaddy 2014.03.26

    Not cool. . . that's people's private addresses now splashed on the internet. . . . I think you need to take this down before you have legal problems. . . Voting is a private matter. . . So are these petitions!!!
    Would you like it if I found you and exposed your home like this?


  15. Megan Konz 2014.03.26

    Page 157 line 5- is Plankinton small enough that PO Box numbers are allowed? Everyone else possesses a street address. This signature was counted.

    Also, this is most definitely public information.

  16. Roger Cornelius 2014.03.26


    Are you actually saying that the public does not have the right to view public documents?

    It seems to me that once you sign a public document, you subject yourself to any an all risks.

  17. Megan Konz 2014.03.26

    Same for page 141 lines 9 and 10. PO Boxes in Fort Pierre.

  18. Megan Konz 2014.03.26

    Nevermind, just looked up the definition of 2nd class and 3rd class municipalities. Carry on.

  19. Jerry 2014.03.26

    Way cool Ryan Gaddy, this is public record. When you sign one of these petitions, it is public even on the tubes of the internets.

  20. David Newquist 2014.03.26

    Nomination petitions are public records and the public has the right and responsibility to examine them for accuracy and integrity. Bosworth'she financial escapades have called integrity and competence into question and all citizens have the right to examine her public record. This notion that politics and public business is what -officials to cover up the fraud in the NBP and EB-5 b

  21. Megan Konz 2014.03.26

    Minnesotan on page #112 line #9 and not crossed off.

  22. David Newquist 2014.03.26

    business. the severe miscarriage of government honesty and justice utin the Scwab-Taliaferro case, and puts South Dakota at the very bottom of the U.S. integrity indexes. And it is the reason so many people have abandoned the state for reasons of their mental and moral survival.

  23. David Newquist 2014.03.26

    Sorry about this frenetic keyboard. Can't stabilize the cursor.

  24. Richard Schriever 2014.03.26

    Well, just right off the bat for the page posted above as example - the Notary's NAME (Rodney E Fitts) is NOT his title (the title should be "Notary Public"). So that whole sheet is void. As are any others Mr. Fitts filled in in that way

  25. Richard Schriever 2014.03.26

    So - just briefly sampling pages throughout - I see that Mr. Fitts made the exact same error on EVERY SINGLE PAGE. They are all void.

  26. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.03.26

    In the line in the top portion of the page in this post:

    It's for the candidate's name as she wishes it to appear on the ballot. She wrote "Dr. Annette Bosworth." Can candidates include titles on the ballot like Dr., Rev., Hon, etc?

    It doesn't seem right to me.

  27. Todd Gray 2014.03.26

    Page can be completely thrown out page 212 the notary did not sign.

  28. Megan Konz 2014.03.26

    Another Minnesotan- Page 77 line #1. Appears to have been counted.

  29. Cory I love this project! 2014.03.26

    Richard Schriever's comment is true on EVERY PETITION and should be the first basis for a challenge.

    page 181 #18, not a complete name

    page 151; circulator only put "Sioux" for the town.

  30. Cory I love this project! 2014.03.26

    P 88-- no notary seal.

  31. WestRiver 2014.03.26

    There's no way to check voter registration against the names on the petitions because in order to search you have to know the person's DOB.

  32. Roger Cornelius 2014.03.26

    You guys are doing a great job so far!! I'm really enjoying this, how much time do we have to make a determination to challenge?

  33. Cory I love this project! 2014.03.26

    Page 132--Rodney Fitts notarized at the end and did not put a title , but again printed his name.

  34. Cory I love this project! 2014.03.26

    page 155--notary did not sign in the right spot and then did not put a title.

  35. Cory I love this project! 2014.03.26

    page 20 & 21--no title; the notary printed their name

  36. Lanny V Stricherz 2014.03.26

    Can the Notary actually date his or her notary seal prior to the date of the signatures on the Petition?

  37. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.03.26

    Megan finds the definition she needs to explain that post office boxes are fine for Plankinton, Fort Pierre, and all towns under 5,000. Here's the Secretary of State's explanation from the petition circulation guide:

    "A signer in a first class municipality may not use a PO Box. The signer, if a resident of a second or third class municipality, may use a post office box number in lieu of a street address. Second and third class municipalities are those with less than 5,000 population. They would include all municipalities except the following, which are first class municipalities: Aberdeen, Belle Fourche, Box Elder, Brandon, Brookings, Huron, Madison, Mitchell, Pierre, Rapid City, Sioux Falls, Spearfish, Sturgis, Vermillion, Watertown, and Yankton. If the signer does not have a residence address or post office box number, a description of their [sic]
    residence location must be provided."

