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Hubbel-Myers Press Conference: Nothing New But Nullification

Mike Myers made the ballot on time, but not his press conference. The now-official Independent gubernatorial candidate was supposed to spend an hour with Republican gubernatorial candidate Lora Hubbel telling the press about corruption in South Dakota. He arrived nearly an hour late.

I can't tell if it's bad reporting (couldn't be! Betsy Jibben is an alumna of high school debate and South Dakota State!), but from KDLT's synopsis, I get the impression we missed another chance to focus South Dakotans' attention on specific problems that our next governor needs to solve.

Hubbel and Myers mentioned South Dakota's well-known F for corruption in state government. Myers said hospitals should pay their taxes. KDLT said Myers agreed with Hubbel that we should repeal the Affordable Care Act. Hubbel said the U.S. should just trade with Israel instead of China (China's GDP: $9.2 trillion; Israel's GDP: $291 billion.)

Then Hubbel advocated nullifcation by sheriffs:

"I want to make sure you have a Governor that says no way to Federal Government. You're not crossing over this line. You're not messing with our state and you're not messing with us here," said Republican Candidate, Lora Hubbel.

Hubbel says she wants to start a volunteer sheriff's organization that will keep the federal government out.

"Your local sheriff is the best protection against the federal government," said Hubbel [Betsy Jibben, "Two Candidates Talk SD Corruptions," KDLT, 2014.04.23].

Oh, goody. Hubbel is talking about something like the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, which confuses the judiciary and executive branches and reads the oath sheriffs swear to protect the Constitution as authorization for local badge-and-gun tyranny. You want corruption? I think a local sheriff saying the Constitution says what he says it says is a viable definition.

So while Myers runs late and Hubbel worries about FEMA setting up concentration camps (an audience member asked if she knew where FEMA has its two camps in South Dakota, and she dithered in agnosticism instead of smacking down false nutbar rumor), we'll watch Dennis Daugaard cruise to an 85–15 win in the primary.


  1. Union Co 2014.04.24

    If you watched when Myers introduced Collier as his Lt., you knew he was a bit off the tracks. I have known him to be politically honest. He was not afraid to criticize the Republicans when he felt they deserved it, but sorry to say, his better days seem to be gone.

  2. Lynn G. 2014.04.24

    Cory I was waiting for you to post on this. lol

    This presser was painful to watch and read about! What a missed opportunity and that opportunity was squandered!

    I was really looking to see Meyers be focused and go on the offensive and make his case about EB-5 and other important subjects related to the title of the press conference "SD Corruption" but he was late to his own presser and he didn't get much time to communicate why he should be governor with it being dominated by Hubble.

    Pushups once showing age or health is not a factor for being 77 years old is good once for his initial campaign announcement but a 2nd time it's a costly distraction. I feel Meyers has a great deal to offer but I just don't think he's taking this campaign seriously!

    Hubble just lost me with rambling about things that are of interest to a very small fringe. Look at what the press picked up on what little press covered this. FEMA camps and sheriffs power? what?

    Opportunities to get press coverage and voters interest are too valuable and limited to be wasted.

  3. Lanny V Stricherz 2014.04.24

    I arrived late and left early.

  4. mike from iowa 2014.04.24

    How many will vote for Myers solely because he did push-ups? Too many uneducated voters don't take time to educate themselves.

  5. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    We had internment camps for the Japanese during World War II. And it has only been a couple of generations since Hitler killed millions of Jews and Stalin killed millions of Ukrainians.

    People get sidetracked by conspiracy theories. I think it would be pretty hard to keep the existence of FEMA camps a secret in South Dakota. Not to mention someone would have found them on Google Earth by now. The point is whether the government has the capability to round up "undesirables" and put them in internment camps, not whether or not it has already been done.

    A few weeks ago if someone said the government would send a military response because a rancher wasn't paying grazing fees you would say they were crazy. But that is exactly what happened. And what if the government had managed to scare the protesters into an armed conflict and people had died? Well, you better take the guns away from the public, because "safety concerns."

    But Cory, you can rest easy. You're white. If we ever again have internment camps the ones in South Dakota won't be for you.

  6. Tara Volesky 2014.04.24

    Wow, I can't believe what you people are saying on these posts. 99% of the press conference was on corruption, but the Pravda would not report on it. The questions about the Feds, sheriffs, and fema camps where asked by people in the audience. Mike Myers was not a hour late. How about a minute. Lora talked about EB-5 extensively. Manpower fiasco. Cronyism and corruption with Daugaard and his good ole boy club. Myers nailed the media and health care monopolies. This was the most brutely open honest non-scripted press conference I have ever been too. And you all will be able to watch the entire video as soon as it's uploaded. Cory will be eating crow. lol. That's why the Governor won't debate her, and the media is 100% to blame. The are no longer the watchdog for the people. If Hubbel debates him, she beats him, and he knows it.

  7. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.04.24

    So why didn't the media report on that, Tara? Get me a transcript, and I'll count up that 99% and headline it.

  8. mike from iowa 2014.04.24

    The Fed didn't respond militarily to any Nevada rancher. The BLM is not military. Next time they show up,I certainly hope they have the equipment to do the job right. Military tribunals and firing squads on the spot for seditious bastards that want an armed confrontation. Wingnuts have been pushing armed confrontations for quite a while now.

  9. Curt 2014.04.24

    Hubbel is irrelevant. Myers is a distraction and an example of what can happen when an educated person suffers misfortune in life and spends years trying to settle the score with the gods. I can't explain Kaitlin Collier - or the push-ups.

  10. mike from iowa 2014.04.24

    If memory serves it was Oliver North-convicted felon-who was going to rearrange FEMA from a federal disaster response group to one that rounded up Central American immigrants and held them for deportation or something like that. Fema worked swimmingly well under Clinton. Wingnuts f%^&*ed it up under dumbbass dubya.

  11. Tara Volesky 2014.04.24

    How about the unedited video. The only station that reported on this was KDLT because they aren't bankrolled with commericals by Daugaard and Rounds, Avera and Sanford. Why did Public Television cancel. Why isn't there one debate. Come Cory, you know this is rigged. Call Lora and talk to her, she's the candidate, not me. 605-521-9504. Why don't you interview her like you did Gordon Howie. Or how about Mike Myers?????????? 605-659-4681 or home 605-552-2425. I just don't think it's fair to hear a one-sided bias interpretation of the press conference with out also talking to the candidates.

  12. Lynn G. 2014.04.24

    Tara can you post a link to the unedited video?

  13. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    Mike from Iowa: As far as I can tell both parties are a mess.

    Bill Clinton to Ted Kennedy: "A few years ago this guy would've been carrying our bags."

    The worst comment I could find for George W. Bush was "Do you have blacks, too?" to the President of Brazil. (after pages and pages of Kanye West accusations).

    Yes, I wonder how the government could have possibly been that incompetent in the Katrina response.

  14. owen reitzel 2014.04.24

    "Hubbel says she wants to start a volunteer sheriff's organization that will keep the federal government out."

    Did Lora say this Tara? Seems a little extreme and I don't know how it could be taken out of context.

    I tend to agree on why KSFY and KELO didn't cover it. They get a lot of money from the hospitals and they've done a very poor job on the EB-5 stuff

  15. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    Based on the pictures I've seen Mike from Iowa, the amount of firepower the BLM took to the Bundy Ranch is pretty eyebrow raising.

