The Chamberlain School Board won't even talk about allowing the Lakota members of its student body and community present a Lakota/Dakota honor song at its high school graduation ceremonies.

Fine. Let's take it outside. Chamberlain alumnus, now doctoral student Nick Estes posts this video of the Lakota/Dakota honor song presented to graduates as they left the official Euro-ceremony at Chamberlain High School on Saturday, May 17, 2014.

We marginalize our Lakota and Dakota neighbors, yet they still come, as close as their oppressors will allow, and raise their voices in song for all the children, ours and theirs, in the strange red robes. We can learn much about honor from this gesture.

And not to facilitate the racist resistance, but we may make an argument that the honor song sounds better outside, where it may rise unbound to the sky.

p.s.: In a March 2013 essay, Estes contends that our state does not deserve the name Dakota. He thus refers to his education at the University of South X and his home as Chamberlain, SX.