    Watch those towns for P.O. Boxes!

  38. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.03.26

    Lanny, absolutely not. Any signatures dated after the notary seal are invalid.

  39. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.03.27

    Ryan, I am as concerned about privacy as you. However, the above commenters are correct: petitions are completely public records. Anyone can request to view them in the Secretary of State's office or purchase copies. The fact that a petition sheet has twenty spots for signatures tells you that if you are signer #1, your signature, address, and county of registration may be seen by 19 other signers.

  40. Joe K 2014.03.27

    #180, has the same edits and handwriting as one circulated by Ronald Ward, just like you see in #184, but #180 was signed by Bosworth... He must have forgotten to sign the form...

  41. Cory I love this project! 2014.03.27

    P 80--another one Rodney Fitts signed and did not put a title.

  42. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.03.27

    The Rodney Fitts error is interesting. Does the fact that his title, "Notary Public", appears on his seal to the left satisfy that requirement?

  43. WestRiver 2014.03.27

    CAH--How important is it that the signer places signature where it states signature and prints where it says to print? what if they are switched, is that a big deal AND can two notaries sign the same page, i.e. Rod Fitts signing the top and Joel Arends (imagine that) signing the bottom of the page

  44. Dick Hamwads 2014.03.27

    Ryan, one might expect for you to know the rules of signature collection as you were one of the unaffiliated individuals who helped Bosworth's campaign collect signatures. The state isn't that big. Discouraging people from becoming involved in their electoral process in any capacity is a selfish and unpatriotic approach to campaigning.
    Furthermore, Cory has done a great job of investigating your candidate on many levels throughout the primary season. You should thank him for not allowing other South Dakotans to be brainwashed by the bad doctor in the same way that you have been.
    I get it, Ryan... She's never been a politician and you like that. Unfortunately, with inexperience comes naivety and often incompetence, both of which we've seen inside not only the Bosworth for Senate camp, but also in the doctor's professional life. Unpaid employees at Meaningful Medicine, a land raffle that never was, and a general lack of awareness on issues that face our nation every day are just a few drops in the bucket of mistrust that Dr. Bosworth has quickly filled both on the campaign trail and in her own practice.
    I see that your father worked for Senator Daschle's office. I also see that you "are not historically a Republican voter." That leads me to wonder... Which one of Bosworth's policy positions inspired your change of heart?

  45. PlanningStudent 2014.03.27

    CAH the fact that the notary seal contains that info does likely satisfy the law. Likewise, signing where you should have printed doesn't matter. If the information is there but in the wrong spot any judge would side with the 'people' as in the people who signed the petition.

  46. PlanningStudent 2014.03.27

    Dick, you really had to go for Ryan's jugular..? The guys wrong about the privacy bit and we all know it, leave it at that. You got real personal real quick.

  47. PlanningStudent 2014.03.27

    West River, perfectly fine to have multiple notaries..
    Megan every signature will look like it was counted because they were. Nominating petitions are taken at face value, that's why it's up to us to dissect them!

  48. Donald Pay 2014.03.27

    Fitts has his stamp on the petition, which provides his title. I don't think that's disqualifying.

    The real problem here is not with the petitions or signatures. It's with the candidate. Given her past fraudulent behavior, it is probably reasonable to question her collection of signatures. But, I wouldn't spend too much time on it.

  49. Dick Hamwads 2014.03.27

    I'm simply pointing out that the guy is in the Bosworth camp. I suppose the last bit may have sounded a bit sharp-tongued... The coffee was still brewing. Although I am genuinely curious about what might draw a typical South Dakotan to Dr. Bosworth's candidacy, as very little of her support seems to come from inside of the state and very little of her substance seems to come from outside of health care.

  50. Megan Konz 2014.03.27

    Page 33 Line 3- no address
    Page 60 Line 2- Nebraska

  51. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.03.27

    No invalidating, but politically noteworthy: Rep. Tona Rozum (R-20/Mitchell) signed Page 174, line 2, Feb. 8.

  52. Megan Konz 2014.03.27

    PlanningStudent- Thanks! I guess that I saw check marks next to some errors and figured that someone had caught those especially since the number on the right side was adjusted accordingly.

  53. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.03.27

    Planning Student, I agree with that liberal interpretation. If the information is there, we won't get too picky with voters. We should hold notaries to a higher standard... but I agree that the Fitts title is likely not a disqualifier.