  16. Tara Volesky 2014.04.24

    Cory, I would say her presser was 100% on corruption. There where questions off topic in which she answered, but she has no control what kind of questions come from the crowd. She did not avoid any questions. I give her credit for answering off topic questions even if I don't agree with her 100%. I will take honesty over phoniness and political correctness.

  17. Tara Volesky 2014.04.24

    By the way, Joe Lowe and Susan Wismer where also invited to talk about EB-5 and crony corruption. I hope everybody watches the video. It is mind-boggling.

  18. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    The point is not whether FEMA (or whatever government agency's) internment camps currently exist, Owen. The point is whether or not the government has the capability of setting them up. Which they do. The next question is whether or not the government would turn on its own populace with the threat of deadly force. The military firepower recently brought to the Bundy Ranch demonstrates that willingness. And then when it comes to FEMA in particular, do we see anything to suggest that some people in the government might be willing to intern "undesirables." The amazing incompetence of the Katrina response doesn't leave me with good feelings on that issue. So I currently have concerns about both FEMA and the BLM. It is amazingly shortsighted to suggest the problems of the FEMA response were due to "Bush racism" and now that Obama is running things it is a bastion of racial tolerance. Whatever problems FEMA and now the BLM has isn't something that changes with a new President.

  19. Tara Volesky 2014.04.24

    Owen, I don't want to speak for Lora, but remember Alex White Plume from Pine Ridge? There is a documentary on how the Feds came onto his land pointing guns at him for growing industrial hemp. They completely destroyed all of his crops. You tube it. She told me if she was Governor she would have defended him. People really like to sensationalize. If the media would do their jobs this wouldn't happen. She needs to be careful about plants in the audience because the media and Cory along with Pat Powers try and paint her as crazy. Come on Cory, you just interviewed Gordon Howie, are you afraid of the truth with Lora??????? I am waiting for that interview. The presser will come on line shortly. She would probably have the sherriffs defend the Native Americans and Ranchers that don't want the KeystoneXL going through their land and Aquifier. Nobody wants to interview her because they know she has nothing to hide and she could beat Daugaard if people decided to wake up and quit listening to political sound bites.

  20. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    As I stated, we interned the Japanese in our country, and we also had the Trail of Tears. Andrew Jackson was a Democrat. And the War Relocation Authority was created by FDR. Truman dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. I'm not saying this as an attack on the Democratic Party. But we need to wake up and stop thinking one party or the other is the party of racism and the other is the party of tolerance, and that the government is some kind Sweet Old Lady who only wants to help.

  21. Tara Volesky 2014.04.24

    Bree, you sound like Lora Hubbel. Let's see if Cory turns on you. lol Bree, you make more sense than anybody on this thread. Now let's talk about corruption in SD. Even Cory wants to avoid it.

  22. Tara Volesky 2014.04.24

    Thanks Bree for toning down some radical reactionaries. You really must have done your homework.

  23. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    What about the crazy chick who keeps leaving over the top messages demanding Hubbel be allowed to speak at Senate debates.. that Powers keeps highlighting. Can't imagina that Hubbel would've asked her to do that.

  24. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    Its funny to me that people worry about strangers carjacking them.. and then forget the government is made up of strangers. Even if the majority of people mean well (which they probably do) it only takes a few bad eggs in key positions to make a big mess.

  25. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    Well, some of the "crazy things" Pat Powers brings up I've seen happen.. like chemtrails. When two planes are turning the sky into a perfect grid of white smoke lines it makes you wonder. Color me cynical that this occurred right before a big football game. Last time I checked money makes the world go round. The problem is people see planes drawing the sky like a checkerboard and immediately assume its government mind control juice. An unnecessary waste of money really if you own the newspapers. Seems obvious to me they hide the whole "chemtrail" with stories about mind control because they don't want to admit they're hypocrites dumping synthetic compounds in the sky while the EPA is cracking down on everyone and they want to tax carbon.

  26. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    What's to talk about EB5 corruption? I mean, we're not really selling our country to the Communist Chinese, right? The Bundy Ranch fiasco doesn't have anything to do with a Chinese solar project, right? Benda committed suicide with a shotgun and Bosworth's petitions are good. Nothing to see here. Everything is fine.

  27. Tara Volesky 2014.04.24

    And Mike Rounds and Dennis Daugaard should not be investigated and we don't need open government, and we should just keep our mouths shut and not question anything and trust our Politians, and Lora Hubbel is crazy for calling DD a Chicago lawyer, and Lora Hubbel is crazy for showing us the Chinese lawsuits against SD., and Lora Hubbel is crazy for calling out the media to investigate all the failed EB-5 projects and finding out where all the hundreds of millions of dollars went. And finally, how dare Republican Lora Hubbel challenge Dennis Daugaard. She should never be allowed her first amendment rights or be allowed to debate DD.......because....... she knows to much. My only problem with Lora Hubbel is she is so soft spoken and she comes across like a Sunday School Teacher. She needs to start speaking out like former Texas Governor Ann Richards and be a BOSS!!!!! Don't let the enemy win Lora. I know you put people before the party brass.

  28. mike from iowa 2014.04.24

    Here is South Dakota's FEMA(concentration camp). Near as I can tell,whoever wrote this wasn't looking at a map.


    Yankton – Federal prison camp Black Hills Nat’l Forest – north of Edgemont, southwest part of state. WWII internment camp being renovated

  29. mike from iowa 2014.04.24

    Check out REX 84 to discover North's plan to roundup illegal aliens and hold them for detention.

  30. Roger Cornelius 2014.04.24

    A five minute search of google will give anyone the story of the FEMA internment camps. When President Obama was elected, Republicans resurrected these cold war era executive orders with claims that President Obama instituted them. Since JFK signed most of these executive orders, no president, Republican or Democrat has rescinded them.

    The Myers/Hubel press conference was a huge disappointment since Tara Volesky has been telling us for months that "just wait for Myers to make the ballot", he and Lora were going to blow the EB-5 scandal wide open.

    There were not particulars of the scandal reported, just that South Dakota is corrupt, we all know that.

    Lora suggestion of making sheriffs constitutional protectors is just plain scary and represent and isolationist ideology Given that South Dakota is dependent on the federal government for over 50% of its expendable income, this would have dire consequences. Lora has surely forgotten that the feds often withhold funding for programs because of noncompliance.
    Cory will hopefully provide Mike and Lora a forum so they can tell us what they know about the EB-5 scandal that the media and the rest don't know.

  31. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    I don't know about that author. Can't find any evidence of that book she claims she wrote. It seems silly to have an internment camp with tennis courts and such. I don't know why the government would not only refurbish internment camps, but also give interviews about it and also say that's what they are. Seems counterproductive to me.

  32. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    I think this propaganda about refurbished camps with basketball courts is similar to the whole mind control chemtrail propaganda - it's to throw up smoke to disguise what's really going on and lead someone down the wrong research path.

    If the government wants to set up internment camps it can.. it has done so in the past. That's a fact.. stories about refurbished camps with hotel amenities notwithstanding.

  33. Tara Volesky 2014.04.24

    Roger, you know better than that. I would not lie to you. Don't fall for Cory's propaganda. He is the cheerleader for the Democrat party just like Pat Powers is for the Republican party. Only difference is PP gets paid. If Mike Myers was a Democrat, Cory would be 100% for him, because there is no comparison from Obamacare to Myers care in fact Senator Jim Aboresk asked Mike to run on the Democrat ticket. I was having lunch with them at Sana's when he said it. They did blow the lid on SD corruption but the media is bought off. Watch when it comes on-line.

  34. Tara Volesky 2014.04.24

    That's why I hate parties because it's very political and party come before people.

