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Susan Wismer, Meet Alice Daly: 1922 Candidate Shows Democrats How to Run

Rep. Paula Hawks (D-9/Hartford) is excited about Rep. Susan Wismer's victory in the Democratic gubernatorial primary:

"She gives us all something to be really proud of and be really excited about," Hawks said.

With political aspirations of her own, Hawks says the history being made could open doors for more women in the future.

"We're moving forward and it's a giant step for everybody in South Dakota and South Dakotans of every party affiliation should be proud we're moving in this direction," Hawks said [Matt Holsen, "Women React to Wismer Win,", 2014.06.04].

Alice Daly
Boston Globe, August 6, 1922, p. 41

So is South Dakota Democratic Party chairwoman Deb Knecht:

When Susan Wismer won her race in yesterday's Democratic primary, she became the first woman in our state's history to earn a nomination for South Dakota governor.

Now all of us have to opportunity to make history again in November, by electing Susan as the first woman governor! [Deb Knecht, fundraising e-mail, South Dakota Democratic Party, 2014.06.03]

KELO's Holsen notes that Knecht has to choose her historical trumpeting carefully: Wismer is the second woman to appear on South Dakota's gubernatorial ballot. The somewhat socialist Nonpartisan League nominated Alice Daly for governor in 1922. Daly won 26.24% of the vote, almost beating Democrat Louis N. Crill, who got 28.74%, but not Republican incumbent governor William H. McMaster, who got 45.02%.

Daly stirred excitement in the national press for her speaking ability:

A spectacular feature of the campaign in South Dakota is the presence in the field of Miss Alice Lorraine Daly, who was nominated for the office of Governor of South Dakota by the South Dakota Branch of the Farmers' National Nonpartisan League. Miss Daly, who is a good speaker, started her active campaign several months ago, and has since that time been constantly making addresses in different parts of the State ["Woman May Be the Next Governor of So. Dakota," Boston Globe, 1922.08.06, p. 41].

Wismer is having trouble drawing similar excitement from the Boston Globe or the blogosphere. Lefty blogger and English teacher Michael Larson says Wismer needs some stronger language:

I will admit that I voted for Joe. Representative Wismer was lacking a little in personality and specific focus during the various debates viewed on-line. I figured that if Joe was going to win, he needed to drive more people to the polls on Tuesday. This would be a good thing. Start getting the Democrats that are still breathing to find a little passion. Obviously, this did not occur. Too many Democrats were sitting at home and many probably had no idea that there was a primary going on a couple of days ago.

If Susan Wismer wants to hope to break 35%, she is going to need to start doing what Weiland is doing and starting pounding the highways, looking for independent voters. I hope that Mrs. Wismer will start practicing strong language on the campaign trail. Every time she speaks about Daugaard, there cannot be weak statments of "I am not sure what we can do about that." She must offer clear, bold, and focused attacks followed by concrete plans [Michael Larson, "Primary Post-Mortem," Taking a Left Turn in South Dakota, 2014.06.05].

Fellow English teacher Leo Kallis believes Democrats chose unwisely:

Any reading of this blog will show that I am not Susan Wismer's biggest fan. I remain unconvinced that she's the right woman to take on Dennis Daugaard, an incumbent who is surrounded by South Dakota's largest coterie of Mayberry Machiavellis [Leo Kallis, "Turns Out Annette Bosworth Was Right: The Media Do Hate Women Of Substance," The Displaced Plainsman, 2014.06.04].

Republican John Tsitrian says Democrats committed primary hara-kiri:

On the Dem side, I'm chagrined that party insider Susan Wismer knocked off the dynamic Joe Lowe, whose background and style are much more suited to an executive suite than Wismer's tentative and wishy-washy persona. Wismer went far on party support and name-recognition, particularly in the rural counties of the eastern part of the state, but Dems should ask themselves why Lowe carried Pennington and Minnehaha Counties, where urbanized voters were probably more keenly aware of the differences between the two candidates based on the natural tendency to be more exposed, aware and knowledgeable about the race, thanks to more intense media and personal exposure. Dems might have had a chance with Lowe, but surrendered that possibility by nominating Wismer [John Tsitrian, "Rounds Doesn't Close The Sale. Dems Commit Hara-Kiri with Wismer. Jensen Wins In District 33? Ugh," The Constant Commoner, 2014.06.04].

As a Peter Quincy Taggart Democrat, I reject Tsitrian's Kobayashi Maru (crash Galaxy Quest into Star Trek canon; that'll get Indy voters' attention!). There's always hope.