  54. Vincent Gormley 2014.03.27

    No Ryan by law these are public documents.
    Meanwhile most do not know the difference between sign and print. If those signatures don't match the auditors records , trash.
    Some of those require a handwriting expert.

  55. Nick Nemec 2014.03.27

    I hope they don't require signatures to match. I've only registered to vote once in my life and my 18 year old signature is different from my 55 year old signature.

  56. Cory I love this project! 2014.03.27

    Page 36 #12 is a date about a month from now; obviously wrong

  57. Vincent Gormley 2014.03.27

    Nick, you are not alone. I need to get a new Social Security card. I still use the original my parents got me. My signature has aged a bit too.

  58. Ryan Gaddy 2014.03.29

    I am drawn to Dr Bosworth by her stance about what "Pro Life" means. It caused me to do a lot of research. I find her lectures on dependacy issues, and how the brain operates to be very intriguing. And I, above anything, would like to see someone break the mold and do something to make a change in our world. I know that living in South Dakota as long as I have. . . This is a VERY REPUBLICAN place. . . And to change my tag so that my voice mattered more. . . I chose to seek what "REPUBLICAN" was on a deeper level. And I would like to enhance what it means to be a Republican in South Dakota. To be more open minded to ideas that normally never get discussed. Now if another candidate can show me why they are a better "Home-grown" values choice. . . Please step up. I apologize for my outburst. I was wrong. . . But now you all are wasting time talking about me instead ;)

  59. Ryan Gaddy 2014.03.29

    "Play dumb and they all will lash out. . . . " congrats Maddville, you guys are that worried about me and what I do in my spare time? Im not running for office. And I just became a hot topic in this thread. . . So now you have to stop talking about me . . . Researching me. . . . To silence me ;) Im everywhere. . . And my mission is sound. . . . LOUD SOUND ;)

  60. Ryan Gaddy 2014.03.29

    With my childhood knowledge of how government works . .do you really believe I was dumb enough to think that this was really a private document? Lmfao!!!! ;)

  61. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.03.29

    Ryan, we usually assume people mean the words they say. In Bosworth's case, however, it is clear that words are simply tools to manipulate people and get their money. "Change my tag so my voice mattered more"—that describes what Bosworth is doing claiming to be a conservative Republican. She has no stance to vote for. She will not act in anyone's interest but their own. Every other candidate on the ballot will be a more reliable public servant than Bosworth.

  62. Ryan Gaddy 2014.03.29

    So changing your party means you are shady?

  63. Ryan Gaddy 2014.03.29

    And someone said I was discouraging voters to participate in Nov? Ive done nothing but push for people to register and get educated about their candidates

  64. Roger Cornelius 2014.03.29

    Given your comment about understanding government, you asked an ignorant question about public documents and got the answer. If you knew the answer to your question why did you ask it?

    The only change Dr. Bosworth is making, is adding "change" and contributions to her personal bank account.

    Bosworth has dumbed you down and apparently you are comfortable voting for a grifter, go for it. I'm anxiously awaiting the debates, the other candidates are going to reveal who she really is. Hope you can handle it.

  65. Ryan Gaddy 2014.03.29

    I welcome revelation sir ;)

  66. Ryan Gaddy 2014.03.29

    How many of you support medical marijuana?

  67. Roger Cornelius 2014.03.29


    Does Dr. Bosworth support legalizing marijuana or medical medical marijuana? One of them or both?

  68. Ryan Gaddy 2014.03.29

    You have to ask her or her campaign manager.

  69. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.03.29

    Wait: Bosworth changed parties? I thought she said she was a lifelong conservative.

    Bosworth's position on medical marijuana would be worth hearing. But she doesn't talk about that issue, because it isn't one of the approved conservative fear points used to scare little old ladies in other states into sending her checks... or sending Base Connect checks and creating the fake impression that she has lots of support.

  70. Roger Cornelius 2014.03.29


    I just seems that a passionate follower of Dr. Bosworth and a advocate for medical marijuana, that you would know her position on marijuana.

    Should Dr. Bosworth express opposition to both legalizing marijuana and oppose medical marijuana, would you still donate to her campaign and vote for her?

  71. Ryan Gaddy 2014.03.30

    I may or may not have that knowledge. Im not at liberty to discuss that issue on her behalf. I believe in her stance of stand up against Goliath size opposition that is wrecking our country. I would advise her to seek studies conducted by the medical community outside of our state borders. I do know she has a large capacity to do her homework on health issues ;)

  72. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.03.30

    Ryan, if you have nothing to say, just don't say it.