  35. Lynn G. 2014.04.24

    Tara any idea when the full un-edited video will be online?

  36. grudznick 2014.04.24

    If chemtrails are not for mind control then what are they for?

    And I, for one, think I know where one of these FEMA internment camps might be. Hint: It is not a far drive from where Mr. Pay says the Governor is storing radioactive waste.

  37. Tara Volesky 2014.04.24

    Lynn, I am hoping tonight. You just need to watch the full version. Thank God for internet. This will wake up a lot of people including Cory. Don't judge a person by their party, because I went after Hubbel big time believing she was bat shit crazy. I will never judge a person by internet propaganda again. That's why Cory needs to interview Lora like he did Gordon Howie. He could Skype the interview. She would be more than willing to answer any questions Cory or any voters want to ask. No holds barred.

  38. grudznick 2014.04.24

    Ms. Volesky, she is bat shit crazy. She thinks bill boards are set up for mind control and the government is forcing people to have babies sleep on their backs so their brains grow softer and will be easier to dupe in 20 years when they can vote. I heard she did pushups at this press conference in a low-cut dress.

  39. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    How should I know what the heck the chemtrails are for, grudznick? The planes didn't land and give me an update on their progress. One theory I read was for weather control, you know, delaying rainfall and such. Since it happened when the Lucas Oil Stadium was brand new (it has a retractable roof) and there was major football game, I postulate that they were delaying a storm. That stadium was built using quite a bit of government money and they raised the local sales tax. But since the government wants to deny they exist (darn EPA regs) I don't have any answers for you.

  40. Roger Cornelius 2014.04.24

    I only reiterated what you said about Myers and the EB-5 scandal, from what I have seen and heard there was nothing of substance reported at the presser by Lora or Mike.

    Cory does not influence my thinking and it is no propaganda just because you may disagree with him. I have expectations of candidates and they include always speaking coherently, not doing circus acts and wasting time like Lynn suggested, and showing leadership by being prepared to answer any and all questions, whether they are asked by a plant, the media, or a member of the audience.
    You have made repeated charges about the corrupt and bias media not covering Lora because they fear what she has to say, to some extent I agree, South Dakota media isn't balanced and ignores what needs to be reported. There is a however, it is the candidate's responsibility to gain control of press conferences and get their message out, if there is substance and credibility the story will get reported. It doesn't serve well just to say "I have the inside story on EB-5" and not reveal proof of accusations being made.
    On the Alex White Plume case, which I do support, Lora as governor would have no control or influence over that situation because of questions of jurisdiction. The feds, whether we like it or not, have unequivocal jurisdiction over federal crimes on the reservations.

  41. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    Uh, grudz, there hardly needs to be existing FEMA camps. Just looking over Wikipedia, FDR signed executive order 9066 on 19 Feb 1942, and several more and more fascist orders later, General DeWitt signed Civilian Exclusion Order 34 on 3 May 1942 ordering all people of Japanese ancestry to report to assembly centers.

    I would think anyone who knows their WWII history knows that these things happen in times of war, depending on who's in charge.

  42. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    Well, grudz, I don't know about making brains grow softer but I can tell you that this whole Back To Sleep program for SIDS is crap. Because of one problem of extremely low occurrence we should force all babies to only sleep on their back? Did anyone even think about buying a different baby mattress instead, with less fumes? I'm not going to force my child to sleep a way he doesn't like because the government says so.

  43. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    Come on Roger. The media won't report on Annette Bosworth and all her problems. They'll let her fleece the innocent if it suits their purposes, that much is evident. They'll also smear and ignore Hubbel if it suits them.

  44. Roger Cornelius 2014.04.24

    Darn, you have no idea how much I hesitate to bring this up, but since it has been commented here I'll say it. My bad.

    FOX "News" and the Republican Party penchant for picking racist/anti-government poster children expanded today with the nuttery of Cliven Bundy and his racist comments and observations about black being better off under slavery. He uttered some of the most repugnant statements that are becoming all to frequent. Bundy slams blacks for being on public assistance and at the same time reveals that he has quit paying federal income tax because he no longer gets his farm welfare. Bundy the Taker has unfeted access to government lands without paying for it for nearly 20 years and then complains about government overreach and that he doesn't recognize this government.
    And all the while we see so called "patriots" defending his Constitutional Rights. Go figure.

  45. grudznick 2014.04.24

    Mrs. S, do you believe immunizing your child against something, say Measles, will also cause Autism? I know some regular-looking people who do.

  46. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    Yes, Bundy's statements were pretty offensive. But then I thought his personal war with Feds was pretty silly. A one man Confederate Army or something. That doesn't make the military response by the BLM any less chilling.

  47. grudznick 2014.04.24

    Mrs. S. if the BLM doesn't start shooting his trespassing cattle I hope they issue hunting licenses for all legal firearm owners to be able to go out and harvest some of that 4-legged-now-government-property.

    Just like Mr. Howie, this fellow is a crook and a thief. Plain and simple.

  48. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    Here's my thought on the matter from what I've read about vaccines.

    We're giving kids more and more vaccines at younger and younger ages, and at very low body weights before the immune system is developed. Many of these vaccines have contained mercury although most vaccines have had most of the mercury removed at this point. It seems to me that a very small percentage of children have trouble detoxing the mercury out of their system. Kind of like phenylketonuriacs can't have aspartame. There may be other correlations.

    The drug companies should push back the age that vaccines are given and clean out the unnecessary toxins. If they do that though they will be admitting that giving mercury laden vaccines at a young age to children who have trouble processing these toxins can cause brain malfunctions like autism. Then they would owe a lot of money for lawsuits. So instead they will deny there is a problem, and the government will cover up for them - however at least autism rates should drop as they take out the mercury while denying it causes a problem. Kind of like they deny mercury amalgams cause any problems as dentists quietly phase them out.

  49. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    The government doesn't tend to send out snipers and military helicopters against crooks and thieves, plain and simple.

  50. grudznick 2014.04.24

    On issue #1, to your general point the government COULD send out snipers and start harvesting that racist thief's cows and that is what should scare us all.

    On issue #2, the rule of thumb is that you should breast feed until the age of 45 months or 45 pounds to prevent autism.

  51. Tara Volesky 2014.04.24

    Roger, come on buddy you are putting the cart before the horse. You are going to find out, mark my word, the Native Americans will be endorsing Lora Hubbel for Governor. Cory, you are so quiet. Are you ready for that interview. So Roger, apparently you don't want a Woman Governor standing up to the Feds and defending the Native Americans. Quit making excuses that the Governor has no voice. This Woman stands for the people! It's not about what the Republicans or Democrats want, it's about WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?????? She and Mike are about the PEOPLE, not the party elites.

  52. Lynn G. 2014.04.24

    When we talk about dealing with the media or pressers I'm always thinking of trying not to give the opposition something to use against you. Rather than giving the opposition or media something easy to twist or deny your message give them something hard that they have to work at it such as a strong argument on policy or findings being well prepared, focused and that you can easily defend.

  53. Tara Volesky 2014.04.24

    Bree, Grudz, Roger, Lynn, Mike from Iowa, Lanny, Anne disappeared, your questions could all be answered if Cory would just do an interview with call in or emailed questions that are not censored. Are you guys up for this. Like I said call them on everything and have them answer tough questions. The ball is in your court. Come on Cory, you are not the kind of guy to shy away controversy. After all, you did interview Mr. LIBERTY TODAY, Gordon Howey.