But if Wismer wants hope, Wismer needs to remake herself. She needs to stop apologizing, stop moping about how hard it is to be a Democrat, and be a Democrat.

She needs to be more like Alice Daly:

Miss Daly first attracted Statewide attention in South Dakota five or six years ago when she was a teacher in the State Normal School at Madison, S.D. Even at that date she entertained views which were deemed too radical by members of the State Board of Regents and the result was that after extended correspondence between herself and members of the board, which was distinguished by its lurid character, Miss Daly resigned her place in the Normal School. In retiring she paid her respects to the members of the Board of Regents in a letter which attracted the attention of the entire State [Boston Globe, 1922.08.06].

While I look for those letters, Susan, find and unleash your inner radical!

...Miss Daly has proven herself more than a match for most male campaigners by her quickness of wit during speeches and the unusual knowledge she has of great public questions [Boston Globe, 1922.08.06].

Build and project that knowledge! And consider this Daly speech, quoted by the Boston Globe, from a Davison County community picnic in 1922:

I come before the voters of South Dakota as a human being, without any question of sex entering in. It is not a question of sex, but of capability, qualifications and spirit.

...Although I hope I shall not be called upon to say much during my campaign in defense of myself as a woman candidate for Governor, the first thing I shall do when elected will be a very womanly task. I shall take a broom and sweep the State House nice and clean [Alice Daly, quoted in Boston Globe, 1922.08.06].

...and take this shot:

...In South Dakota there has grown up a line of succession, and now we always have a Crown Prince or heir apparent [Alice Daly, quoted in Boston Globe, 1922.08.06].

Making history is all great and fine. But I doubt it's a voting issue. Susan Wismer won a low-turnout primary by counting on party faithful to stick with her party-establishment credentials. That will not translate to Independent outreach or November victory. Wismer needs to get on top of the issues, take bold stands, and fire up like the last woman to run for Governor, Alice Daly.


  1. Chris S. 2014.06.05

    Excellent post, Cory. It mentions all the reasons I was dismayed that Wismer won the primary. I have no doubt she's a good person and would make a good governor, but she needs to offer people concrete reasons to vote for her. Wishy-washy centrist mush such as "we need to change the narrative in Pierre" tells the voters nothing, and inspires no one. Hopefully she can improve on that drastically before the election.

    That said, I'm glad there were two people willing to run and offer us a choice in the primary. That itself is refreshing. However, is it asking too much for candidates to also articulate clear stances and emphasize the differences between them and the One Party Rule in Pierre?

  2. Nick Nemec 2014.06.05

    Wow, Alice Daly sounds like the type of candidate voters could get fired up about. Her quote about lines of succession, Crown Princes and heirs apparent is as fitting today as it was 92 years ago. Let's hope Susan finds her inner Alice.

  3. Jerry 2014.06.05

    Susan can find her inner Alice just down the road from Britton. Draft Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin and do it quickly. Those two could bring this state back to being respectable again. They could help to take away the stench of back room dealings with the EB-5, corrupted bidding processes along with the corrupted way we handle our beautiful native children in foster care. It is plain to see we need a new direction in our state and I can clearly see the need for a dynamic duo and that is these two. Not only for the terms for Susan, but also the terms for Stephanie. Yes, we need to have a long term solution to the long term corruption we have suffered through for far too long. Susan and Stephanie for the sake of our children's future. Any objections?

  4. Chris Francis 2014.06.05

    First, I voted for Joe, but as I mentioned earlier on this fine journalistic blog, Lowe probably lacked the support of the primary base, and combined with a miserable turnout, not the best result for his efforts - which were vocal and present, dynamic and meaningful, much unlike that of Wismer's shrugs of acknowledgement that she was even a candidate.

    Lowe probably had a better chance, just based on his personality alone, to gain 4-5% over Wismer in November with all other factors being equal (I'd call it today Wismer 38%/Governor 60%/Myers 2%), but even that potential upside with Lowe, not enough to turn the election to the Dem's. For the party to have a chance at a very much well-entrenched governor, they need to be somewhat aggressive, passionate, and on point with every issue, not wishy over uranium mining for example, ignite the base and the independent vote too, again as you've said earlier, wouldn't hurt to get some Weiland vibe going.

    Going to be a fun one no doubt, we'll see if Wismer can start to find a voice in the next few weeks, and her running mate could be an interesting choice too, that should give some insight on the campaign.

