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Robocalls Turn Off Key Northern Hills Science Writer Voting Bloc

Don't call Stan, robots:

So are you with Stan? Will a candidate lose more votes than he gains by cluttering our voicemails with automated messages?


  1. Jerry 2014.06.18

    I am sure that the robo callers of America are all jumping out of their ranch level windows at the news that you will hang up on them Stan. I have Sarah from card holder services calling me all the time to tell me that this is my final notice and that if I push the number 2 they will discontinue. I push the number 2 with much hope for Sarah to stop stalking me, but alas, she returns the next day. If not Sarah, I get Rachael and she is kind of a thorny sounding robo, I really don't care for her at all.

    Sorry Stan, but you will probably be getting more of these as the season wears on. If you would like, I can ask Sarah to give you a jingle to inform you of the same she does me. Let me know, by the way, it does look like the tape is holding up for you and your machine?

  2. Stan Gibilisco 2014.06.18

    It's all digital on Midcontinent.

    Of course I don't expect them to stop.

    It's just rude. Rudeness rules these days.

    If a candidate left me a live message and called me by name ... Well I would keel over. Like hey Stan, how can I win your vote, call me and let's talk ... Thud.

  3. Michael B 2014.06.18

    I tried to call his campaign number shortly after the robo call I received. When I see him again and I will sometime soon, I will relay my unhappiness.

  4. Jerry 2014.06.18

    I hope that you do not get that call while you are on your deck as it looks like it could be a long time falling before the thud. Remember, it is not the fall that will do you in, it is the thud.

  5. Taunia 2014.06.19

    People get these calls generally because there's not enough data about a voter. It's early in the general election cycle, so candidates are ID'ing voters. The candidate is shoring up the base, in rough language, and can target which voters will be part of the persuasion part of the campaign cycle.

    I believe these early-cycle robocalls are also to confirm a valid phone number through NationBuilder, NPS VAN, etc., all Democratic tools.

    They're going to keep calling you Stan - and everyone else - until you either tell them to stop calling you (in which they will put you on the no call list) or you answer them and you talk with them.

    Robocalls are effective and cheap, pennies per hundreds of calls.

    They obviously work, too. Stan's talking about it.

  6. Bill Fleming 2014.06.19

    We could someday have robo answering devices capable of taking surveys. That way robots could talk to robots and... Oh wait, that's pretty much what we have already. :-)

  7. Michael B 2014.06.19

    This early season robo call may have convinced me not to him him a chance at all.

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