  54. grudznick 2014.04.24

    The young Ms. Wismer might have something to say about going toe-to-toe with Ms. Hubbel. That should be the debate. Hubbel vs. Wismer in a neutral location, like a salon.

  55. Tara Volesky 2014.04.24

    Lynn, the media cracked except for KDLT because they don't have skin in the game. Isn't it amazing David Montgomery from the Argus left the room and made a phone call. He was totally caught off guard. Hubbel and Myers are heavy weights and even the press can't handle them. KDLT should be the number 1 news station for SD politics. There ratings will rise if they do the Gubernatorial debate with Hubbel and Daugaard. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  56. Erwin Mack 2014.04.24

    Wow! This is the strangest comment thread I have ever seen on this site. Hubbel's brand of lunacy must bring out the weird in others.

  57. Lynn G. 2014.04.24

    Tara my first choice for the SD Governor race is Joe Lowe and I was interested in Mike Meyers in case for some reason Joe Lowe didn't make it thru the primary.

    I'd like to see the full un-edited video from the presser to find out if it is much different from my initial impression of it after finding limited coverage about it early this morning.

  58. Roger Cornelius 2014.04.24

    To be clear, Hubble for governor is not about a woman, it is about leadership. Others on this blog, where are you Deb?, will attest to the fact that there is no greater supporter for women's rights and qualified candidates for elected office and leadership roles than this guy.
    My point about Lora and the Alex White Plume is reminder that a South Dakota governor, Republican, Democrat or Republican has no jurisdiction on reservation (i.e. Janklow tried and failed during Wounded Knee 1973).
    Having spent most of my life on the Pine Ridge Reservation, I have never heard of the tribe as a whole endorsing any political candidates, particularly in a state election. I'm familiar with various tribal presidents endorsing candidates for congress and the presidency.

  59. grudznick 2014.04.24

    Mr. Mack, the real lunacy will be when Messrs. Meyers and Lowe stage a push-up competition while Mmes. Wismer and Hubbel do cheers in the background.

  60. Roger Cornelius 2014.04.24

    Lynn, when do you suppose we'll have access to that video, I've noted you have asked Tara for it a number of times.

  61. grudznick 2014.04.24

    I want to see Ms. Hubbel's pushups!

  62. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    Erwin, please describe what you specifically find weird, lunatic, or strange about the discussion in the thread.

  63. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    Hey Grudz, a while back you said "Oprah Winfrey isn't really a Jew." What do you mean by that? If she converted to Judaism, would she be a Jew then?

  64. Lynn G. 2014.04.24

    Grudz With this Bundy fella are you checking with the BLM to see of you can go down and shoot one of those 4-legged-now-government-property? You could have some nice tasty meat gravy and taters for a long time with one of them. Come back and have one our local meat market's get you all set up with some good cuts!

    Of course some good local South Dakota Beef would be good but hey! Maybe the BLM would cut you a good deal!

  65. grudznick 2014.04.24

    I meant "Oprah Winfrey isn't really a Jew."
    If she became a Jew, then ipso jure, she would be a Jew.

    Mr. G, if I had a ride down there I would happily employ my 2nd amendment rights and eat like a king for a week. I do not need to ask some government agency to do so.

  66. Joan Brown 2014.04.24

    Contrails, short for condensation trails(or as some people here are calling them chemtrails) are caused by the extremely hot vapors that are spewed out by jets. When the jets get up as high as they fly, the hot vapors turn to white ice type crystals, because it is cold up that high. it sounds like some of the people here must have watched the episode of Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theories, where he was talking about these Contrails. I watched that episode and occasionally I will watch the program, if I am flipping through channels and see something that sounds interesting. The only thing is I take these programs with a grain of salt.

  67. grudznick 2014.04.24

    The point is, Mrs. Brown, that Mrs. S and Ms. Hubbel think that the government is putting chemicals in these "trails" and trying to keep football games from having bad weather to reduce tax collections or to control the minds of the population. I think that's insaner than most.

  68. larry kurtz 2014.04.24

    A hundred 100-car trains through Pierre work for you, grud?

  69. larry kurtz 2014.04.24

    Brookings irrelevant, grud?

  70. larry kurtz 2014.04.24

    PP your sister grud?

  71. Erwin Mack 2014.04.24

    Bree, you really have to ask what is weird about this thread? Chemtrails, FEMA camps, sheriff's posse, baby's with soft heads because they sleep on their back. Weird wild stuff. Not what you would normally find in discussions concerning a governor's race.

  72. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.04.24

    I've been working. I rarely have time to get online until later in the afternoon.

    Roger Cornelius is indeed very supportive of equal rights and opportunities and respect for Everyone. He has my vote.

    It may be that Cory has yet to respond because he's having a life.

    This is a weird comment section for this blog. Conspiracy theories, fringey ideas, multiple accusations of all kinds. I'll wait for an opportunity to view the video before I make any more comments.

  73. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    Joan Brown - I personally watched two planes, I don't believe they were jets, grid the sky with white lines. These were not contrails. This was done at a height higher up than your usual spray plane but not as high as a commercial jet flies. The planes flew at the same time. They would draw a line across the sky, turn around, and draw another line across the sky, one flying north-south and one flying east-west. Now if you want to believe that I am either lying or hallucinating this event so that you can continue in your belief that the government is squeaky clean and does everything for our own good and never for crony-capitalist profit, then that is certainly your prerogative.

  74. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    I'm sorry Grudz, you actually said Whoopi Goldberg not Oprah Winfrey. I got confused because the author of that government puff propaganda piece about internment camps with tennis courts was written by a lady who claimed she wrote a book about "Liberal Womyn" that made it on the Oprah Book List.

  75. grudznick 2014.04.24

    Mr. Mack, it is not every 4 years we have a Governor candidate who is a woman and is insane. I want to know where Ms. Wismer stands on Chemtrails, FEMA camps, sheriff's posses, and baby's with soft heads because they sleep on their back. Also billboards that read your mind.

  76. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    Erwin - it was Cory who brought up FEMA camps and sheriff's "posses" in the post because said questions were posed by audience members. Why those audience members would think that those questions were more important than questions about EB5 corruption is hard to say. Baby's heads was brought up by Grudz - a troll who clearly doesn't like the questions Ms. Hubbel is asking about EB5. Grudz also brought up the chemtrails. His goal is to smear Ms. Hubbel so that people don't believe her when she tells them that our politicians our selling our country piece by piece to the Chinese. Not to mention our elections.

  77. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    You will notice that Grudz and Pat Powers are in lock step in their desire to smear Ms. Hubbell and call her insane. You will also notice that she is asking serious questions about the EB5 corruption that the mainstream media does not want to address.

  78. grudznick 2014.04.24

    Ms. "Hubbell" (sick) is insane.

  79. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    One thing I've noticed about people with problems Grudz is that they will accuse other people of suffering from whatever problem they have.

    That's right, I'm calling you insane.

  80. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    grudznick laughing.
    grudznick laughing.
    grudznick laughing.

  81. owen reitzel 2014.04.24

    Bree I agree that Ms. Hubbell has talked about the EB5 corruption and the media has ignored it for the most part but I won't vote for her because because she wants to get rid of the ACA and so what if someone from the audiance asked her about FEMA camps. She should have just said thats garbage and moved on.

  82. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    I'm not supporting her for office either Owen. However, I'd be interesting in hearing what she had to say about the EB5 corruption in the state.

  83. Roger Cornelius 2014.04.24


    I believe your diagnosis of grudz is correct, it is called psychological projection.