  5. Chris S. 2014.06.05

    Jerry, my only objection is that Herseth Sandlin tried too hard to be a mushy centrist — or worse, a Republican-Lite "Blue Dog" — herself. She's never been inclined or able to channel an inner populist that would fire up voters.

    That said, I'd take Herseth Sandlin in a heartbeat over any members of the Good Old Boys' Club in Pierre.

  6. Mary Perpich 2014.06.05

    Alice Daly was a topic of discussion in my Women in Media class each year. The press reaction to her candidacy fascinated the students.

  7. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.06.05

    Mary! Did you and your students get to read the "lurid" letters between Daly and the BOR? If so, tell me where I can find them!

    Jerry, a Sue-Steph ticket seems like an odd combo. Is it healthy to have a bigger dog in the #2 spot? Would SHS stand for that? Would the Wellstone (Abourezk? Lowe?) wing of the Democratic Party stand for a Double- Blue Dog ticket?

    And will all of us be able to get over our differences long enough to put together the best ticket (and I'm talking all the statewide offices) possible with the resources available and focus for now on nothing but winning?

  8. Donald Pay 2014.06.05

    Hey, I'm voting for Mary Burke for Governor (of Wisconsin). I'd have difficulty voting for someone who can't figure out the uranium mine/nuclear waste issues. If she wants to turn SD into a nuclear trash bin, then you folks might as well vote for Nuke Dump Denny. I always found this was a potent issue that could unit Democrats and Republicans. She better get schooled up fast in basic SD history. Is there still time for an independent candidacy?

  9. Jerry 2014.06.05

    Chris, you are correct in one regard. Washington and the ways of the foggy bottom deal making. I am speaking of doing a job here in South Dakota. I think once there is a clear way of business to be done, the legislature would follow in turn. In other words, they are part timers that would follow a leader or leaders in this case. Now Susan has already mastered her situation as a South Dakota legislator and knows where to go to accomplish what matters to the state, ie Medicaid Expansion and so on. All in all Susan would have difficulty firing up voters, Stephanie would not, she would have beaten NOem if she would not have been on the fence with the ACA (my opinion). Stephanie can fire them up, I feel it.

  10. Jerry 2014.06.05

    Cory, there is nothing odd about it if you play to win. Stephanie has a 7 year old to raise, she could do it in Sioux Falls, just like now. She would not be second fiddle to anyone, she would be first string and ready to go for the the future. When you put a winning team together it is not just for the current game (take a look at what the other side has done). Do you really think that Jackley would have sat on his friggin hands during this charade with Bos if he is not thinking of that governors chair or a federal office, I don't. Democrats and Independents had better stop thinking about today only and consider being like a farmer to think of tomorrow. The Susan Stephanie ticket is a winner for Wismer and for South Dakota.

  11. Lynn 2014.06.05

    If Mike Meyers the Independent candidate does not continually introduce himself with pushups do you feel he will get more than 2%? I do feel he can definitely contribute to the discussion

  12. Jerry 2014.06.05

    Mr. Pay, as a former resident you probably remember the Lone Tree and the fact that it was approved and all of the rest. What happened to it was a referendum to kill it. I agree with you that Susan should have been more educated on what that means to western South Dakota like Joe Lowe did. Of course Joe Lowe lives in west river and that issue is a hot button for west river, so it stands that he would be more in tune. I predict Susan will be up to speed on this in future debates with Governor Daugaard when the matter comes up again.

    By the way, Mary Burke is a very strong candidate and would serve the Badger State very well. I do not wish ill will on your present Governor, but it would be nice if he had a nice warm cell someplace for his retirement.

  13. larry kurtz 2014.06.05

    Jerry: SHS is a brilliant choice. Cecelia Fire Thunder would be awesome, too: former president, feminist, West River.

  14. Jerry 2014.06.05

    Agreed Larry with Ms. Fire Thunder. She is most certainly a feminist and would have the right wing fire breathers out in force against her which might be a good thing as well. Being complacent about the way our state has been led in the past decades has not served us well and we continue to loose ground. I think that business would be behind either choice as they would know that Medicaid would be expanded and that some of the most blatant corruption since territory days would come to an end. One thing with Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin though, she has been to Washington and gets how the system works to bring some of the needed infrastructure changes here with regards to more water projects and utilizing renewable energy. We need change badly.

