Score another first for Rick Weiland: he is the first South Dakota politician I've ever heard referred to as "campy" and "queer." Not just campy and queer, but the campiest candidate in America and the queerest candidate in South Dakota. This is a good thing, says LGBT advocate Bil Browning:

For a straight man, Weiland is the queerest candidate in a bunch of stodgy conservative sourpusses and he's not afraid to tell anyone about his liberal plan to change the country. Weiland is tapped into what makes the LGBT community such a potent political force - the ability to be a little campy while fighting for justice for all people.

While Weiland is more than happy to talk about LGBT rights, he has zeroed in on the role of big money in politics and the damage it's causing to our government - a common refrain now from progressive politicians. Weiland, however, does it with such campy style that even the cynical find themselves falling under his spell [Bil Browning, "Rick Weiland: America's Campiest Political Candidate," The Bilerico Project, 2014.05.04].

Browning totally grooves to Weiland's Everywhere Man video. He also grooves to Weiland's roadtrip and to justice for everyone, as do a lot of voters and campaign donors.

Rick Weiland boring? Better drop that meme, Pat. Weiland is hitting notes that excite activists like Browning who see the tide rolling in their favor (Oregon! Utah! Idaho!) and may see a chance to pair a South Dakota electoral win to an impending courtroom victory.

Now if we could just get Stace Nelson to win the primary so we could see Nelson and Weiland go man on man. That battle would put Nelson's trumpeting of the Reagan line about flying "no pale pastels" in a whole new perspective.