  84. owen reitzel 2014.04.24

    I'll listen as well Bree. But she's going to have to come up with facts, just like anybody else.
    I'm sure not defending Rounds or anybody elese. But we have to here the facts

  85. Douglas Wiken 2014.04.24

    When I see contrail patterns, I assume some National Guard pilots are having fun at taxpayer expense. Seems more rational to me that chemical poisoning tests.

    However, I still remember the first contrails I ever saw. The setting sun was on them and they were fire red. We were getting cattle in from a pasture and had no idea what we were seeing. The next day the Yankton P&D explained what we say. Whole lot of worthless "theories" before the explanation however. I was about 10 years old at the time.

  86. Bree S. 2014.04.24

    Wiken - Sometimes I wonder if military pilots get a kick out of creating stories about "UFO's" by buzzing people with experimental aircraft. I lived 45 minutes from Terre Haute, Indiana in what I would say was definitely a military fly over area. I also know the military works on a new project quite a few years before they make it public because my Dad worked in a factory applying coatings to experimental jet engines after he got out of the military.

    On the chemtrails, I don't know what they're for. What I find most interesting is the way people think - that those planes could do that (for whatever reason) over a large population and for the most part everyone would ignore it and it didn't end up in the news. People don't like to think about anything that makes them uncomfortable or upsets their worldview.

  87. Tara Volesky 2014.04.24

    Wow! no wonder why SD is so corrupt because there is no difference between the Democrats and Republicans. When a candidate that is not controlled by either party and is Independent, the D's and R's do everything they can to destroy the anti-establishment candidate. Very sad.

  88. Roger Cornelius 2014.04.24

    I just spent the last 30 minutes trying to find the promised tape of the Myers/Hubble press conference, no luck.

    It seems that Myers or Hubble or their supporters would have it up on their websites.

  89. Roger Cornelius 2014.04.24

    Okay, I finally checked out Lora's website and if I was a Republican, I'd vote for Daugaard before Hubble.

    Not only is she opposed to ACA and supports some for of isolationist government, she counts as her friends the tea party. As soon as I read that, she lost all credibility.

  90. Lanny V Stricherz 2014.04.24

    Tara, I was only there for a half hour. Lora spoke about "Obamacare" for a good share of it. She didn't want to give Mike a chance to speak, and then when she finally did, he kept her up there to agree with him on every position that he took. So as I asked on another post on another thread on this blog, which of these two candidates are you for, Lora or Mike for whom you are the campaign manager? Her rants on ACHA and against the Federal government were ridiculous. This State could not run without the Federal government, because the government takes care of a lot of the people that would either die or leave without federal aid.

  91. Tara Volesky 2014.04.24

    Lanny, did you not hear her calling out Manpower and all the EB-5 programs. Just watch the tape. She is anti-establishment and against the Daugaard Regime.

  92. Roger Cornelius 2014.04.25

    So, has anybody seen or heard the Myer/Hubble press conference tape that was promised some time ago?

  93. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.04.25

    Tara, you want honesty? I vow that if I ever hold a press conference, and if someone asks me where the concentration camps are in South Dakota, I will say, "That's hogwash. No such thing. Next question." Depending on my mood, I might also say, "You're an idiot."

  94. Douglas Wiken 2014.04.25

    Bree, back in the 1950s, the US Gov't did test some variety of minor nasal infection spread in mist from relatively low flying airplanes over eastern SD. That hit the news a few years (or a few dozen) years ago. I think the idea was a pre-test to see if much more serious infections could be spread.

  95. grainofsalt 2014.04.25

    Hubbel did indeed come across as "nuts" in the Argus article. Internment camps, sheriffs keeping FEMA and the Feds out of SD (what happens when we have another natural disaster? Do we say "Hell NO FEMA! Keep your money and your help and stay out of SD, or we'll shoot ya)

  96. Tara Volesky 2014.04.25

    Cory talk specifically about EB-5 and corruption. Don't change the subject. The press conference was not on concentration camps.

  97. Tara Volesky 2014.04.25

    Yes, Grainofsalt, the media along with the establishment and some democrats are out to destroy her. The Democrat party must be very happy with Rounds and Daugaard. Cory is doing exactly what PP want. He's got Madville Times eating right out of his hand.

  98. larry kurtz 2014.04.25

    Bree: what do you know about pacifiers and SIDS? Did thumbsucking evolve to prevent SIDS?

  99. Lynn G. 2014.04.25

    "He's got Madville Times eating right out of his hand."

    Tara my impression was made prior to Cory even posting based on the information again on the limited press coverage. Until I see a full video of the presser my opinion really will not change.

    You could have someone who is very bright but if they cannot effectively communicate creating urgency or call people/voters to action they end up sabotaging themselves.

    Another challenge is priorities! What will interest your target audience being the broad number of everyday South Dakotans working everyday trying to get ahead and facing everyday challenges? Will it be fringe topics such as the power of Sheriff departments stopping the Federal government? That just lost me and made absolutely no sense to me.

    I've checked out one Mike Meyers video on youtube and what he shared about health care and it was very interesting about the inner workings of the healthcare system and I do feel he has much to offer.

    When I saw him hijack the joint presser with Nelson/Weiland for his own announcement I felt a little irked since all these underdogs are working for the same thing going up against the establishment yet he adds another distraction to that presser. Reserve your own presser or announcement for your celebration party!

    The latest limited coverage of the Hubbel/Meyers presser it made me question once again if he is really taking his own campaign seriously.

    Until I see a full video I really can't say much more than that. I need some type of evidence.

  100. larry kurtz 2014.04.25

    Tara is over at PP's bashing Dems.

  101. owen reitzel 2014.04.25

    I see that Larry. I guess I'm one of those uniformed liberals.
    It's amazing if you dont agree with these people they say you're uninformed. Amazing.
    Maybe she's uninformed.

  102. larry kurtz 2014.04.25

    Since the only statewide Dem primary is between two qualified gubernatorial candidates what's stopping Dems from registering earth hater and voting for Hubbel?

  103. Roger Cornelius 2014.04.25

    It is obvious that Lora, like Bosworth, is doing a great job of destroying herself without the help of the "establishment", mainstream media, or the Democratic Party.

    She took a page out of Noem's play book, have the sheriff's keep the feds out of South Dakota until you need their money because of a natural disaster. Kristi essentially attempted to do just that by voting to shut down the government.

  104. Les 2014.04.25

    """ what's stopping Dems from registering earth hater and voting for Hubbel?""" No gas for the car, no time off the two 40 hour jobs it takes some to pay the bills, don't care, complacency and ignorance. As far as the few that camp here 24/7, I have no idea what their excuse might be but I'm sure it would be interesting to hear all that slip sliding away. It's obvious it works in our statehouse. Not that I disagree with crossing party lines to vote, but when the speaker is voting with the leading D 80% of the time, one of them is wearing the wrong color.
    I will add, all the rhetoric on Obama, killing ACA, making life miserable for a miserable Prz, has been proven two years back to be a failed message.
    How about: EB-5. GOED. Allowing NBP to do business with Epoch Star at 30Mil and 29% interest putting state money and government at risk. Justice system putting $50 thousand plus, annually into nonviolent offenders and $5 thousand into our children's education. Harv Jewitt. Sveen. Joop Bollen. Dick Benda. No bid contracts. Pardon's. Criminal or incompetence, which justifies your vote? It would be interesting to know if Mike asked those questions and if not, why not.

  105. grudznick 2014.04.25

    Mr. Les, what is up with my old friend Harv? He is a swell fellow.