  15. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.06.05

    Jerry, when you pitch LtGov as part-time job, your SHS pick makes more sense. The LtGov pick's top two responsibilities are to raise money and help win the election. Rapping the gavel in the Senate is an afterthought (can anyone tell me whether that position has practical impact on legislation?). SHS would bring her desperately needed skills to Susan's table. She'd also make a strong argument for unity in the party. Her ACA mistake has little to do with winning the governor's race. She'd get to hit the news every now and then and participate in policy discussions. She'd still get to spend most of her time with her family. And when she's ready to run for Governor, she's the next logical choice. I'm sold. Call Stephanie!

  16. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.06.05

    (But wait: what did Daly say about heirs apparent? ;-) )

  17. Chris S. 2014.06.05

    Jerry, I'm not trying to argue too hard against Herseth Sandlin. I've voted for her enthusiastically, and I've held my nose and voted for her as well. However, I disagree that her DLC-era inclination to be Republican Lite was because she was in Washington "making deals." She was doing it because she thought it made her more electable among South Dakota voters. (Either that or because she truly believed some of the questionable stances she took, and I certainly don't think she's stupid, so I discount that.)

    If she ran for statewide office in South Dakota again, I'd be very concerned that she'd fall into the the old habit of bending over backwards to appease Republicans and "independents" who will never vote for her anyway, rather than taking a principled stand on issues. However, as I said, I'd certainly vote for her over any of the entrenched cronies in Pierre.

  18. Chris S. 2014.06.05

    Point of order (and correct me if I'm wrong): Ms. Herseth Sandlin does not hyphenate those names, does she? That is, her last name is not "Herseth-Sandlin," it's simply "Sandlin." However, as a way to identify her more clearly, she's generally referred to as "Herseth Sandlin" (without the hyphen), correct?

    I know it's not the most important thing in the world, but I want to refer to her correctly and respectfully. You know, like when the NY Times refers to everyone as Mr. or Ms. So-and-So. :-)

  19. Jerry 2014.06.05

    Duly noted Chris and I have corrected myself with a memo-tongue lashing for that indiscretion. It is Stephanie Herseth Sandlin.

  20. Jerry 2014.06.05

    Absolutely Cory, now to get the Democrats and Indies on deck with all wings, and lets win this thing! I think Deb Knecht needs to show her chops and start some moving and shaking in the background and forefront with a draft. Could be the most exciting thing that has happened in Democratic politics in the state for some time.

  21. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.06.05

    Point of order sustained. No hyphen. The chair commends Chris and Jerry for their attention to detail.

    Jerry, I agree. We've picked our ticket leaders. Sue needs to tap Joe's experience, knowledge, and network and figure out how to respectfully invite and channel his wing's energy and enthusiasm into positive work for the Party. Knecht and team need to make sure they draft a rock'em-sock'em team for all the remaining statewide offices to complement our lead campaigners and carry the Dem brand proudly in every race.

  22. Chris S. 2014.06.05

    Jerry — Re: the hyphenate/don't hyphenate discussion, I wasn't trying to be a stickler. Well, I suppose I was, but I can't help that. But seriously, I was honestly wondering which way was right. Thanks for confirming.

  23. Roger Cornelius 2014.06.05

    As Susan recreates her fall campaign, she will hopefully keep in mind what die-hard liberals showed Stephanie when she started playing with the blue dogs and centrists.
    Stephanie has a lot of baggage and would be a huge distraction to Susan's message, which needs defining.
    Cecilia Fire Thunder is a great leader and wise woman, again she has serious baggage, she was impeached by the Oglala Sioux Tribe for attempting to build woman's clinic(Planned Parenthood) on the reservation.
    There is enough abortion discussion in everyday South Dakota, it would be a mistake to make Cecilia the face of Democrats in the general election. Cecilia is great, I love her, she was too far ahead of her time while serving as tribal president.
    We need to faces, new blood, no baggage, we can have that if Joe is offered that position and accepts.

  24. Rorschach 2014.06.05

    Alice Daly has my vote!

    2018 governor's race Stephanie Herseth Sandlin has my vote.

  25. Jerry 2014.06.05

    Thank you Roger for your observations. I do not share in them, but that is what discussions and observations are all about. One cannot agree on everything. Cecilia was elected by the good people of the Pine Ridge reservation and she was impeached. As I am not a voting member of the tribe, I do not know the details of this other than what I read. As I said, she would bring out the fire breathers of the right wing, maybe good maybe bad. All the baggage that Stephanie had has been delivered. We would welcome her as I hope you would as well.

  26. Deb Geelsdottir 2014.06.05

    Roger and Jerry, what I learned from various Pine Ridge folks was that Ms. Fire Thunder's impeachment had much more to do with the Good Old Boys/Families In Power, than the PP clinic.