  73. Teresa 2014.03.31

    possible duplicate:
    Thomas Wollman, Ethan SD: pg 211 line 3 dated 1/3/14 (pg 423 on pdf)
    Thomas Wollman, Ethan SD: pg 207 line 4 dated 1/1/14 (pg 415 on pdf)

    Another possible duplicate:
    Taylor Hanson, Aberdeen SD: pg 176 lines 1 and 5 (? line 5 whole name is illegible, but appears to be same as line 1)

  74. Teresa 2014.03.31

    possible duplicate:
    Mary S Wipf, Alexandria SD: pg 75, line 15, dated 1/8/14
    Mary S Wipf, Alexandria SD: pg 88, line 19, dated 1/7/14

  75. Teresa 2014.03.31

    possible invalid submission:
    Page 210 (421 on pdf) Line 4 - the printed name and signature are two different names - Darius (or Davis?) Tschetter and Mike Wollman

  76. Teresa 2014.03.31

    possible duplicates:
    David Wipf, Scotland SD: pg 156, line 7, dated 1/13/14
    David Wipf, Scotland SD: pg 194, line 2, dated 1/13/14

    Laura Wipf, Scotland SD: pg 156, line 9, dated 1/13/14
    Laura Wipf, Scotland SD: pg 194, line 17, dated 1/13/14

    Lydia Wipf, Scotland SD: pg 156, line 12, dated 1/13/14
    Lydia Wipf, Scotland SD: pg 194, line 11, dated 1/13/14

    Also, a possible duplicate on the same page (?). There are two Marie Wipf's on page 194, lines 8 and 14. (No middle initial to differentiate if it is two different people.)

  77. Teresa 2014.03.31

    possible duplicate:
    Paul Wipf, Scotland SD: pg 156, line 3, dated 1/13/14
    Paul Wipf, Scotland SD: pg 195, line 1, dated 1/13/14

  78. Joe K 2014.03.31

    Ryan - on your legalizeSD facebook page, you made a comment on 3/12 that the Bosworth campaign promised an official response within the next day. On 3/15, you mentioned that she was open to supporting your cause. Is that her response, she is willing to support your cause? Or, are you just unwilling to share what you have been told by their campaign?

  79. Ryan Gaddy 2014.03.31

    I approached them. I am not at liberty to discuss her position on the cannabis issues. I also talked to every other republican US SENATE candidate. . Including Mike Rounds, Stace Nelson, Marty Jackley etc. . . It was not a question exclusive to Dr Bosworth's campaign team. I have also.asked that question of city level candidates in Sioux Falls SD

  80. Joe K 2014.03.31

    So, it is safe to say you did get an official response from them? Also, it is safe to say that you and your advocacy group, South Dakota Against Prohibition support Annette Bosworth for the upcoming primary and general election?

  81. Roger Cornelius 2014.03.31


    When did Marty Jackley become a candidate for the U.S. Senate? Do you know something the rest of us don't.

    At this stage of Bosworth's campaign, I find it odd that she has not or will not take a position on cannabis whether it for medical use or legalizing it.

    Stranger yet, is your refusal to discuss the candidates position on marijuana because you are not at liberty to do. Why not Ryan? Have any of the candidates told you not to talk?

  82. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.03.31

    Ryan, how can any citizen not be at liberty to state the position a candidate has taken on a public policy issue? Why the secret?

  83. Ryan Gaddy 2014.04.01

    They have not officially taken a stance. I don't work for them. Therefore. . . I'm not going to feed the Anti-Bosworth Engine that this blog seems HELL-BENT on being. . . I'd rather keep a neutral position. I support Marijuana Legal Reform, not ONE particular candidate. . . Remember, I challenged THEM ALL with that same set of questions. . . And all you want to know about is what the Bosworth Team had to say. . . Why don't you ask them yourselves. . . Then maybe you will know what I know ;)

  84. Ryan Gaddy 2014.04.01

    Dr Bosworth has been the most accessible candidate. . . She lives in Sioux Falls, so do I. . . Other candidates . . . I don't know what town they live in. I met them for a quick chat in Sturgis. . . I, by no means am out grilling with the Bosworth family. I regard them as people I've talked to on a couple occasions that potentially hold a key professional view opinion on an issue I feel very passionate about. Helping people live better lives. . . So to the guy that runs this blog, why aren't you so hot for Stace Nelson's nuts? oh. . . I forgot. . . He sponsors you. . . ;)

  85. Ryan Gaddy 2014.04.01

    And you can't take on Mike Rounds with your attacks, he was a governor and has a nice plastic smile with a HUGE out of state based budget. . . A master of "whispers" per se

  86. Ryan Gaddy 2014.04.01

    I have nothing against Stace Nelson AT ALL. . . Very nice guy. And his response on the medical marijuana issue was very intriguing coming from a former state legislature man, and US MARINE. . . I do believe his stance is highly valid based on the facts he currently has at his access to make an educated decision.