  106. larry kurtz 2014.04.25

    PP just deleted two of my comments just as you came to Madville, grud: what do you make of that?

  107. Bree S. 2014.04.25

    Grudz hates Muslims and PP hates life. Must make for great conversation.

  108. Bree S. 2014.04.25

    Larry, I don't know anything SIDS and pacifiers. I was merely stating that SIDS is not a problem with a high enough occurrence in the population to make me force my baby to sleep on his back if he doesn't like it. Just a guess that SIDS could be related to a genetic proclivity in some babies to react negatively to off-gassing from mattresses.

    I don't my run my life based on the findings of special interest paid studies.

  109. larry kurtz 2014.04.25

    Like Heritage?

  110. Bree S. 2014.04.25

    I don't read Heritage much or even Cato. Let's just say I'm uneducatable. Lol.

  111. Tara Volesky 2014.04.25

    Les is on it! Go Les, please educate the Democrats. Pat Powers loves Madville Times because Cory and company destroys their competition. When Cory and clan trashes Lora Hubbel and Mike Myers, they are helping PP and Dennis Daugaard. Cory is teaming up with SD War College and he doesn't even know it and he is helping the Republican party to elect Dennis Daugaard. WAKE UP CORY!!!!!!

  112. owen reitzel 2014.04.25

    Tara. Where did Cory trash Hubbell? He just stated what she said. thats reporting not trashing

  113. Roger Cornelius 2014.04.25

    Laughable! Les educate Democrats, he can't even educate himself.
    Just how many Democrats do you know that would change their voter registration and cross party lines to vote for a known teapublican. That doesn't need an education to figure that out.
    Still waiting that video.

  114. Barry Smith 2014.04.25

    Tara No one needs to paint Lora Hubble as crazy. She has created a masterpiece of crazy all on her own. All you have to do is read what she writes and listen to what she says. The cronyism in Pierre sucks and Lora can see it as well as anyone else, but with all her eccentric and conspiratorial views she would be dangerous in any position of power..

  115. Les 2014.04.25

    Roger epitomizes SD Dem's? Me thinks Roger likes my poop, he's always trying to get a bite of my ass.

  116. Tara Volesky 2014.04.25

    Owen, Cory wasn't even at the press conference. I will give Cory credit, he did interview Mike Meyers live today in Sioux Falls. I did talk to him for about 30 seconds but I am very curious to see if Cory will do the right thing, or is he going to sell his soul to the Democrat party and end up another political henchman like Pat Powers. I hope he is above that.

  117. Ryan Gaddy 2014.04.25

    No worries Madville, The video is processing to a smaller size so upload and streaming speeds are optimal. This uncut video is over an hour long. You shall see the Argus Liar for what it is.

  118. larry kurtz 2014.04.25

    Tara: get a grip.

  119. Tara Volesky 2014.04.25

    Hey everybody, your boy Cory just interviewed Mad Man Mike Myers in Sioux Falls today. I hope Cory doesn't sell his soul to an candidate or political party.

  120. owen reitzel 2014.04.25

    What if Cory believes in the democratic party like I do and he disagrees with you and he's now a political henchman? Wow.
    I bet Cory doesn't really care to be compared to PP.
    You also forget who's been putting the E B5 p[roblem out there. Cory.

  121. Tara Volesky 2014.04.25

    No Larry, you get a grip. Call me 605-292-0888. I want to talk to you.

  122. JeniW 2014.04.25

    I am sure that Lora has some strong supports among those of liked mind, but she still, IMO, does not have a chance in becoming a governor. She has two problems, one is her attitude. She seems to have a lot of anger, and is seems to constantly be on the attack mode, that is a turn-off for some people. Secondly, she does not seems to offer any ideas as to how she would deal with the issues at hand, even on her web-site she does not offer any constructive ideas. I don't think she is crazy, but her attitude is so negative it makes it easy for some people to think she is. I am not a Daugaard supporter, but I even less of a supporter for Lora.

  123. Roger Cornelius 2014.04.25

    Aww Les, yes I am the epitome of a South Dakota Democrat, and proudly so.
    Les, like most Republicans, you likely think that your poop don't stink.

  124. Tara Volesky 2014.04.25

    Hey people, the problem I have with Hubble is she comes across to much like a goody goody. She is to honest and she needs to be a BOSS!

  125. Roger Cornelius 2014.04.25

    Waiting, waiting, waiting for Friday Night Fright that was promised two days ago.

  126. Ryan Gaddy 2014.04.25

    Render complete from camera version. Uploading to YOUTUBE now.

  127. Tara Volesky 2014.04.25

    Roger, I am waiting too. I was at the live version, but I want to see the unedited version. SD we have a problem...

  128. Ryan Gaddy 2014.04.25

    Have to shrink again. . . HD for 70+ minutes is 3GB. . . 3312 minutes of upload time. . . love youtube server bottlenecking. . . :/ I'm shrinking it again

  129. Roger Cornelius 2014.04.25


    Did you dupe us, there was no press conference on that link

  130. Ryan Gaddy 2014.04.25

    No dupe. . . It's uploading. I made it small enough that it hopefully will be available to view by 12:30am. . . I don't have the greatest hi ram laptop. I do what I can with what I have at my disposal. I promise. . . this video is worth the slow upload rate.

  131. Ryan Gaddy 2014.04.25

    upload is bottlenecking again. . . I'll post link immediately once it finishes

  132. Ryan Gaddy 2014.04.26

    3:14am = 67% Uploaded. . . Just to keep everyone posted.

  133. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.04.26

    Ryan, what's the point of the FEMA links? Are you saying FEMA is building or has built concentration camps in South Dakota? Are you trying to lend credence to such rumors without explicitly embracing them? What exactly are you saying?

  134. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.04.26

    Meanwhile, I'm not really sure we need constant updates on your failure to get the press conference video online. When it's there, it's there. Until it's there, it doesn't matter. Says Master Yoda, Do or do not. There is no try.

  135. Ryan Gaddy 2014.04.26

    That link is the FULL PRESS CONFERENCE

  136. Roger Cornelius 2014.04.26

    Ryan, thanks for posting the press conference on Youtube.

    First observation is that will be 105.17 I'll never get back.

  137. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.04.26

    Ryan, Master Yoda would say you don't need to shout.

  138. Tara Volesky 2014.04.26

    Why is PP taking all my posts down over at SDWC? Darn, I was just starting to have some fun. Apparently he can't handle the truth.

  139. Cody 2014.04.27

    Ryan Gaddy:

    Dude was that you asking Lora Hubbel about the two FEMA camps one being in Yankton and the other by Hot Springs? Did you ask about the Feds takin our guns away?

  140. Jerry 2014.04.27

    Whew, Roger is correct, that was an hour of loss that will never be justified. I actually now know less than I did an hour ago, amazing.

  141. Tara Volesky 2014.04.27

    Jerry, you must really like it the SD is being sued by China and the fact that there are tens of millions of dollars of money missing because of crony capitalism and you must like that SD is an Oligarchy that has been ruled by one party for almost 40 years. Jerry you must be a Daugaard plant. Not even going to waste my time with you. I am starting to wonder about Cory???? You don't know who you can trust anymore. So much for ethics. Most people are out for themselves. No wonder why the majority of SD have no clue what is going on and they don't care.

  142. Roger Cornelius 2014.04.27

    That press conference was a disaster and like you, I didn't hear much substance offered.