    CFT borrowed money from the Shakopee Mdwanketon Sioux Tribe to save some tribal programs and make some infrastructure and economic improvements. Collateral was interest on tribal lands. The people who felt threatened by her spread the word that collateral was the land itself. That had everyone very upset. The elders were dead set against any risk to the land. From that lie it was a pretty easy step to get folks willing to support impeachment, superficially over the clinic. It was a rotten deal for the Pine Ridge. I wonder what it might be like now if CFT had been supported in the vision and plans she had. Sigh. It's too bad we'll never know.

  27. larry kurtz 2014.06.05

    Exactly, Deb. Energizing the Rez is the power Dems have been unable to plug into.

  28. Roger Cornelius 2014.06.05

    Thanks for the reminder, the land issue was a hoax and proven to be so, but the PP clinic propelled the impeachment charge. Interestingly, it was the first time abortion entered the political arena on the reservation, it caused a lot of discussion, especially among the young people who seemed to be struggling with the issue.
    What know one has wanted to say about Cecilia's impeachment is that it was driven my men who didn't want a woman president. In Lakota culture, women are taught to be subservient, Cecilia defied that role and challenged the men.
    Of course I could be wrong, I just don't see Stephanie basically taking a step down in politics to become #2 in the state. It will be a surprise it is offered to here, and more of a surprise if she accepts. Stephanie next move, if any, will have to be to challenge John Thune in 2016.
    I'll stick with Joe Lowe, he could be the mover and shaker that Susan will need, and like Tristan said, he has that executive look.

  29. larry kurtz 2014.06.05

    Lt. Gov. is not a step down for SHS: unless Lowe wants to move to Pierre, dung heap that is, his influence there would be minimal. Governor Wismer needs a chief of staff with executive authority to flush that ditch with swift, decisive actions. Neutering Marty will be her toughest chore.

    Brendan: call me.

  30. JeniW 2014.06.05

    I don't see in my mind's eye of Stephanie being a Lt. Governor, mostly because I don't think she is interested in a political office at this point in time. In the future, maybe, but not now.

  31. Jerry 2014.06.05

    I tell you this, in my mind I see an up ticket move as well as down ticket moves in the future. Yes, I mean that a SHS move as Lt. Governor would certainly help drive votes to Mr. Weiland so it would be a win win for all. I believe that with SHS on the ticket, it would drive native votes as well. I can remember that SHS was very received on the reservations and appreciated at the pow wows. If Democrats want to win this and keep it up, the road to that is through this duo. Of course, Stephanie may be flattered but not interested, on the other hand, maybe she has had a belly full of the corruption and disregard for our working poor that the current and past republican administrations have leveled upon us. This Medicaid Expansion denial is cruel and unjust, as a mother, it would be hard for her to look the other way.

  32. larry kurtz 2014.06.05

    A boring race won't inspire the base to get involved: the good news is that Rep. Wismer has the national party behind her as does the Democratic Governors Association. It should be fun.

  33. larry kurtz 2014.06.05

    Phone typing sucks.

  34. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.06.05

    Jerry: do you think Susan would call Stephanie and ask?

  35. Douglas Wiken 2014.06.05

    We have had enough of Stephanie already. The Herseth history as Democrats has always had a bit too much tolerance for GOP-like positions. It never worked for Ralph or Lars. They made nice with the GOP and got a knife in the back from the GOP and a bit of contempt from Democrats.

  36. Jerry 2014.06.05

    I dunno if Susan would ask, but she should as a courtesy. The real question should come from Deb Knecht as she is the broker in all of the deals.

  37. Jerry 2014.06.05

    I guess each and everyone of us has had enough of someone sometime Mr. Wiken.

  38. Les 2014.06.06

    One only needs to look at the primary voters from your party to understand how the attitudes shown on this blog confirm the death of the Democratic Party in our state. Not pure Blue enough! I did not agree with SHS all the time by any means but could stomach her. You need us to elect anyone in SD and beating the crap out of any GOP voter you slightly disagree with or some not Blue enough, ain't gonna get it done.

  39. larry kurtz 2014.06.06

    Les just PPed at Madville again.

  40. larry kurtz 2014.06.06

    Les, GOPers are leaving your party to become unaffiliated: a ploy intending to skew our primaries. You dorks might nominated Wismer for us as you perceived her as the weaker candidate.