  87. Ryan Gaddy 2014.04.01

    So ask your Senate Candidates about Medical Marijuana next time you attend a LINCOLN DAY DINNER. . . Unless you live out of state. . . ;)

  88. Ryan Gaddy 2014.04.01

    So get back to your "Witch Hunt" . . . I'll go back to changing the view of my state . . . peace ;)

  89. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.04.01

    Most accessible: baloney. Bosworth has declined to return numerous calls for interviews and information.

    Ryan, the simple fact is that Bosworth is a fraud. She has no positions, just talking points to manipulate people into giving her money.

    I have blasted Nelson's position on abortion, guns, and other issues. I have made clear I would not vote for him over my preferred candidate, Rick Weiland. Sponsorship buys ad space, not editorial content.

    That said, Nelson, arguably the most radical conservative in the race, has been the most willing of all the Senate candidates to speak to me and other liberals who frequent this blog of all the candidates. Ravnsborg and Pressler have also responded to press inquiries from this blog.

  90. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.04.01

    I have also never called Annette Bosworth a witch.

  91. mike from iowa 2014.04.01

    Did someone intimate that grifting might be in his future?

  92. Bree S. 2014.04.01

    "I'll go back to changing the view of my state"

    Of course you can change your view of the state, Ryan Gaddy. It's like looking at a circle. If you look at a circle straight on, it looks like what it is, a circle. If you should change your own angle and position and look again at the circle now it may look like an oval. The farther you change your position from perfectly straight on the more out of shape the circle looks. But of course that is only your own perspective. The circle is still a circle. Same thing with the state. Changing your view of this state will not change it, it will only change your own perception.

  93. Bree S. 2014.04.01

    And why can't Cory "take on" Mike Rounds? Master of Whispers? Hogwash. That lame ad he pulled shows he isn't "Master" of much.

  94. larry kurtz 2014.04.01

    Bree: were you in Bully Blends last week?

  95. Bree S. 2014.04.01

    No, Im in Nebraska now.

  96. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.04.01

    (Bree! I was just thinking of you. In Nebraska now on a trip? Or did you move?)

  97. Bree S. 2014.04.01

    I'm temporarily moved down here, in balmy Nebraska. Almost like a vacation. :)

  98. Jenny 2014.04.01

    Congratulations on your baby, Bree!

  99. Bree S. 2014.04.01

    Thanks, Jenny. He's a cute little Viking. :)

  100. Ryan Gaddy 2014.04.01

    Bree. . . I am changing, I suppose more of the "mindset" of the outdated thinking this state is muddled in.

  101. Roger Cornelius 2014.04.01

    Our friend Ryan appears to be a conflicted young man.

    First he questions the legality of of showing names and addresses on public documents on a blog and tries to shame Cory into taking them down. Than he feigns he does know the law and was just toying with us.

    He has talked to all the U.S. Senate candidate, including Marty Jackley, about their position on cannabis prohibition and is not a liberty to relate to voters what those positions are. Specifically he show an extra amount of restraint in discussing Dr. Bosworth's cannabis position.

    If Ryan would scroll down to bottom of the Madville Times homepage "tag cloud" and click on Stace Nelson or Mike Rounds he would be able to read for himself all the "attacks" on Rounds and Nelson. Ryan, you have talked about doing research and studying this and that, do some more.

    Frankly, I am getting more than a little tired of these childish games you are playing with the "I'm not a liberty to discuss that" or the "if you knew what I know".

    If you know that political positions of candidates, especially cannabis that is one your passions, what is is the difficulty in sharing them on a public forum. Remember, you talked to them, we didn't

    The dig at Cory for living out of state is petty, Cory is likely a registered voter and a resident of South Dakota, his physical location does limit what he has to say. You might want to discuss locality with Bree, she is currently living in Nebraska. (Hi Bree!).

    As for Stace Nelson advertising on Madville Times, please take time and read Cory's Top Ten Reasons Stace Nelson is Advertising on the Madville Times.

  102. Lanny V Stricherz 2014.04.01

    Well done Roger.

    I hope you are satisfied, Blindman. I can't quit humming and singing, "Born Under a Wandering Star.

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