    It was so unprofessional to have Myers addressing Hubble most of the time and not talking to the audience, he hardly faced them. Hubble was disorganized and rambled on so much the content of her remarks were often lost.

    We were promised to expect evidence of the GOED/EB-5 scandal and instead all she did was reiterate what Cory has been posting for sometime. There were no pragmatic solutions to South Dakota corruption offered other than "elect me".

    Neither candidate had any talking points and thus were not easy to follow and made random irrelevant comments.

    Leadership qualities are important for a candidate, one of the first things they need to learn is to how to manage and control a press conference, we didn't see that from either.

  143. Barry Smith 2014.04.27

    I agree with your analysis Roger. Lora didn't have anything new to add and we basically got the same message that we always get from her and that is , she just wants to be the decider. The media actually did an adequate job reporting here as the only new news was Lora's comments on the sheriffs' power and the FEMA "camps".

  144. Jerry 2014.04.27

    I am a potted plant Tara after listening to a slow burn of toxic nothingness coming from that presser. I assure you, the last thing on this earth that I would want is your trust. I consider myself to be the luckiest man in the world that you will not waste your time with me.

  145. grudznick 2014.04.27

    Ms. Volesky, I believe it is a vast conspiracy that the majority of people are in on.

  146. Tara Volesky 2014.04.27

    What ever. Sorry you feel that way. Status Quo is not how I roll.

  147. tara volesky 2014.04.27

    I can tell this is strictly a party line blog. Sorry, I just feel in shouldn't matter what your party affiliation is as long as people can come together for the right purpose, which would be to get rid of our current administration. Well at least PP has been very respectful to me anyway. He is very naughty to Hubbel though. I am very loyal to the cause and candidates that want change. We did invite the Dems. to the presser. I wish they would have showed up, maybe than you would have gotten fired up.

  148. grudznick 2014.04.27

    Change is bad, Ms. Volesky. It's bad. Bad!
    When you get to be my age you will understand the fears about change. So we'll just leave things pretty much as they are, OK?

  149. tara volesky 2014.04.27

    You sound like my Dad Grudznick. lol. So than you must be happy with Dennis Daugaard, Mike Rounds and a one party Oligarchy government? Sorry, I will fight just like I am fighting our rubber stamp school board and our no-bid good ole boy mayor and city council. That is my purpose in life. I am glad we had Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, The Cowboy and Indian Alliance, and the grassroots of SD that want to take back America and Take bake our State. Grudz, there's nothing to fear, but fear itself. FDR. Don't give up buddy. There is hope. That's how I feel about MVT, nobody wants to change. It's depressing.

  150. tara volesky 2014.04.27

    Cory.......get your people fired up!

  151. owen reitzel 2014.04.27

    I'm fired up Tara. I'm fired up for our next Senator Rick Weiland. I'm fired up for either Joe Lowe or Susan Wismer- either one is better than the alternatives.
    I'm fired up to vote out people who are against the ACA and won't expand Medicaid.
    And I'm fired up for people like Cory who put the truth out there.

  152. Les 2014.04.27

    I enjoy your enthusiasm Tara. This is Maddville! and change or acceptance won't happen easily here. Spend too much time here and you will become madd if you aren't already. The Cowboy and Indian Alliance takes real Cowboys and Indians, something you just won't find much of here.

  153. Les 2014.04.27

    But, as the epitome of the SD Dem, you prefer to be relegated to no voice rather than to help primary something different as Tara suggests, Owen? Your thoughts above, require no Dem primary vote so your allegiance to a continuance of no voice remains obvious as Maddville takes pot shots at Tara's wishes.

  154. tara volesky 2014.04.27

    Thank you Les, people like you give me hope. We are very progressive and outside the box. We are generating interest from all walks of life, even Lunatic Lora, Lora don't kill me you crazy B. lol. This is about a cause, not about what you are registered. This is the anti-establishment movement and everybody is welcome. This is about giving the power back to the people. And the real reason why we am fighting so hard is because we have lost our 1st amendment rights. Just listen to Senator Elizabeth Warren... she is an outsider....and I hope she runs for President because like Mike, Lora, Susan, Joe, Stace, Rick, and yes Gordon, ooww, did I say Gordon... WE ARE ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT.....Now People, lets get on board and take back our State!!!! Start making those sandwich boards!!!!!!!!!! and let's go!!!! Let's get fired up!!!!! And Grudz,....... You don't need no Rockin Chair, your mind's good but your body's got neon in your bones, you don't need no rockin chair. Sorry, I am to passionate!

  155. Roger Cornelius 2014.04.27

    I have been given your comments serious consideration and respect your point of view.
    You have not responded to my analysis of the Myers/Hubble press conference, is there a reason?
    You mistakenly think that Democrats here on Madville are not about change, we are totally about change. That change includes getting Republicans out of the governors chair and protecting Senator Johnson seat.
    It is difficult for Democrats to even consider an Independent/Republican candidate for governor, that flies in the face of what we represent. Across the board, we support the ACA and we support Medicaid Expansion. Lora doesn't support either.
    Tara, do you really expect South Dakota Democrats to support a Republican with strong tea party ties? If she wants my consideration or vote she will have to explain that alliance.
    You talk about trust and loyalty, both admirable qualities, yet you are the campaign manager for Myer and plan to vote for Hubble. I don't see trust or loyalty in the position you have chosen.
    You have repeatedly stated that the media is bias against Ms. Hubble and that Cory, Powers and the Republicans are conspiring to shut her up for fear of the truth and that we are all against her because she is a woman.
    Hubble and Myer had an opportunity with a microphone to firmly state their positions and they squandered it with Hubble's ramblings and Myers circus act.
    South Dakota Democrats are about change, we have been for the last 4 decades, we have never had the hard numbers to be effective and that is our fault, we all share the blame for that.
    And speaking of blame, Lora has to accept the blame for the shortcomings of her own campaign and failure to effectively message South Dakota voters. It is her responsibility to get her campaign rolling, not mine.
    Quit blaming everyone but Lora Hubble herself.

  156. mike from iowa 2014.04.27

    Well put,Roger C.

  157. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.04.27

    I just finished listening to the first 43 minutes of the press conference. I was impressed with Hubbell. She's done a tremendous amount of research and came down very hard on the Rounds Gang and described Daugaard as a Chicago lawyer. Geez, I think I've heard that somewhere before.

    Hubbell needs to work on presentation. She talks too fast and chops up her sentences. I think she has a lot to say and is in a hurry to get it all in.

    In my opinion, the emphasis on FEMA is way overdone! She was asked about "FEMA Camps." Hubbell mostly sidestepped that. I did not get an impression that she is onboard with that particular conspiracy theory.

    On the other hand, I think Hubbell is excessively paranoid about Obamacare. In her mind it is part of a vast conspiracy to infiltrate and exert a level of control over Americans. She strongly opposes electronic health records as a means for government information gathering. Viewed through the lens of NSA phone spying, she has a point. But in my experience, electronic records really helps. Last winter I had a total shoulder replacement. Several xrays were required before and after. Not a single one of them was repeated by another provider because they could just go online to see it. No repeats, no hauling big, manila envelopes of fragile xrays around, money saved all the way around. I have a couple medical allergies. So if I'm visiting my loved ones in RC and some bonehead runs into my car, Regional only has to get online to learn what those allergies are and keep me safe.

    Back to Hubbell. She did confuse me, and apparently some listeners there, when she was talking health exchanges, dates, SD's (?) and similar stuff.

    There is still about 45 minutes of the press conference I have yet to hear, but I believe her part is done. I will hear the rest ASAP, so if I learn something new and important, I will certainly comment on it here.