  41. Les 2014.06.06

    There ya go, Lar. Thanks for proving my point. I thought you said it was the Dems jumping ship to vote the GOP primary? Pick a lane, Lar!

  42. caheidelberger Post author | 2014.06.06

    Les, are we not allowd to express and advocate our political views vigorously? I'm not trying to kick anyone out of the party. I'm open to the idea of SHS as LtGov. I'm willing to put aside the defeat of a better candidate to urge folks to unite behind Wismer to beat Daugaard. How much more inclusive do I need to be?

  43. larry kurtz 2014.06.06

    Les, of course our people are doing it, too.

  44. Les 2014.06.06

    I am no less offended by hard right wingers than I am by the hard left. Both groups willing to cut their nose to spite our countries best interests. If we can't hang

  45. Les 2014.06.06

    together surely we will hang alone.

  46. Chris Francis 2014.06.06

    So, toss a few names out there for Lt Governor prospects, Angie Buhl, maybe even a Bernie Hunhoff, although I'd still say adding Lowe to the ticket and get him out there charming the liberal and Indy vote might be the best strategy. Thoughts?

  47. Les 2014.06.06

    Angie Buhl...roflmao

  48. Chris Francis 2014.06.06

    And here's the poison to contend with, if Wismer doesn't get it done this time around, we're probably looking at a Mike Huether campaign, that just might motivate some of the liberal base to get behind Wismer.

  49. Les 2014.06.06

    You have no base, Chris. When I think of the top Democrat in SD, it is Bernie Hunhoff. When I speak of your top guy Bernie, Maddvilles number one commenter Cornelius asks me who is Bernie. If you democrats can accept folks who are not 100% in agreement with you, more of the centrist majority, your party may actually start to re create a two party system in SD.
    It is not the political disagreements I have with my own party that burns me. It is the lop sided corruption that is smoothed over. We can't prosecute Boz, but we go after a $200 misdemeanor robo call. Get rid of the ultra left attitude and you may have a chance.

  50. larry kurtz 2014.06.06

    Don't expect a call from us, Les.

  51. Les 2014.06.06

    Push left, Lar. Hard left for another easy GOP cruise to victory.

  52. Jerry 2014.06.06

    Les, you are correct. There is always a way to make a deal and the deal may come in a weird form, but all ways to make a deal should be checked out. The purity test makes no sense as the my way or the highway won't cut it. We should all have an open mind and vote in that way as well. I have voted both sides and will continue to do so as I see who would be best suited for the important job. I do not sit out the election because of pissy pants either, I vote.

  53. Chris Francis 2014.06.06

    Angie Buhl is a legitimate choice, a draw for us more liberal voices, and that's not a bad ticket to be honest, you'd have Wismer on the rural vote, and the youth and outlook of Buhl for the metro and millennial appeal, I like it more and more. When you consider our ticket of candidates this fall, It's a good day to be a democrat in South Dakota.

  54. Larry here, hauled me in from Twitter for my two cents on Michelle DuBray. I have yet to hear how Larry knows her.

    Yes, she would be awesome, but I don't know how they would work it. Her kids are around the same age as my oldest son. She comes to almost every school related thing, despite living far out on their buffalo ranch. They finally have a camp in town, but again, to further make it possible for their children to be involved. I can't imagine her packing up for Pierre anytime soon.

    She's also my sons' auntie, so I will be sure the next time I visit with her to say she was brought up in conversation here. :)

  55. Personally, I'd like to see a progressive 30-something as a running mate. Even male.

    Clearly the old establishment Democrats still run the party, and I think it is high time we elbow our way in. They've run this party into the freaking ground, all but bankrupted it a few years ago, so let's get it freaking changed.

    After Wismer's win, I could damn near change my voter registration again. But I won't, since it was Weiland, not Lowe, who inspired me to come back to the party anyways.

  56. larry kurtz 2014.06.06

    Thanks for humoring me, Tasi: brainstorming for a West River running mate who could energize the base is challenging.

  57. Roger Cornelius 2014.06.06

    Right Les, Democrats should follow the advice of a Republican that will vote to continue South Dakota corruption.

    I hardly think I am the top commenter on Madville, but if I am is that a bad thing?

    Way back when I asked about Bernie, it was a sarcastic question, since we hardly if ever hear from him. Hell, when you mentioned Bernie, my first thought was of the heroic Bernie Sanders.

  58. Jerry 2014.06.06

    Julie Garreau would also be a great choice. She is clearly a leader, organizer and has political connections and she fits the mold for being a west river choice.

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