    Based on all that, Tara is absolutely right. What is being hashed over here doesn't even sound like the same event. Holy Moly!

  158. Lanny V Stricherz 2014.04.27

    Thanks for the FEMA link Mr Gaddy. I see there are quite a few pages of lists of them helping SD. I remember the big one in the Rapid City flodd back in the early 1970s.

  159. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.04.27

    Now I've heard Meyers. I listened carefully and I don't know what he said. Ramblings, mumblings, leaning against the wall, push ups, garbled speech. I did learn that he thinks the health care system is really screwed up. Well yeah. Duh. I'm not sure what he wants to do about it. Something about cooperatives, but that's all I could deduce.

    I came away feeling I can't trust that guy at all. He's really focused on self-agrandizement. He is certain that he's the smartest and has the best ideas. He's smug and self-satisfied. Ick.

  160. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.04.27

    So I like Hubbell on the EB-5 corruption issues, SD's very own crony capitalism. And then I think she's wrong on just about everything else.

    I don't like Meyers on anything, including manner and attitude.

  161. Lanny V Stricherz 2014.04.27

    I hate to say I told you so folks, but as I posted a couple of days ago, I was a half hour late to the Press Conference and left early. It was a disaster as far as I could tell. And Ms Volesky, if you will go back through your posts just on this thread, you will see that you come off as a loose cannon and do more harm for your two candidates than good.

  162. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.04.27

    It makes sense to me that you'd come to the conclusion you did based on what you saw.

    And Tara, he's right about your comments. Berating people isn't generally an effective way to win them over. It's alienating.

  163. Les 2014.04.28

    ""Berating people isn't generally an effective way to win them over. It's alienating."" Possibly why the SD Democrats have driven themselves to their lowest level in my sixty plus years. I'm not on board Tara's choices, but she is out working for her choice. Something foreign to the SD Democrat Party who appear to choose the easy chair and laptop for the few even willing to do that.

  164. Lanny V Stricherz 2014.04.28

    And what would you have us do Les, when we all know that it is now money that buys elections, and the Supreme Court has said that is okay?

  165. Les 2014.04.28

    I don't consider you the problem Lanny. You are more than willing to vote where it will do the most good. We have issues in our party and questions need to be asked. The berating that happens on this site over anything from a Hubbel, Nelson, Howie, Sibson, Ellis, PNR.......convince me these Dem Party folks care more about any victory that will change little to nothing, than they do about getting the truth out. There is something right from all of the above and some of those named above are as boneheaded stubborn as well.
    All good folks of SD need to support the honest efforts of any party member when the spade of truth is rooting out the weeds of corruption. No corruption of any party should be accepted by any party member.
    I support the questions Lanny and will support the last person standing after we have allowed, no, not allowed but demanded all questions be answered!

  166. owen reitzel 2014.04.28

    I'd have to disagree Les on the degrading. People like Tata come on and make a point which is fine but when you try to have a conversation with them all of a sudden your called ignorant or a troll and things like that. Tends to want to make a person respnd in kind.
    I do agree with you on corruption. No party member from either side should tolerlate that.

  167. Les 2014.04.28

    "" People like Tata come on and make a point which is fine but when you try to have a conversation with them all of a sudden your called ignorant or a troll and things like that. Tends to want to make a person respnd in kind.""" People like Tara, I call that BS, Owen. Look into your own little group of seven here if you want to point that finger. I'm not in Tara's corner, but, I want the same questions answered that she does and I haven't seen the juvenile talk/speak from her.

  168. owen reitzel 2014.04.28

    I've afraid I have Less

  169. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.04.28

    The suggestion that Madville Times readers and I do not want change is absurd. This blog would not exist if we did not harbor great dissatisfaction with the status quo. The question is whether Mike Myers has a greater ability than Joe Lowe, Sue Wismer, or Lora Hubbel to lead a conversation and effect change. With two distraction-filled press conferences so far, we have not yet received an affirmative answer.

  170. Les 2014.04.28

    You want change Corey, as in, a Dem in office? or outing the problems regardless of party? This appears to me a willingness to participate in ongoing crony/corruption if only a win could be had, we just know there will be less corruption with one more Dem in office.
    Call out your editor on why no comments from the top Dem in SD on the controversies SD is engulfed in.
    The specific problem here, is not that Hubbel and Meyers are not ready for prime time, we all know that. You allow a group of 7 to alienate any possibility of consensus. Berating the GOP who dare walk into Maddville regardless of the common ground. Exactly the confusion needed to allow the political games to go on untethered. As Tara wondered, "where do you really stand, Corey"?

  171. owen reitzel 2014.04.28

    There you go with the false-equivalency Les. The Democrats in this state haven't had the power to do anything in this state. While Hubbell and Myers have some good ideas they aren't going to win. Maybe the democrats can't either. One this is for sure it's the Republicans who have been in charge. The EB5 scandal is all theirs.
    Again many Republicans come to Madville Times and we have good discussions. The only time we start berating Republicans here is when thay go after us.
    Have there been times when we ripped into somebody right away. I'm sure it has happened. Shouldn't have but it did.

  172. Les 2014.04.28

    I made no false equivalency Owen. I simply stated as I have in the past, we hear nothing from the Democrat Leader Bernie H. Our House Speaker voted with Bern 70-80% of the time so I'd think Bernie does have more power than you give him credit for having, Owen.
    This is about demanding answers, and if answers cannot be given, voting them out. Party be damned.

  173. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.04.28

    Bernie voted with the Republican leadership 70-80% of the time!? Is that accurate?

    I'm thinking about 2 things Les. One is that I'd like to hear more about what is going on with Democratic and Republican leadership in SD. The other is that such interest cannot detract from sharp focus on the Rounds Gang and their numerous crimes. If the trail branches to Democrats there can be no hesitation in following that branch with the same level of diligence as any other.

  174. Roger Cornelius 2014.04.28


    I concur, if this scandal or any scandal infests itself in the Democratic Party we have an obligation to do something about it.
    We are such a minority in this state, we can't afford such nonsense.

  175. Les 2014.04.28

    I said nothing of Bernie voting with the GOP. """Our (GOP)House Speaker voted with Bernie""" You may have it right though, I don't know which came first. The chicken or the egg? Is Bernie part of the problem or as I said earlier, hiding in Kathy Tyler's "shadow"? Clear as mud?
    That being said, I have no problem with partisan efforts on those votes unless it goes beyond the good of the people.

  176. Bree S. 2014.04.28

    Kathy Tyler is a natural leader for the Democrats, their Stace Nelson essentially. Seems to me if the Dems want their own party cleaned up with new faces and some grassroots excitement they'll have to do something about the good old boy managed decline and careful defections to the Republican party. (Like Hargens).

  177. Lanny V Stricherz 2014.04.28

    I am so glad to hear you say that Bree, because as far as I am concerned your descriptions fit her perfectly. I can see her as a Statewide candidate in 18 if not before. She is a true leader and it is the people first not the party.

  178. Tara Volesky 2014.04.29

    Other than Kathy Tyler, it makes me wonder about our legislature. They really had a chance to hold the Governors feet to the fire and get this out to the public but they folded and trusted Cory Brown. This scandal is so interwoven. Why isn't the legislative committee or anybody else that meets on May 7 raising hell. EB-5 not on the agenda? South Dakota.....we have a problem. Be careful not to ask to many questions, or you will become an outsider.

  179. Bree S. 2014.04.29

    I agree, Lanny. She has a spark.

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